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Hobby Circuits designed by Dave Johnson

Last Updated on: Wednesday, June 02, 2021 01:17 PM

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Light Dependent Resistor Circuits
Circuits designed by David Johnson, P.E. :

Laser Burst Light Detector

Laser Light Detyector-10Mhz to 20Mhz

LED/Laser Light Output Intensity Meter

Light Detector

Light Monitor Circuit

Light Receiver 30Khz Amp

Light Receiver Front-End Circuit

Light Receiver-10MHz to 20MHz

Light to Frequency Converter

Modified LED Night Light

Modulated Light Receiver uses a Single IC

One-Watt White LED Night Light

Operation of Cascode Light Receivers

Optical Fiber Receiver-5Mhz Broad Band

Optical Filter using Color Film Negative

Photovoltaic Solar Panels-Ideal Blocking Diode Circuit

PV Solar Cell Test Fixture

PV Solar Panels-Ideal Blocking Diode Circuit

RFID Test Circuit

Safety Light

Salvaged Broken Solar Cells

Shop Safety Light

Slotted Opto-Sensor used in Honeybee Counter

Slotted-Type Optical Interrupter Draws Microamps

Snow Depth Alarm

Solar Cell Test Fixture

Solar Insulation Monitor

Solar Powered Lithium Ion Battery Charger

Time to Dust

Transmitter for Line Powered Xenon Flash

TV-VCR Light Source 40Khz Repeater

Ultra Low Power Detects Clear Fluid

Use Color Film Negative to Make an Optical Filter

Water Pump controlled by Solar Power

Xenon Flash Receiver-Pg2
12 Volt Lite/Dark Lamp Switch

12v-24v AC & DC Day/Night Switch

1Khz to Over 70Mhz Light Receiver

1us Light Pulse Receiver

1W White LED Night Light

24 Volt Day Night Switch

24v NiMH Battery Charger using a 12v Solar Panel 

2Mhz Broad Band Optical Fiber Receiver

3mw Laser Test-20Mhz VCSEL

40Khz Burst Laser Diode Driver

Ambient Light Dectector with Compensation

Broad Band 50Mhz Optical Fiber Receiver Version A

Broken Solar Panels

Cell Phone Solar Powered Charger

Dark Activated 12v Power Supply Switch

Detect Clear Fluid

Detect Short Xenon Lamp Flashes

Detects Xenon Lamp Flash

Fully Isolated 50/60hz Sync Generator

High Ambient Light Immunity Light Detector 

High Speed Light Detector from FET Input

Ideal Diode for PV Panels

Ideal Diode Function

Improve Response Time of a Photo Transistor Circuit

Improved Solar Path Light

Infrared Remote Extender Circuit

It's Time to Dust Indicator

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Dave's Circuits

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