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   Optical Communications

  • High speed fiber optic communications
  • Light source modulation methods, fluorescent, LED, xenon,
  • Infrared light passing filters using photographic film
  • Light pulse signal processing methods
  • Long range through-the-air optical communications
  • Long range air transparency, light attenuation, monitoring system
  • Wide area information broadcasting using modulated light
  • Infrared light emitting fluorescent lamps
  • Optical/RF link hybrids

   Sensors and Instruments

  • Optical fiber sensors and couplers
  • Oxygen concentration monitor using speed of sound
  • Bubble detection in blood lines with ultrasound
  • Earth's Electric field disturbance monitoring system
  • Inhalation detector for pulsed oxygen delivery system
  • Smoke stack flue gas monitoring methods
  • Cesium lamp magnetometer, 100MHz exciter
  • Electro-luminescence display degradation

   RF Systems

  • Micro powered RFID card reader methods
  • RFID card readers using ferrite antennas
  • Cordless telephone systems
  • Carrier current telephone systems
  • Low power 915MHz & 2.45GHz transmitters

   Control Systems

  • Multi-HP brush and brushless DC motor design and controls
  • Wind power generator controls and monitors
  • Solar heating controls using hot water
  • 4 wheel driven and steered robotic platform
  • Security access control systems using optical techniques
  • Jail door, light and intercom systems

   Unusual Devices and Methods

  • Blood and beer yeast dehydration methods with ultrasound
  • Beer sterilization methods using electric discharge in fluid
  • Piezoelectric spark plug for cars
  • Electro-viscus materials using cab-o-sil (SiO2)
  • Chemical memory, using tiny electrets triggered by compression waves
  • Gold ore separation using electrostatics
  • Low power LED flashers
  • Touch activated switch circuits
  • Miniature AC/DC power supplies
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