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Frequency Modulation (FM) Transmitter Circuits
FM Transmitters:  #'s - E        F - G        H - M        Ns        T - Z

Last Updated on: Monday, July 11, 2016 02:00 PM

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0.1-3.5GHz Prescaler -  This handy prescaler divides input frequency by 1000. It takes maximum input frequency of 3.5GHz and converts it into 3.5MHz that may be measured using standard frequency meter. . . .  [Designer's name not included]


0-500MHZ LM3914 RF Power Meter -  RF Measurement has been an expensive work so far the cost f measuring instruments are concerned. Although, the other project, PM2, is hot favorite among radio amateurs for RF Measurement, I wanted something smaller. . .  [Dinesh Gajjar, VU2F0-Circuit Designer]


0-500MHz PIC16F876 RF Power Meter -  RF Measurement has been an expensive work so far the cost of measuring instruments are concerned. RF Meter is based on PIC16F876 microcontroller, AD8307 and 2x20 LCD display. Full documentation is included. . . .  [Dinesh Gajjar, VU2F0-Circuit Designer]

1 Transistor FM Transmitter -  The photo shows a wireless FM transmitter, pocket radio and yellow disk for size comparisons. Speak into the transmitter and others hear you on any FM radio. The transmitter can be built in an afternoon with simple, affordable and widely available parts. Construction is fun and much can be learned although performance is modest; for example, your voice gets difficult to hear at distances greater than 25 feet. . . .  [from Boondog web site]


1 Watt Four Stage FM Transmitter -  This FM transmitter circuit uses four radio frequency stages: a VHF oscillator built around transistor BF494 (T1) , a preamplifier built around transistor BF200 (T2) , a driver built around transistor 2N2219 (T3) and a power Amplifier built around transistor 2N3866 (T4). A condenser microphone is connected at the input of the oscillator. . . .  [Designer unknown]

1 Watt RF Amplifier -  This is a universal 1 Watt RF class C Amplifier that is ideally suited for low power FM transmitters. Input should be at least 100mW to achieve 1W output. It is recommended to enclose the Amplifier in a metal case. . . .  [Designer's name not included]


1.5 volt FM transmitter -  Schematic only, no circuit description included. . .  [designer not identified]


1.5V Battery operated FM reBroadcast transmitter  -  This implementation is adapted to rebroadcast the output of a CD player, television receiver, or radio receiver. I use it so that I can move about the house and listen to my favorite programs without disturbing others. Within and the house, . . .  [Contents 2002, 2003 Richard Cappels All Rights Reserved]


1.5W VHF Amplifier -  Circuit Schematic only. . .  [Designer's name not included]


100W FM Amplifier -  This Power Amplifier is equipped with a bipolar transistor, the famous MRF317 As lots of FM amplifier application , the power transistor is in a C class bias. All the impedance networks (Input & Output) have been determined by using the. . .  [Michel P's website]


10mW FM Transmitter Project -  This type PCB is the same style of design used on the 7 Watt FM Transmitter. Take a look at the digital snap shot on the 7 Watt webpage. Notice on that picture. all of the components that are soldered onto the copper. both the components and copper are on the same side of the PCB. I decided to use this style as it was very quick and easy to change out components. during the many months of experimentation. So, there are no holes to be drilled on the PCB, except for the four mounting holes. . . .  [braincambre500 AT yahoo.com]


10W 2M CW transmitter -  I use this simple CW transmitter for working through the RS13 satellite. Using just 10 Watts and a dipole at 3M above ground, I have made many contacts around Europe and across the Atlantic. . .  [EI9GQ homebrew radio]


15 watt FM transmitter -  This is a powerful FM transmitter with 5 RF stages for greater stability and trouble free operation. The final output transistor is a Philips BLY 88 that delivers 15 Watts on the air. Modulation is achieved by using a varicap diode in the first RF stage for even better results. Like all of the high-power transmitter kits in this series, it comes pre-assembled and you only have to make the external connection. . .  [QUASAR ELECTRONICS LIMITED]


150mW FM Transmitter -  f you have got this far then you have already seen my V7 VHF FM Transmitter for the 88MHz to 108MHz broadcast band. That transmitter is "generic" in that the article was designed to be the source for other transmitters in the same area, perhaps for the 72MHz or 144MHz amateur bands using NBFM. 88-108MHz just happened to be somewhere in the middle. So what does the V7b have?. . .  [from Harry Lythall's website]


15dB UHF TV Antenna Booster -  This is an UHF band TV antenna preamplifier circuit With 15dB gain to build easily. It is formed based on BF180 UHF Transistor. The first stage is an band pass filter constructed by the C1, CV1, L1, L4, C7 and C3, the second stage is a base-common. . . 


15W FM-transmitter -  Building a good fm-transmitter (88-110Mhz) begins with getting a good schematic. You don't have to understand the precise working of the transmitter to build it. But some basic information won't harm. A transmitter alone is, as you probably know, is not. . .  [by IQ Technologies Industry, unless otherwise noted online]


1GHZ Frequency Meter -  This is 1GHz frequency counter with 100KHz resolution. Meter is built in around PIC16F84A microcontroller and SAB6456 / U813BS prescaller. . . 


1-transistor FM Transmitter -  A truly minimalist circuit. Performance is relatively poor and stability is a problem. Q1 modulatessignal and acts as an oscillator. L1 and C5 determine frequency. Decrease C5 for a higher frequency and vice-versa. You won't get a long range transmission with this one. . .  [Designer's name not given]


1W Linear FM Booster -  This RF Amplifier is used for boosting small fm transmiters and bugs. It use two Philips 2N4427 and its power is about 1Watt. At the output you can drive any linear with BGY133 or BLY87 and so on. Its power supply has to give 500mA current at 12 Volts. More voltage can boost the distance but the transistors will be burned much earlier than usual. ! In any case do not exceed the 15Volts. The Amp offers 15 dB in the area of 80Mhz to 110 Mhz. L4, L5, and L6 are 5mm diameter air coils, 8 turns, with wire 1mm wire diameter. An easy project, with great results. . . 


1W PLL FM Transmitter -  The VERONICA transmitter is a very stable, powerful, and high quality FM emitter. Thanks to a PLL, the output frequency is controlled with DIP switches. Output power is approximatively 1W with a single regulated 13.8v supply ! (see specifications) Features : * High RF output power : 1W * Full 87. 5-108MHz range (100KHz increment). * Very stable output frequency : Crystal reference & Phase Locked Loop. * Professional input bandwidth (fully RDS compatible ) * No complex tuning needed. * High quality PCB * Full documentation & construction details available. . . 


1W Portable PLL transmitter -  This small FM transmitter includes a limiter, a microphone Amplifier and a PLL digital tuning. All the parts are placed on one circuit board. The RF power is switchable between 1W and 0, 2W. . . 


1W RF Power Amplifier for iPOD Stereo FM transmitters -  This map, armored also enables automatic MONO / MPX through a low-pass filter, even with a multiplex on its entry by using an ON / ON, panning, the whole spectrum MPX more RDS is sent to the synthesizer, on the other hand when it is in a position MONO, the low-pass filter is activated and share its cutoff frequency at 15 KHz, only modulation G + D is sent to the synthesizer, as 19 KHz. 19 KHz carrier, the signal multiplex and subcarrier 57 KHz is thereby eliminated, . . . 


1W-5W FM Transmitter -  The Veronica is an easy to build and tune transmitter for the FM band. It's known for it's stability and clean signal, does not use any IC's or similar specialized parts, and it has a built-in tuning aid that makes it possible to tune it with no extra equipment. It's available in two versions, 1 and 5 watts. . . 


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Frequency Modulation (FM) Transmitter Circuits
FM Transmitters:  #'s - E        F - G        H - M        Ns        T - Z

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