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Passive Components:  Capacitors, Inductors, LED's, Oscillators, Resistors, Sensors, Transformers


A1 transformers Ferroperm UK Ltd  
Aakash Electricials Ferroxcube International BV  
Actown Electrocoil and Industrial Coils Filtran Ltd Pulse Engineering Inc
  Radius Power
Advance Transformer Ballast Flat Transformer Technology Regional Mfg Specialists Inc
Advanced Components Industries Inc Flat Transformer Technology Corp Renco Electronics Inc
Agelec Industrial Flex-Core  Reo Components
Airlink Transformers   Rhombus Industries Inc
Altran Corp Frontier Electronics Corp Rodale
AM Transformers Galaxy Transformer & Magnetics Rodon Products Inc
GB International  
Gowanda Electronics Corp Santronics Inc
Halo Electronics SARAH Inc
HALO Electronics Inc Schott Corp
Australian Tortech Transformers Hammond Mfg Co Ltd Sentran Corp
HanYoung Electric Shenzhen Hongguangxin Electronic Co Ltd
Bel Fuse Inc Hatch Transformers Inc Sigma Electronics Inc
Helmut Penka Handelsvertretung Signal Transformer Co Inc
BG Laboratories Inc   Skandinavian Transformer Sp z oo
BH Electronics Products Hurricane Electronics Lab Inc Skot Transformers Ltd
BI Technologies   Spin Magnetics
Bicron Electronics Co Inductive Technologies LLC Standex Electronics
Instrument Transformers Inc  [ITI] Stroptel
Bourns Inc Integrity Technology Corp Sumida Electric Co Ltd
Canduct Industries Ltd ISL Products International Ltd Sun Transformer
JBR Engineering  
CET Technology Jensen Transformers Inc Tabtronics Inc
JJ Transformers Talema Electronic Inc
Chip Component com Johnson Electric Coil Tamura Corp
Chirk Industry Co Ltd Kaifa Optical and Magnetic components Taunus Transformatoren
Cibisol Srl Kindrace TDK Corp
CineMag kosed Corp Tokin [NEC/Tokin]
Lare Maffi Tokin America
CoEv Inc [Tyco] Leightner Electronics Inc Toko America Inc
Coil & Transformer Engineering [CTE] Lenco Electronics Inc  
Coil Tec Of Arizona Inc LinkCom Mfg Co Ltd Toroid Corp of Maryland
Coil Winding Specialist [CWS] Lion Electronics Ent Co Ltd Toroid International
Coilcraft Inc Lubell Labs Inc Tracy Minntronix Corp
Coiltronics   Trafomic
M/A COM Inc [Tyco] Transcendar Transformer Corp


Communication Associates MagneTek  
Comtronic SA Magnum Transformer  
Control Transformer MCI Transformer Corp Transformer Service Inc
Cortec Enterprises Midcom Inc Transformers Inc Coil Tran
CP Clare Miracle Electronic Devices Pvt Ltd  
CR Magetics Inc Miracle Electronics Tri Technology
CROVISA Mitchell Electronics TSC Electronics Ltd
CT Magnetics Mitchell Electronics Corp  
CTE [Coil & Transformer Engineering] New Delhi Laboratories Private Ltd Universal Microelectronics [UMEC]
Newmarket Transformers Ltd  
NTE Electronics Inc V & F Transformer Corp
Datatronics Ltd Nuvotem Talema Vanguard Electronics
Osec 2000 Vanson Electronics Ltd
E & E Magnetic Products Ltd Oxford Electrical Products Ltd  
EDCOR Transformers   Villa Industrias
EG Magnetic Technology Para-Line Transformer Co Inc Virtual Magnetics
EK Magnetics Para-Line Transformers Vishay Intertechnology Inc
Eleceram Technology Co Ltd Payton Group Ltd Voltech Instruments
Electro Assemblies Corp PCA Electronics Inc Wendeng Sanji Electronics Co Ltd
Electrohms Private Ltd Pico Electronics Inc Werner Schaffer Transformatoren GmbH & Co KG
Piconics Inc West Coast Magnetics
Planar Magnetics Ltd Wirebenders Mfg
Emco Transformers Ltd Plitron Mfg Inc  
Empro Technology Corp Polara Engineering XFMRS Inc
Energy Transformation Systems    
Engineered Components Co [EC2] Powertronix Zarel Bobinados
Ensign Corp PowerVolt Inc  
Ericon Transformers Prem Magnetics Inc  
Falco Electronics Mexico Premier Magnetics Inc  
FELCO The Forest Electric Co    

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Imagineering Ezine    Discover Solar Energy Dave Johnson & Associates Faraday Touch Switches

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