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Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Simple Circuit Transistor Organ -  This simple circuit can provide hours of enjoyment as you learn tunes, play duets or just make some really weird sounds by pushing all the buttons at once.  You have probably seen this circuit before, it is fairly common.  I have seen it in several __ Designed by Aaron Cake

Simple Circuit Two Speed Contactor DC Motor Controller -  The simplest of all motor controllers (besides a straight on/off switch) is the contactor controller.  Aaron designed this contactor controller for use in his __ Designed by Aaron Cake

Simple Circuit two transistor Amplifier -  This electronic circuit design shows a simple two transistor amplifier with feedback.  It offers a reasonably high impedance while providing a low output impedance.  It is an ideal transistor amplifier circuit for applications where a higher level of gain is required than that which would be provided by a single transistor stage.  

Simple Circuit two transistor lights LEDs -  9-Apr-09 EDN-Design Ideas A previous Design Ideas describes a circuit that uses an astable multivibrator to drive an LED(Reference 1].  The circuit in Figure 1 uses a simpler alternative approach.  The circuit uses a 2N3904 NPN transistor and a 2N3906 PNP transistor, which operate as a high-gain amplifier __ Circuit Design by Barry A Tigner, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Simple Circuit voltage booster based on Linear Technologies LT1372, includes PCB Design -  Uses a LT1372 and only a Few partsBut can handle 1.5 amps Input Current.  Input as low as 3 VoltsOutput may be as high as 35 Volts __ Designed by G.L. Chemelec

Simple Circuit Windmill/Solar controller -  Based on a TL084 op amp, this is a easy to build controller suitable for wind and solar applications.

Simple FM Stereo Tuner -  This is one of my favorite radio builds just because of how simple it is and how well it is able to pick up a lot of FM radio stations. I have browsed the world in search of a one transistor FM receiver. I have seen a couple but they were always attached to some sort of added device, such as another IC or another transistor for amplification in the receiver itself.

Simple Infrared (IR) Remote Control Circuit -  Infrared based electronic circuit diagrams / circuit schematics

Simple Light & Sound Indicator for Mains Power Supply -  While repairing or installing electrical machines in a building, the AC mains power supply is switched off from the mains electrical switchboard installed outside the building.  There is a chance that...__ Electronics Projects for You

Simple Light Aquarium sunrise Moonrise controller -  cheap and simple white and blue mixture controller __ Designed by Thomas Scherrer OZ2CPU

Simplery for cellular-telephone/camera-flash illumination -  05/27/04  EDN-Design Ideas Successfully implementing flash lamps involves understanding numerous practical considerations.  Next-generation cellular telephones will include high-quality photographic capabilities.  To support their improved image sensors and optics, they will need high-quality "flash" illumination, which requires special design attention.  This lighting is crucial for yielding good photographic performance and requires careful consideration.   __ Circuit Design by Jim Williams, EDN's most revered contributor, passed away in June 2011 after a stroke.  He was 63.

Simplest LED Flasher -  This may be the simplest LED flasher circuit you can build, with the notable exclusion of LED's with integrated flashing circuits.  This might be a good replacement for the LM3909 in some applications. 
 __ Designed by Dick Cappels

Simplest R/C Receiver -  A simple and effective receiver for actuating garage doors, starter motors, alarms, warning systems and numerous other possibilities.  The SCR, which has a very low trigger current of 30 uA is typical -- it requires an input power of only 30 uW to activate the relay.  A high Q tuned antenna circuit assures rejection of spurious signals.  A whip or wire antenna is adequate up to 100 feet from a low power transistor transmitter.  A momentary-off switch resets the circuit.   __ Designed by Tony van Roon  VA3AVR

Simplified DC Motor Torque Control-LT6108 -  The LT6108 is a complete high side current sense device that incorporates a precision current sense amplifier, an integrated voltage reference and a comparator.  Two versions of the LT6108 are available.  The LT6108-1 has a latching comparator and the LT6108-2 has a non-latching comparator.  In addition, the current sense amplifier__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Sep 7th 2011

Simplified DC Motor Torque Control-LT6109 -  The LT6109 is a complete high side current sense device that incorporates a precision current sense amplifier, an integrated voltage reference and two comparators.  Two versions of the LT6109 are available.  The LT6109-1 has the comparators connected in opposing polarity and the LT6109-2 has the comparators connected in the same__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Sep 7th 2011

Simplified white-LED flasher operates from one cell -  26-May-05 EDN-Design Ideas 1.5V circuit flashes white LED __ Circuit Design by Anthony H Smith, Scitech, Biddenham, England

Simplify Solid-State Lighting Dimmer Design -  Solid-state lighting is rapidly becoming the most popular lighting option for a broad range of applications.  With the U.S.  government's mandate to save energy, incandescent lamps are being rendered largely obsolete,...__ Electronics Projects for You

Simulate the Gyralite (dual flashing headlights) -  This circuit must be connected to a 5 volt DC source.  See my RR page for several 5 volt supplies.  Note the flashing LED is optional, but looks s-o-o-o-o good on the top of a locomotive. __ Designed by ML Rollins

Single Cell Flashes White LED -  12/11/03 EDN-Design Ideas Many portable appliances and other products that must operate from a single cell are restricted to working at very low voltages.  It is thus difficult to drive white LEDs that typically have a forward voltage of 3 to 5V.  The ability __ Circuit Design by Anthony Smith, Scitech, Biddenham, Bedfordshire, UK

Single Control Switch for Fan & A - C -  Here is an electronic switch that can be used to switch on both the air-conditioner as well as fan of your room, one by one.  The circuit consists of power supply and...__ Electronics Projects for You

Single FET controls LED array -  04/12/01 EDN-Design Ideas White-LED backlights are gaining acceptance because they offer higher reliability and simpler drive circuitry than backlights based on CCFL  (cold-cathode-fluorescent-lamp] and EL  (electroluminescent] technology.  As a result, white-LED backlights are increasingly common in PDAs  (personal digital assistants], cell phones, digital cameras, and other portable devices.  A design __ Circuit Design by Len Sherman, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

Single LED flasher -  Flashing a LED should not require a complex circuit.  A reverse biased transistor does the job in a nice way.  Circuit "a" flashes the LED twice a second: changing the capacitor and/or the resistor will change the frequency, also the supply voltage

Single Phase Step-Down DC/DC Controller with Digital Power System Management & Input Current Sense -  The digital power supply market has achieved rapid progress in the recent years.  Easy configuration, accurate telemetry, convenient fault analysis and reliability are the trends for the modern digital power supply, which are all provided by Linearís new digital power controller, the LTC3883.  The LTC3883 is a single phase __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Yi Sun-Applications Engineer Oct 4th 2012

Single pin controls relay, intermittent buzzer & status LED -  04/09/09  EDN-Design Ideas One pin controls relay, buzzer, and status LED for control applications __ Circuit Design by Kartik Joshi and Manik Chugh, Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi, India

Single processor pin controls on/off function -  29-Apr-04 EDN-Design Ideas A recent Design Ideas prompted me to offer the simpler solution that I used in a recent project(Reference 1].  We needed a momentary power switch with processor supervision.  This supervision would allow the processor to delay a power-down request from a press of the power switch until all routines exited properly __ Circuit Design by Michael Sirkis, Radio Systems, Logan Township, NJ

Single switch controls digital potentiometer -  02/27/02 EDN-Design Ideas The control of electronic potentiometers in most today's applications comes from controller-generated signals.  However, a significant number of applications exist that require adjustments using manual, front-panel controls.  The circuit in Figure 1 uses one IC, one switch, and 10 discrete components __ Circuit Design by Chuck Wojslaw and Gary M Craig, Catalyst Semiconductor, Sunnyvale, CA

Single-Channel Remote Control -  A simple but effective remote control, capable to compete (and sometimes to beat) most ready-made units.  Plus application examples for remote door opening, remote-triggered timers, and on/off contact closures.   __ Designed by Projects & Ideas from Nutchip.com

Six channel IR remote system with  micro PIC 16F84 -  This project is a remote control system based on a pic and an universal remote controller  for TV, named SIMPLEX.   __ Designed by Alfred73

Small Transformer Drives Large EL Panel -  03/01/96 EDN-Design Ideas Electroluminescent (EL) panels find wide use in backlighting LCDs in handheld, battery-powered products.  EL panels require ac-voltage drive of 50 to 90V at 400 to 1000 Hz.  The conventional way to generate such a drive voltage from a low dc-voltage supply is to use a converter built around a step-up transformer.  The low operating frequency dictates a relatively large-sized transformer.  Alternate designs strive to reduce the size of magnetics by using a step-up converter followed by an H-bridge or chopper. __ Circuit Design by Boris Dvoskin, Worcester, MA

Smart Continuity Tester -  Occasionally you need a continuity test between two points in an electronic circuit.  Unfortunately, most continuity testers are prone to "lie".  They don't do that deliberately, but if they see a small resistance, they still tell you that you have continuity.  They just don't know any better __ Designed by Tony van Roon  VA3AVR

Smart ripple canceller offers near-zero dropout -  03/10/14 EDN-Design Ideas Eliminate linear power supply ripple losslessly! Ripple cancellers, also known as ripple-eaters, gyrators, or electronic filters, are useful when a supply needs to be clean but the absolute supply voltage is unimportant.  A typical application of these circuits is in class-A power amplifiers.  Compared to a linear regulator, they waste less power since they adapt themselves to the input voltage.   __ Circuit Design by Louis Vlemincq

Smart switch cuts transformer turn-on current -  04/23/98 EDN-Design Ideas NOTE : File contains multiple circuits scroll to find this circuit.   Transformer-core saturation can cause inexplicable fuse blowing, system crashes, or premature switch and relay failure.  When a core saturates, it loses its inductive characteristics; primary winding __ Circuit Design by Robert Lindsey, Hansvedt EDM, Urbana, IL

Smart Trailing Socket -  Three-step beeps signal bumper-barrier distance; Infra-red operation, indoor use __ Contact: Flavio Dellepiane, fladello @ tin.it

Smooth Tone Clickless CW SideTone Generator -  This circuit is about as good as it gets for generating morse code tones.  It may be used as a code practice oscillator, a tone generator for a keyer, a sidetone oscillator for a CW transmitter or an audio Modulated CW (MCW) generator for an FM transmitter or repeater __ Designed by G. Forrest Cook

Smooth, fast, strong & cheap stepper Motor controller using a PIC micro -  The Linistepper is a well reviewed, open source controller / driver for small to medium sized 5, 6 or 8 wire unipolar (not 4 wire bi-polar) stepper motors. The Linistepper combines ultra smooth, low noise, old school linear microstepping with modern active current regulation for faster response. __ Designed by Seiichi Inoue

Smoothly Drive Stepper Motors -  05/28/09  EDN-Design Ideas Adding an analog switch make the motor bidirectionalThe circuit in This design idea     drives low-power, unipolar stepper motors using only a shift register, a few resistors, and low-power transistors.  Adding an inexpensive 4053 an __ Circuit Design by Uwe Schuler

SMS remote control v2.2 -  Control up to 8 devices (On-Off  or Reset) by sending a SMS message from  any mobile phone, to  ericsson  T10s, of our circuit__ © Vassilis Serasidis

Soft Button Type Motor Direction Controller -  This circuit can control a small DC motor, like the one in a tape recorder.  When both the points A & B are "HIGH" Q1 and Q2 are in saturation.  Hence the bases of Q3 to Q6 are grounded.  Hence Q3, Q5 are OFF and Q4, Q6 are ON.  The voltages at both the motor terminals is the same and hence the motor is OFF.  Similarly when both A and B are "LOW" the motor is OFF

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