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Hobby Circuits designed by Dave Johnson

Last Updated on: Tuesday, June 01, 2021 03:22 PM

List of Hobby Circuit Designs

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 Square Wave Oscillator Circuits
Circuits designed by David Johnson, P.E. :

Astable Multivibrator with Very Low Power

CMOS Inverter forms a Resonant LD Oscillator 

CMOS Inverters Form 125Khz Oscillator

CMOS Oscillator, Draws Only 0.5ua

ELC signal between 200Mhz-400Mhz

Flexible Outputs from Square Wave Driver

Gated 125Khz Oscillator

Highly Stable Lower Power Oscillator

LC Oscillator Medium Power 125Khz

Over-Temperature Micro-Power Alarm

Parallel LC Oscillator with CMOS Inverter 

VCO from CMOS Schmitt Trigger IC

Very Low Voltage Oscillator Circuit

00Khz Low Power Light Receiver

125KHZ Medium Power Oscillator

125khz Oscillator with Medium Power

140Khz Burst Laser Diode Driver



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Dave's Circuits

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