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Circuits designed by David Johnson, P.E.
Last Updated on: Thursday, November 30, 2017 10:29 AM

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Lamp / Lighting Control Circuits
Circuits Designed by Dave Johnson, P.E. :

LED Driver-Wireless

LED Flasher needs only 1.5 VOLTS

LED Flasher that is Battery Free

LED Flasher Universal 3v

LED Flasher-Wig/Wag

LED Flasher-Wireless Circuit

LED Flashing Badge #1

LED Flashing Badge #2

LED Lighthouse Flasher for HO Model Train

Light to Frequency Converter

Light/Dark 12V Switch

Lighthouse LED  Flasher

Lighthouse LED Flasher

Line Powered High Intensity LED Flasher

Line Powered White LED Array

Line-Powered Xenon Flash Transmitter

Low Battery Voltage Flasher

Low Current Flashing LED Power Indicator

Low Power LED Flasher

Low Power Sequential Flasher using 10 LEDs

Low Power Universal LED Flasher

Model Airplane Wing Tip Flasher

Model Train Lighthouse Flasher Revisited

Modified LED Night Light

Momentary Touch Activated Switch

Night Light from White LED

One-Watt White LED Night Light

Optical Filter using Color Film Negative

Pushbutton Controlled Up/Down Ramping Light

Ramping Lamp Driver

Ramping LED Driver

Reduced Power Sequential LED Flasher

Revisited-Model Train Lighthouse Flasher

Safety Light

Shop Safety Light

Simple Circuit for White LED Night Light

Sound Triggered Night Light

Super Bright 3v Powered LED Flasher

Ten-LED Sequential Flasher using Low Powr

Three Volt Universal LED Flasher

Three-Minute Closet Light

Three-Volt Low Battery Voltage Flasher

Three-Volt Powered Super Bright LED Flasher

Touch Activated Switch

Transmitter for Line Powered Xenon Flash

Ultra Low Current 3v LED Flasher #5

Universal Flasher using a Latching Relay

Universal LED Flasher


Up/Down Ramping Light Pushbutton Control

Version a of 1.5v LED Flasher

White LED Array that is Lined Powered

Wig/Wag LED Flasher

Wireless LED Flasher

Xenon Lamp Flash Detector Amplifier

Xenon Photoflash Controller

1 Watt Fluorescent Lamp Night Light

1.5v LED Flasher Version A

1.5V Touch Activated Switch

10 LED Sequential Flasher using Low Powr

12 Volt Lite/Dark Lamp Switch

12v Light/Dark Lamp Switch

12v Touch Switch Exciter Circuit

14v LED AuxiliaryLamp with a 60 Watt Lamp

1W White LED Night Light

3 Minute LED Closet Light

3 Volt Low Battery Voltage Flasher

3-Minute Closet Light

3-Minute Closet Light #2

3v Powered Super Bright LED Flasher

3v Universal LED Flasher

5w Fluorescent Lamp Intensity Modulator

60 Watt Lamp with Auxiliary 14v LED Lamp

6V to 24V DC Day/Night Switch

9v Powered Xenon Photoflash Controller

Advertising Badge #1 with Flashing LED

Advertising Badge #2 with Flashing LED

Amplifier for a Xenon Lamp Flash Detector

Battery Free LED Flasher

Battery-Powered LED Flashing Advertising #2

Capacitance Touch Switch

Classic Linear 5v Supply using 6.3VAC Transformer

Closet Light with Automatic 3-Minute Timeout


Computer Controlled PWM Circuit

Controlled Up/Down Ramping Light

Controller for a 9v Powered Xenon Photoflash

Convert Solar Powered Light to Flasher

Dark Activated 12v Power Supply Switch

Detect Short Xenon Lamp Flashes

Detects Xenon Lamp Flash

Drive a LED with an Intensity Ramping Mode

Five-Watt Fluorescent Lamp Intensity Modulator

Flashing LED Advertising Badge #1

Flashing LED Power Indicator

Fluorescent Lamp Intensity Modulator

Fluorescent Lamp Night Light Needs Only 1 Watt

Freeze Alarm

High Intensity Line Powered LED Flasher

High Power LED Flasher

HO Model Train Lighthouse Flasher

HO Train Lighthouse Flasher Revisited

Incandescent Lamp Inrush Current Limiter

Increased power for LED Flasher

Inrush Current Limiter for a Incandescent Lamp 

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Imagineering Ezine    Discover Solar Energy Dave Johnson & Associates Faraday Touch Switches

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