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G Strain energy absorber -  It is important to know that transistors Q1,Q2,Q3 must not work like an astable (tri-phase) multivibrator (you could verify it on scope (no square waves but NON LINEAR wave between XB, YB, ZB must be displayed on the scope). __ Designed by Jean-Louis Naudin

Gain-of-three Amplifier requires no external resistors -  17-Aug-06 EDN-Design Ideas One IC provIdeas wideband amplification and minimizes parts count __ Circuit Design by Marián Stofka, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia

Gain-of-two instrumentation Amplifier uses no external resistors -  02/15/07  EDN-Design Ideas Two ICs deliver precision gain with no external components.  An instrumentation amplifier offers precise gain without feedback resistors, and, at any value of gain, it provIds a high input impedances at its noninverting and inverting inputs.    __ Circuit Design by Marián Štofka, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia

Gain-programmable offers performance & flexibility -  25-Nov-04 EDN-Design Ideas You can use a standard precision instrumentation amplifier, such as the INA118 or AD623, as a gain-programmable amplifier with high accuracy and wide gain range.  However, the gain range of such parts is fixed at certain values, limiting their flexibility.  To solve the problem, a usual way is to use a gain-adjustable circuit controlled by a microcomputer(Figure 1) __ Circuit Design by Luo Bencheng, Key Laboratory of Mental Health, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Galloping Neons -  Here is a line powered array of blinking neons designed for continuous duty.  It would be quite dangerous to power a circuit directly from the power line so some form of isolation is needed.  Since most experimenters will not have 120 volt isolation transformers __ Contact: Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

Garage Light & Security Control -  Useful for vehicle owners, this gadget automatically turns on indoor/outdoor garage lights and raises an alert when an automobile enters the garage.  Assume switch S2 is in ‘on’ (closed) state.  When power...__ Electronics Projects for You

Garden Timer with Remote control -  Few years ago we control the lights in the garden with a automatic-timer-switch, very nice but when the evening gets longer or shorter we had to adapt the timer each week.  In that time I came in contact with programming microprocessors so my first project was born.  The first garden timer was a simple 1 output.  The timing was controlled by the PIC and every month I had to change the minutes.  So back to the table and design the second garden timer able to control 3 relays, left, mid and right side of the garden.  It provided also 4 modes: – always off – always on – from dusk to dawn – from dusk to timer and the timing was dedicated to a RTC DS1307.  

GBSEType 1 (Voltage Controlled) Solar Engine -  The "Gate Boost Solar Engine" is a new (6/2002) Wilf Rigter 1381-based design.  This uses an internal voltage doubler to turn on a FET more efficiently. __ Designed by Wilf Rigter

GBSE (gate boost solar engine) -  The Gate Boost SE uses a 1381, a 2N7000 MOSFET and a 2N3906 with a unique voltage doubler to increase the voltage applied to the gate of the MOSFET.  Normally the 2.6V output of a 1381C is barely able to turn on the 2N7000.  As a result the "on resistance" of the MOSFET is high and much power is wasted.   __ Designed by Wilf Rigter

General Purpose Display Controller -  This is a general purpose display controller for small microcontrollers.  It will be used for various use because it is easy to change its configuration through using a CPLD.   __ Designed by The Electronic Lives Manufacturing-presented Chan

Generate Fan-Speed Control -  03/21/02  EDN-Design Ideas Fan noise is becoming a significant issue as electronic equipment increasingly enters the office and the home.  Noise is proportional to fan speed, and the airflow¡ªhence, fan speed¡ªnecessary for cooling is less at low ambient temp __ Circuit Design by Jim Christensen, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

Generating Tone using Pdo -  Toshiba 870X Series Application Note

Gentle breeze fan controller -  Where there is heat, let us bring cooling: a fan will do the job, but unfortunately fans are usually noisy.  In many cases there is no need for the fan to run continuously at full speed, and so it makes sense to control the fan speed in response to the temperature of the heatsink or device being cooled, switching the fan off entirely if it should fall to room temperature__ Learning Electronics

Gesture Control Coming to a Television Near You -  3-Apr-13 -Design News:   Charles MurrayPressing buttons on your television's remote may one day be passe .  A new technology will enable couch potatoes to change channels, adjust the volume, rewind a movie, browse the Internet, or control myriad other functions with simple physical gestures.  The technology, incorporated into a device __ Gadget Freak

Gesture-Controlled Robot -  Life can be wonderful if everything around us can be controlled by simple gestures.  Gesture recognition technology helps us to interact with machines naturally without any additional device.  Gestures are interpreted...__ Electronics Projects for You

Getting the Most from Your Radio Control SystE - M -  About a year after the maiden flight, I wanted to get into electrics, so I bought a Great Planes Spectra.  I figured I'd just buy another receiver and three servos.  WRONG! I found out that it would be cheaper to buy another transmitter, receiver, and three servos __ Designed by Stefan Vorketter

GIC resonator has inherent Amplitude control -  08/22/02 EDN-Design Ideas The circuit in Figure 1 is based on a classic GIC(generalized impedance converter].  The sine-wave-oscillator circuit has inherent amplitude stabilization and normally operates from dual power supplies.  However, if you connect an additional resistor, RCC, to VCC, you can operate the circuit with one supply(with VEE=0V] __ Circuit Design by Lutz von Wangenheim, University of Applied Sciences, Bremen, Germany

Glow Plug Controller -  In diesel engines, the air in the cylinders is not hot enough to ignite the fuel under cold conditions.  Therefore each cylinder of these engines is fitted with an electric heater...__ Electronics Projects for You

Gordons Cap Mod -  Adding capacitors to a wind turbine alternator can improve the output power curve to better match the wind speed.  Read how Gordon has used capacitors to increase the power of a F&P and a axial flux wind turbine.  

GrantronICs Projects Christmas Tree -  flashes LEDs mounted to Christmas tree shape PCB, kit from kitsrus.  com __ Designed by © Grantronics Pty Ltd

Green/Red Multiflasher -  NOTE : Must register on this site __ Designed by Published in Elecktor July/Aug, 2010

GSM SMS javljalnik ALSMS-01 (page in slovenian)SMS remote control project -  ALSMS-detector 01 is a device intended for remote control of installations, remote management of electrical devices, has answered states and providing information via SMS to one or more mobile GSM terminals via the GSM network.  In the first line has been developed for the control of individual residential or holiday accommodation, which the majority of the time deserted managed. __ Designed by Aleksander Stare

Guitar Control -  Stand-alone, 9V battery powered unit; Three-level input selector, three-band tone control __ Contact: Flavio Dellepiane, fladello @ tin.it

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