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Typical Consulting Engineering Services

Last Updated on:  Tuesday, June 01, 2021 03:09:28 PM

Applications Engineering     Project Managements   Design Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering   Research and Development   Documentation

David Johnson and Associates is committed to providing exceptional electronic engineering  consulting services.  Our mission is to fulfill our clients' design objectives in innovative and cost effective ways.  David Johnson & Associates provide swift solutions to difficult engineering problems.

David Johnson and Associates can help with application engineering, develop new product concepts or make cost and performance improvements of existing product .  Our services are also offered on a consulting or contract basis.  In the event a project requires specific expertise, we can recruit experienced consultants and contract engineers to complement our services. 

David Johnson, P.E., received his Professional Engineer Colorado license #17425 in 1980.  He holds three patents with four more pending.    His consulting electronics engineering proficiency is based on direct experience in product research, design and development, electronic circuit design, electro-optics and custom test instrument design.

Applications Engineering:
provide technical support:
  • specifying the proper electronic component for various applications.
  • suggesting and/or designing additional uses for products.
  • reviewing the entire application to assure the best utilization of products.  
Project Management:   management of projects from simple prototypes to complete product development tasks.
  • customer interfacing
  • feasibility studies
  • outline work scope
  • estimate manpower and materials
  • schedule engineering tasks and
  • lead progress meetings
Design Engineering: design, build and test prototypes or , modify products for special applications.
  • design custom test fixtures
  • design special instruments
  • conduct failure analysis
  • write circuit descriptions
  • evaluate new products and components
  • design product packages
  • design printed circuit boards
Manufacturing Engineering:    expert at devising methods to minimize overall manufacturing costs.
  • outline production methods
  • develop assembly procedures
  • design dedicated test stations,
  • write inspection and test procedures
  • supervise quality control.
Research: conduct basic research in a variety of new technology areas.
  • plan and conduct the necessary experiments.
  • design and build the required special equipment,
  • review test results and outline additional experiments
  • gather technical information on a specific subject 
  • conduct patent searches on the Internet. 
Documentation:  generate all necessary documents to mass produce a product.
  • installation manuals
  • operations and maintenance manuals
  • test and assembly procedures
  • troubleshooting guides
  • circuit descriptions
  • product application notes
  • product specifications
  • technical proposals
  • engineering reports
Imagineering:  creativity is used in defining new products, applying new technologies, leading brainstorm sessions and proposing new markets. Dave's Lab consists of:
  • Electronic Test Equipment
  • Large Electronic Component Inventory
  • Extensive Technical Library
  • CAD System with Internet access

Review the Non-disclosure Agreement.   (The agreement  is a MS Word doc)

FEES AND EXPENSES. Professional charges are based on  rate of  $100.00 per hour. Project material costs
reimbursed at cost + 20%.   Direct expenses such as photocopies, long distance phone calls, shipping charges, etc.
will be billed at cost to the client company.   No contingency fees such as stock options or ownership
percentages will be accepted as alternatives to dollar payments. 

Complete Fee & Payment Policy and Professional Statement of Policy