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Analog Switch Circuits

Last Updated: June 02, 2021 01:44 PM

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555 timer converted into pulse-width Modulator -  15-Feb-07 EDN-Design Ideas Added CMOS switch enhances a PWM oscillator Design by Jordan Dimitrov, Tradeport Electronics, Vaughan, ON, Canada

Analog switch acts as DC/DC converter -  01/20/00 EDN-Design Ideas Many low-current devices that require 65V supplies can operate reliably in a single 5V power-supply environment if you use an appropriate localized DC/DC converter to generate  -5V bias.  Often,  capabilities and advantages of se 5V ICs far outweigh  minor inconvenience and added costs of an additional -5V-converter function.  Many Design by John P Skurla, Advanced Linear Devices Inc, Sunnyvale, CA

Analog switch converts 555 timer into pulse-width Modulator -  15-Feb-07 EDN-Design Ideas Added CMOS switch enhances a PWM oscillator Design by Jordan Dimitrov, Tradeport Electronics, Vaughan, ON, Canada

Analog Switch Cuts Peak-Detector Reset Time -  05/25/95 EDN-Design Ideas The schematic in Fig 1  is a basic configuration for a unity-gain peak detector using the PKD-01FP monolithic peak detector from Analog Devices.  The reset time, tRES, is the time necessary to discharge the hold capacitor CH.  tRES  and the acquisition time tACQ are functions of the IC's output-current capability.  With CH10 nF, this output-current limitation sets both tRES and tACQ to about 220 �sec Design by Gualtiero Bolognesi, Landis & Gyr, Peschiera Borronmeo, Italy

Analog switch expands I2C interface -  11/22/01 EDN-Design Ideas Perhaps the most effective way to gain board space and increase component density is to minimize wiring on the board.  A widely used architecture that allows such miniaturization is the I2C bus.  Comprising only a bidirectional data line, SDA, and a clock line, SCL, this bus requires no chip selects or other additional connections Design by Luca Vassalli, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

Analog switch frees stuck IC bus -  26-Jun-03 EDN-Design Ideas The dual-channel PCA9540 I2C multiplexer often breaks up an I2C or SM bus or allows you to use devices with the same addresses on the same bus.  When the PCA9540 initially powers up, it comes up in a state in which both channels are deselected.  The I2 C- or SM-bus master can then address the control register in the PCA9540 to select either Channel 0 or Channel 1, connecting the master to the ap Design by Bob Marshall, Philips Semiconductor, Morgan Hill, CA

Analog switch lowers relay power consumption -  20-Dec-01 EDN-Design Ideas Designers often use relays as electrically controlled switches.  Unlike transistors, their switch contacts are electrically isolated from the control input.  However, the power dissipation in a relay coil may render the device unattractive in battery-powered applications.  You can lower this dissipation by adding an analog switch that allows the relay to operate at a lower voltage  (Figure 1) Design by Steve Caldwell, Maxim Integrated Products, Chandler, AZ

Antenna extension provides open-door policy -  02/16/98 EDN-Design Ideas NOTE :  File contains many circuits, please scroll to find this one.    Metal garage doors may be solid and secure, but they are not transparent to radio waves.  If your garage has aluminum siding, you may experience frustration with the operation of your garage-door opener.  If you must drive. Design by Richard Panosh, Vista, Bolingbrook, IL

MOSFETs Reduce Crosstalk Effects On Analog Switches -  02/17/97 EDN-Design Ideas Some cost-effective analog multiplexer/demultiplexer ICs, such as the CD4053 and CD4066, find frequent use as signal distributors.  These digitally controlled analog switches have low on-resistance.  However, with all channels in the same package, crosstalk can be annoying and unavoidable.  Figure 1 provIdeas a cost-effective and viable method of solving this problem.  By simply adding some n-channel MOSFETs, such as the 2N7002 or 2N7000, the crosstalk effect becomes negligible.  When the Channel Select signal is high, the CD4053's input pins A, B, and C assume a level of nearly 0V. Design by Stanley Chen, Global Mixed-Mode Technology, Taipei, Taiwan

Analog Switch Circuits

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