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Faraday Capacitance Proximity Touch Switches

Six (6) Models Available             Prices

Project Photos       Place an Order

  • Faraday Switches are tiny one inch cube electronic modules that operate using a capacitance change technique. 
  • Faraday Switches draw very low current and are ideal for battery powered applications.  The FS3N model has its own internal battery, which will last for about 10 years.  Model FS3X is externally powered.
  • The FS3N and FS3X models have a small total capacitance limitation and are best used for small touch surfaces.  The QTFS3X and QTFS3X-L  models can handle a higher installed capacitance and should be used for large touch surfaces, such as metal panels or metal sculptures.
  • In the FS3N and FS3X models, the capacitance change threshold is adjustable using a multi-turn pot that is an integral part of the module assembly.  A one picofarad (1pF) sensitivity is possible.
  • In the QTFS3X and QTFS3X-L models, the capacitance threshold is automatically calibrated every 30 seconds and has a fixed sensitivity of about 6pF.
  • All switch outputs are a FET transistor that has a voltage rating of 30v and is capable of switching 1 amp of current. 
  • Faraday Switches Models FS3N and FS3X contain two switch outputs: a latched output, which toggles the output on and off with each cap input activation and a momentary output, which will remain activated as long as the sensor input capacitance is higher than the level set by the module’s adjustment screw.
  • Faraday Switches Models QTFS3X and QTFS3X-L have only a momentary output.
  • The QTFS3X-L model is identical to the QTFS3X model but has an built-in LED indicator light.
  • Other custom features are possible with any of these switches. 

Call for details.

Six (6) Models now available. 
Project Photos

Model FS3N
Model FS3X
Model QTFS3X
Model FS3N-1
Max Input Capacitance = 250pF
Model FS3X-1
Max Input Capacitance = 250pF
Model QTFS3X-L
with LED Indicator Light
Faraday Capacitance Proximity Touch Switches Six (6) Models Available           Prices           Place an Order           Project Photos

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