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Amplifier Circuits:  Operational
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Last Updated: November 30, 2017 07:38 AM

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LTC Design Note: Precision op-amp enables fast multiplexing at low power -  EDN-Design Ideas 04/29/2016    A multiplexed DAQ design presents some subtle challenges, and parts selection plays a crucial role __ Circuit Design 

LTC Design Note: Robust high voltage Over-the-Top op-amps -  EDN-Design Ideas 01/29/2016    Learn how the innards of an “over-the-top” op-amp work (where inputs can be higher than V+), as well as related design considerations.  Maintains high input impedance with inputs driven apart or when powered down __ Circuit Design 

LTC1451/52/53: 12-Bit Rail-To-Rail Micropower DACs in an SO-8 -  DN96 Design Notes __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Matched Resistor Networks for Precision Amplifier Applications -  10/03/13  EDN-Design Notes   Two-quadrant multiplying DAC utilizes octal CMOS buffer.  Some ideal op amp configurations assume that the feedback resistors exhibit perfect matching.  In practice, resistor non-idealities can affect various circuit parameters such as common mode rejection ratio (CMRR), harmonic distortion and stability.  For instance, as shown in Figure 1, a single-ended amplifier configured to level-shift a ground-referenced signal to a common mode of 2.5V needs a good CMRR.  Assuming 34dB CMRR and no input signal, this 2.5V level shifter exhibits an output offset of 50mV, which can even overwhelm the LSB and offset errors of 12-bit ADCs and drivers. __ Circuit Design by Linear Technology Design Note 502

Maximize Dynamic Range with the LT1466l Micropower Rail-To-Rail Op Amp -  DN171 Design Notes __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Methods for Measuring Op Amp Settling Time -  Linear Technology AN10 __ Designed by Jim WilliamsJul 1st, 1985

Methods for Measuring Op Amp Settling Time -  AN10 The AN10 begins with a survey of methods for measuring op amp settling time.  This commentary develops into circuits for measuring settling time to 0.0005%.  Construction details and results are presented.  Appended.  (1/06) __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Micro Power Oxygen Sensor -  Micro Power Oxygen Sensor takes advantage of low and clean startup current characteristics and wide supply voltage range, 1.8V to 16V range. __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Jul 2, 2012

Micropower Buffered Rail-to-Rail Adjustable Volatge Source -  Circuit Ideas for Designers App Note __ Advanced Linear Devices, Inc

Micropower Dead Zone Generator -  Opamp in lower left functions as a polarity detect comparator, controlling the FET switches in the circuit.  The upper left stage in conjunction with the FET, functions as an absolute value circuit so that only positive signal representation passes to the dead-zone function.  Q2 is held in cutoff by the control voltage on Q3, so when the signal exceeds the deadband, a signal passes to the central section that operates as an inverting stage. __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Jun 21, 2011

Micropower Thermocouple Signal Conditioner with Cold Junction Compensation -  A thermistor, shown as R3, is used to monitor the cold junction temperature.  Its resistance becomes smaller as the cold junction temperature increases.  An increase in cold junction temperature will reduce the output voltage of the Type J thermocouple by 52uV/C.  The voltage reference and scaling of resistor values creates an __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Jun 21st 2011

Mobile Bug Detector -  This handy, pocket-size mobile transmission detector (Mobile Bug) can sense the presence of an activated mobile phone from a distance of one and a-half metres.  So it can be used to __ Electronics Projects for You

Negative resistor cancels op-amp loA - D -  05/24/01 EDN-Design Ideas Accurate op amps have high openloop gain, low offset voltage and current, low voltage and current noise, and low distortion.  However, they often lack the ability to provide high output.   PDF have several circuits, scroll for this one. __ Circuit Design by Elliott Simons, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

Negatrons Enrich Filter, Oscillator Design -  EDN-Design Ideas 07/21/94    The latest wave of high-performance op amps allows you to incorporate "negatrons" (synthesized negative resistors) into your oscillators and filters.  Fig 1 shows the universal filter/oscillator circuit based on a simulated lossy inductor and a negative resistance, which compensates the lossy inductor.  Note that the circuit has no physical inductors.  The performance of this circuit is very predictable and repeatable __ Circuit Design by Aleksandr Belousov, Baltimore, MD

NiCd Cells Drives Op Amp -  12/05/96 EDN-Design Ideas Low-supply-voltage op amps, such as the LMC6582 and LMC6681 families, feature rail-to-rail I/O with a gain-bandwidth product greater than 1 MHz operating from just 1.8V.  Although impressive, this voltage is not low enough to power these amps using a single alkaline or NiCd/NiMH
cell, which have typical voltages of 1.25 to 1.5V.  It is rather tempting to bridge this gap by designing a DC/DC converter __ Circuit Design by Alexander Belousov, Rego Park, NY

Noise Calculations in Op Amps -  DN15 Design Notes __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Noninverting op-amp has Simple Circuit gain formula -  11/28/02 EDN-Design Ideas Basic textbooks describe inverting and noninverting amplifiers based on operational amplifiers.  These amplifiers have different gain equations.  Whereas in the inverting configuration, the gain is the ratio of the feedback and input resistances, in the noninverting amplifier, the gain ratio has an added term __ Circuit Design by José Carrasco and Ausias Garrigós, Universidad Miguel Hernández, Elche, Spain


Operational Amplifiers:  #'s - A        B - C      D - K       L - N       O       P - S        T - Z 

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