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Headphone/Headset Circuits
Head Phone/ Head Set Circuits:  #'s-G      H       I-Z

Last Updated on: Thursday, April 07, 2016 01:01 PM

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1.5V Headphone Amplifier -  This circuit stabilizes the quiescent voltage across the speaker at the exact level necessary to get the desired maximum available volume at minimum battery draw. This more than doubles the battery life compared to just connecting a simple resistor betwee… [Designed by Andrew R. Morris]


A 50mW Class-A Headphone Amplifier -  The gain of this voltage-feedback design can be set by changing the values of two resistors. The authors presents versions optimized for low and high impedance headphones as well as one that performs well with a wide range of loads.… [Design by Rohit Balkishan ]


A Current-Domain Electrostatic Amplifier for Stax Omega II Headphones -  Designed and built for the author's Stax Omega II headphones, this Amplifier can be used with other Stax models. It is fully DC-coupled, uses inexpensive semiconductors and operates primarily in the current domain for best speed and extended frequency response.… [Design by Kevin Gilmore ]

 A Low-Voltage Class-A Tube Headphone Amplifier -  This OTL design features a high-voltage power supply that is less than half of the one used in the author's first Amp and most other tube Amps, but without compromising performance.… [Design by Helmut Ahammer ]


A Pocket Headphone Amplifier -  A simple yet high performance design using two Burr-Brown OPA132 FET input opamps. This project is ideal as a booster for power-conserving stereo sources such as portable CD players and for interfacing with passive EQ networks such as tone controls or a headphone acoustic simulator. It is powered by a single 9V battery configured as a virtually-grounded dual supply and is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. Now includes a balanced input and audio limiter option for turning the pocket Amp into a personal monitor.… [Design by Chu Moy ]


A Pure Class A Dynamic Headphone Amplifier -  A high-current output Amplifier for low-impedance dynamic headphones such as the Grados. The Amplifier features an new servo biasing circuit which operates entirely outside the audio feedback loop. The author includes a balanced-bridge version of the Amp for headphones that are wired in dual-mono as well as instructions for converting a Grado SR80 to dual-mono operation. The bridged Amp will output 4 times the power of the standard Amp.… [Design by Kevin Gilmore ]


A Single-Ended OTL Amplifier for Dynamic Headphones -  A simple OTL design that uses just two tubes (dual triodes) for stereo. It has a common cathode input stage direct-coupled to a cathode follower output stage.… [Design by Aren van Waarde ]


A Soundfield Simulator for Stereo Headphones -  An adaptation of the Linkwitz acoustic simulator (see An Acoustic Simulator for Headphone Amplifiers by Chu Moy above) as a front-end for headphone Amplifiers with very high input impedancesuch as the author's own headphone Amp project (see A DC-Coupled, Selectable-Gain Headphone Amplifier). This circuit features a continuously adjustable Soundfield control.… [Design by Chester Simpson ]


A SRPP-Input Tube Amplifier for Headphones & Loudspeakers -  This transformer-coupled design uses a series regulated push-pull input stage and a parallel-triode cathode bias output stage. The audio output transformer is hand-wound from a kit. The Amp will drive both headphones and speakers.… [Design by Tony Frazer ]


A Tube Headphone Amplifier/Preamp with Relay-Based Input and Power Switching -  A tube headphone Amplifier inspired by the "Top-Level" and "No-Compromise" Amps of Andrea Ciuffoli, except that the output stage uses a triode-connected pentode. Because this Amp also serves as a preamp, the author has put in a sophisticated relay-based switching system (both input source selection and power supply). The power supplies also feature slow-on and stepped delayed turn-on. The power-on LED doubles as a warm-up status indicator.… [Design by Helmut Ahammer ]


A Zero-Feedback SRPP-Input Headphone Amplifier -  Features a series regulated push-pull input stage and transformer-coupled output stage with an output impedance of about 2.5 ohms. It has zero global feedback for open, natural sound without any harshness.… [Design by Simon Busbridge ]


All-Triode Direct-Drive Tube Amps for Electrostatic & Electret Headphones  -  Two electrostatic headphone driver designs: the second is DC-coupled and uses high voltage Apex op-amps as DC regulators. They will drive Stax and Sennheiser electrostatic phones, and the author includes directions for adapting the designs to other models. These are "the best electrostatic headphone amplifiers currently available, anywhere in the world." Will also drive electret headphones. Recommended only for intermediate-advanced builders familiar with high-voltage safety!… [Design by Kevin Gilmore ]


An Equalization Circuit for the beyerdynamic DT990 Pro Headphones -  This passive EQ corrects a rising characteristic in the frequency response of the beyerdynamic DT990 Pros and turns them into one of the most natural and accurate sounding headphones on the market.… [Design by LXH2 ]


AN215: CS4201/CS4202 Headphone Jack Sensing using GPIO -  …


Atmega48/88/168 Development Board -  This is versatile development board for AVR microcontrollers ATmega48/88/168. It is good for testing and debugging embedded programs. It has many built-in peripheries connected to microcontroller so you can use them without soldering. ATmega microcontrollers are produced by ATMEL and they include a lot of features: I/O, Timers, PWM generators, ADC, RS232, TWI, SPI,.… [Designer not identified]


Bluetooth Headset -  Intersil Application Block Diagram…


Buffered Headphone Driver/Preamplifier -  With a fast Motorola buffer as its only active circuitry, this design specifies the highest quality parts and careful construction to avoid signal coloration. The author includes instructions for substituting other buffer ICs.… [Design by Eldon Pawliw ]


Class A MOSFET Headphone Driver -  You can't get much simpler than this classic class-A MOSFET driver. It's a single-ended design that is ideal for the electronics beginner, as well as for the audiophile who wants class-A MOSFET sound without the fuss. Build it in an evening and enjoy!… [Design by Greg J. Szekeres ]


CMoy Headphone Amplifier -  CMoy is very simple portable headphone Amplifier. The Amplifier was originally posted by Chu Moy on headwize.com. The best source of information about this Amplifier is article How to Build the CMoy Pocket Amplifier. If you use Google, you will find many pages and pictures about CMoy. Few months ago I decided built this Amplifier also. In my post you can find my experience with creating this simple but very good Amplifier.…


Compact 50W Integrated Amplifier with Meier Headphone Section -  This article shows my tube headphone Amplifier designs for driving headphones with an impedance of 200 to 600 ohms (I am using these Amplifiers with the Sennheiser 580, which has a 300-ohm impedance). The problem with many tube headphone Amplifiers is the high output impedance… [Designed by Andrea Ciuffoli]


DC-Coupled, Selectable-Gain Headphone Amplifier -  This design uses two opamp gain stages per channel for superior input buffering and a discrete bipolar output stage with thermal tracking current mirrors. The Amplifier's overall gain can be adjusted to match the efficiency and impedance characteristic of any headphone. The author provides detailed instructions for optimizing the performance of the output stage.… [Design by Chester Simpson ]


Designing A Limiter for Headphone Amplifiers -  A review of diode-based limiter design. Includes discussion of hard and soft limiters, the differences between diode types as clipping elements, variable limiters and multiband limiters.… [Design by HeadWize Design Paper ]


DoZ Headphone Amplifier -  The DoZ is ideally suited to headphone use. Revision-A boards now shipping  … [Rod Elliott (ESP)]


Head Phone/ Head Set Circuits:  #'s-G      H       I-Z

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