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Automatic Gain Control Circuits (AGC)
Last Updated on: Thursday, April 07, 2016 01:01 PM

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Circuit lets AGC Amp hold its gain -  01/19/15  EDN Design Idea   AGC amps respond to signal level. This Design Idea allows gain to be held despite a changing level. . . .  [EDN Design Idea]


Digital Automatic Gain Control ACG -  This project is a digital Automatic Gain Control (AGC) system using a PIC16F876 MCU. The ability to set the gain level in a circuit and have it control itself is a very useful function. This circuit is a building block of another project I am working on. A 30W power Amp for either the PCS, iDEN or CDMA frequency bands. I will settle on one of those frequencies sometime soon. … [steevn.geo AT yahoo.com]


Full-Wave Active Rectifier Requires No Diodes -  A full-wave rectifier can be built without using any diodes. It exploits the fact that the output voltage of certain single- supply op amps is effectively clamped to ground (0 V) when the input signal goes negative.… [Anthony H. Smith, designer]

Full-wave rectifier has programmable gain -  11/09/00 EDN Design Idea   The traditional approach to the design of a full-wave rectifier (Figure 1) is to set the gains of IC1 and IC2 to 1 and use the.PDF contains multiple circuits, scroll to find the one of interest… [by Chuck and Chris Wojslaw, Xicor Inc, Milpitas, CA]


Gain-of-three Amplifier requires no external resistors -  08/17/06  EDN Design Idea   One IC provides wideband Amplification and minimizes parts count… [by Marián Stofka, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia]


Gain-of-two instrumentation Amplifier uses no external resistors -  02/15/07  EDN Design Idea   Two ICs deliver precision gain with no external components. An instrumentation Amplifier offers precise gain without feedback resistors, and, at any value of gain, it provides high input impedances at its noninverting and inverting inputs. In a typical IC instrumentation amplifier, a single resistor that connects across two gain-adjustment pins determines the circuit's overall gain. Integrated versions of most instrumentation Amplifiers allow the pins to remain open for unity gain but require finite-value gain-setting resistors for gains exceeding one.… [by Marián Štofka, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia]


Gain-programmable circuit offers performance and flexibility -  11/25/04  EDN Design Idea   You can use a standard precision instrumentation Amplifier, such as the INA118 or AD623, as a gain-programmable Amplifier with high accuracy and wide gain range. However, the gain range of such parts is fixed at certain values, lim… [by Luo Bencheng, Key Laboratory of Mental Health, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences]


High-Frequency VGA has Digital Control -  07/18/96  EDN Design Idea   You can use variable-gain Amplifiers (VGAs) in many types of systems, such as radio receivers, in which the input signal voltage depends on an uncontrolled variable, such as distance to the transmitter. In this type of system, you can use a VGA to ensure that the input signal amplitude matches the input voltage range of key components, such as ADCs and DACs, thereby maximizing the converters' dynamic range.… [by Ron Mancini, Harris Semiconductor, Melbourne, FL]


Level-Independent Automatic Gain Control -  Scroll to find this circuit… [Analog Devices-Analog Dialogue by Wynne, John]


Low-Noise AC Amplifier has digital control of gain and bandwidth -  02/05/04 EDN Design Idea   In low-noise analog circuits, a high-gain Amplifier serves at the input to increase the SNR. The input signal level determines the input-stage gain; low-level signals require the highest gain. It is also standard practice in low-… [by Philip Karantzalis, Linear Technology App Note, Milpitas, CA,


OA-16: OA-16 Wideband AGC Amplifier as a Differential Amplifier -  National Semiconductor Application Note…


Sync Separator Includes AGC -  05/11/95 EDN Design Idea   This sync separation circuit has a gain-control circuit that helps to stabilize the sync-separation function… [by Dana Romero, Salt Lake City, UT]


Wideband AGC Amplifier as a Differential Amplifier -  National Semiconductor Application Note 10-Apr-2000…


Wideband AGC has 60-dB dynamic input rang -  10/10/96 EDN Design Idea   Automatic-gain-control (AGC] circuits serve in many applications to maintain signals at fixed levels. However, in applications such as digital-receiver circuits and back-channel modems, the function of the AGC often aims more … [by Carl Dickey, National Semiconductor, Comlinear Division] 


Automatic Gain Control Circuits (AGC)

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