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David Johnson & Associates
Consulting Electronics Engineer Firm


Dave Johnson has a broad spectrum of experience that includes applications engineering, product research, design and development, electronic circuit design; design, building and testing prototypes; electro-optics; and custom test instruments. 

Many consultant's primary approach is to merely make   recommendations.  You will find that his approach is to take the next step and assist clients in implementing steps toward development of products, prototypes and/or procedures.   Dave prefers to be a part of the team throughout the development process.

Dave's Resume
Mr. Johnson is licensed as a Professional Engineer; he is a graduate of University of Idaho and is a member of IEEE.   Holds eight patents and has two more pending.  He remains well-informed of the latest scientific and engineering advancements through independent studies. Dave is a published author with articles and designs in EDN, Electric Design, Midnight Engineering and Popular Electronics.

Throughout his career, his imaginative approach to design has resulted
in the application of new technologies and components in creative, cost saving ways. 

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Professional Fee are based on a rate of $100.00 per hour.  Minimum fee is $400.00.
Project material costs reimbursed at cost plus 20%. Direct expenses such as photocopies, long distance phone calls, shipping charges, etc. will be billed at cost to the client company.  

Word Doc or PDF of the Non-Disclosure Agreement

No contingency fees such as stock options or ownership percentages will be accepted as alternatives to dollar payments.

Fee & Payment Policy and Professional Statement of Policy

David A. Johnson, P.E.
Dave Johnson & Associates
Phone:  806-778-8407 Central Time Zone   
E-mail: David A. Johnson, P.E.

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