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Bug (Insects) Killer Circuits

Last Updated: June 02, 2021 01:44 PM

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Electric Bug Zapper -  None of us likes bugs at home.  To kill these flying insects, they should first be attracted and then electrocuted.  Bug zapper is one such device with a high-voltage electrocuting circuit...___ Electronics Projects for You

Environmentally-friendly Mosquito Repeller -  With the return of the fine weather, youíll doubtless be enjoying lazing around of an evening on your patio or in your garden, but even if youíre not surrounded by marshes or other shallow water itís very likely some intruding mosquitoes will come along to spoil this idyllic scene.  Although indoors itís easy to get rid of them these days, indeed even to prevent them coming into the house___ Learning Electronics

Insect Repellant -  The idea for this project may have come to me in a flash of inspiration, and its a very simple way to check if a fuse has blown without removing it from its holder. __ Designed by Graham Maynard

Mosquito Repellant -  Very simple and easy to assemble mosquito repellant using two transistors and handy components. __

Mosquito Repeller -  This circuit produces a tone above the human audible range and this is supposed to keep the mosquitoes away.  You need a piezo diaphragm that will respond to 15kHz and these are very difficult to find. __ 555-Timer

Parasite zapper -  This page tells you how to make a Hulda Clark-style "Parasite Zapper".  This is a simpler and more efficient version that works just like the original, but the battery lasts much longer.  We make no therapeutic claims for this device.  It is for experimental purposes only __  

Bug (Insects) Killer Circuits

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