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Last Updated on: Thursday, December 07, 2017 02:05 PM

Hobby Circuits' Category List

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I have compiled a number of circuits, projects and ideas for you, which I think will fall into a general “hobby” category.  See Introduction to the Hobby Corner for the philosophy behind creating the Hobby Corner.  For those who frequent this site, some of the material will look familiar as I borrowed some of it from the DC forum.  Plans for the future are to pull together interesting links to hobby circuits from around the world.  The emphasis will be for projects that perform some useful function.  Please feel free to make suggestions.
0.5v to 6v Voltage Converter    

0.5V Negative Supply     

1 Amp Current Injector

1 Line Telephone Line Status Indicator   

12v Light/Dark Lamp Switch

12KV High Voltage Generator  

12v Lamp Current Indicator     

125KHZ LC Oscillator

1.5V LED FLASHER Version A
1.5V Touch Activated Switch    Ideal Diode Function 
2 Button Motor Controller Inductor Self-Resonance Tester
2 Line Telephone Line Status Indicator Infrared Remote Extender
2.45GHz RF Signal Detector  Infrared Safety Switch
24V DC Powered Beeper with 4 Separate Inputs  Isolated Power Supply for Digital Panel Meters

3v Low Battery Voltage Flasher 

Light Intensity Monitor
3V Sweeping Siren Alarm  Light to Frequency Converter
Low Pass Active Filter Design Collection
40KHz Light Detector with Sunlight Immunity  Low Voltage 120vac Power Line Alarm  
6V NiCd/NMH Battery Test Circuit      Machine Vibration Controls Hour Meter

9v Battery Voltage Monitor

Medium Power 12v Brush Motor Speed Controller
9v Powered Xenon Photoflash Controller Modified LED Night Light           
AC Current Indicator Light Modulated Laser Light Source

AC Current Monitor

Motion Alarm Using Piezoelectric Device 
AC Line Powered LED Pilot Light   Moving Air Indicator 
AC Powered White LED Strings  NPN-PNP Transistor Tester

Acceptable Voltage Indicator    Ocean Wave Power Generator Demo Unit
Audio Frequency Digital Noise Generator   Piezoelectric Triggered Switch  

Audio Signal Detector/Switch

Piezoelectric Vibration Sensor Activates Switch  
Automatic DC Motor Brake Pigeon Scarecrow
Automotive 12v Electrical System Voltage Indicator  Pop Free Microphone Switch
Basement Front Doorbell Beeper Poor Man’s Digital Counter Using Pedometer

Battery Charging Current Indicator 

Poor Man's Timer
Battery Isolator PWM Circuit for Motor Speed Control
Battery Powered Plus-Minus 15v Supply Power Reminder Beeper 
Broken Solar Panels Ramping LED Driver 
Brownout Voltage Tester Reflected Infrared Light Switch
Candle Power RS-232 Serial Interface Status Indicator

 Cheap Close-up Camera Lens

Reduced Power Relay Driver
Cheap Electrostatic Discharge Tester Reduced Power Sequential LED Flasher
Cheap Light Power Meter Run Switching Type AC Power Adapters on DC      
  Security Wire Loop Alarm

Check Engine Beeper

Shadow Activated Motion Detector Circuit

Color Film Negative Makes Visible Light Blocking Filter

Shake to Charge Flashlight  
Computer Controlled 100ma Current Source

Dark Activated 12v Power Supply Switch 

Small Battery Capacity Tester

DVD Recorder + TV Camera Make Cheap Data  Logger

Solar Cell Test Fixture
Doorknob Alarm Solar Insolation Monitor
Earthquake Alarm Circuit Solid State Relay Requires Ultra Low Control Current

Electronics Field Disturbance Monitor


Fake Car Alarm Light Ten Turn Pot Forms Frequency Readout
Flashing LED Advertising Badge #1 Two 12v Battery Isolator
Freezer Over-Temperature Alarm Two Button Motor Controller   
Freezing Temperature Alarm Ultra Low Power LED Flasher
Front Desk Service Beeper  Universal 3V LED Flasher

Handbook to Optical Through the Air Communications

Universal Flasher Using a Latching Relay
High DC Current Indicator    Variable AC Power Supply
High Power LED Flasher Very Loud Piezoelectric Beeper Circuit 
HO Train Model Lighthouse Flasher

Very Low Voltage Oscillator 


Honey Bee Counter

Watt-Hour Meter
Homemade Corner Cube Reflector Using Glass Mirror Tiles White LED Life Tester
Home Made Geophone Detects Foot Stomp Wig/Wag LED Flasher
  Wireless LED Driver
Human Traffic Footstep Alarm  Wireless RFID Smart Key Detector
Human Traffic Footstep Detector Worm Harvester 

250 Science Fair Projects

Hobby Circuits in Progress - List of ideas on Dave's workbench.


Suggested Tool Kit List


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