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                    Partial List of Consulting Clients
Last Updated on:  Tuesday, June 01, 2021 03:07:07 PM

During his career, Dave Johnson, P.E.  has completed more than 1000 projects in new product development, enhancement of existing products, electronic circuit design, electro-optics and/or special instruments for more than 100 different companies.   If you would like to discuss ways David Johnson and Associates can provide support for your project,  please contact or email us.   Below is a partial list of clients:
  • 3-M Corporation, St. Paul, MN
  • BBD Engineering, Willowdale, ON Canada
  • BI Inc., Boulder, CO
  • Bacchus Vascular, Inc., Santa Clara, CA
  • Battlefield Sports, Coopers Plains, Brisbane, Australia

  • Blendco Systems, LLC, Bristol, PA 
  • Bloomberg, LP, New York, NY
  • C.A. Norgren, Inc., Denver CO
  • CGH Medical Inc., Lakewood, CO
  • Certex, Englewood, CO
  • Clancy Systems, Englewood, CO
  • Cobe Laboratories, Arvada, CO
  • Conceptual Engineering, Denver, CO
  • Cooper Industries,Chicago, IL
  • Coors Ceramics, Golden, CO
  • Crows Nest Entertainment Inc., Spokane, WA
  • Dart International, Aurora, CO
  • Denver Natural History Museum, Denver, CO
  • Easter Owens Electric Co., Arvada, CO
  • Fischer Imaging, Denver, CO
  • Fisher Technology, Littleton, CO
  • Faraday Switches, Littleton, CO
  • FoxHollow Technologies, Inc, Redwood City, CA
  • Gates Rubber Inc., Denver, CO


  • Gerry Baby Products, Wheat Ridge, CO
  • Gnuco, Boulder, CO
  • HID Corp., Denver, CO
  • High Precision Devices, Boulder, CO
  • Holland Nameplate, North Kansas City, MO
  • IES Electronic Industries, Littleton CO
  • Laser Technology, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Lighthouse Communications Inc., Littleton, CO
  • Mountain Medical, Littleton, CO
  • OEA, Denver, CO
  • Ohmeda, Louisville, CO
  • Opton Inc., Boulder, CO
  • PSG Enterprises Inc., Spring Hill, FL 
  • Pasar Inc., Aurora, CO
  • Perfect-Ice, Milton Keynes UK
  • Phase IV Engineering Inc., Boulder, CO
  • Point of View Telescopes, San Francisco, CA
  • Possum, Inc., Lakewood, CO
  • Rearden, Inc., San Francisco, CA
  • Rodann Electronics, Bend, OR
  • Sable Instruments, Boulder, CO
  • Self-Guided Systems, LLC, Rochester Hills, MI
  • Sungate, Littleton, CO
  • TCI, Englewood, CO
  • Touch Graphics, Inc., New York, NY
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David A. Johnson, P.E.

Consulting Electronics Engineer

6601 County Road 6410    Lubbock, TX  79416-9717

Phone:  806-778-8407  Central Time Zone

email: dave@discovercircuits.com                    
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