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2uS Light Pulse Receiver

Although the LF357 is an obsolete part, this circuit gives you an idea how to build a sensitive modulated light detector with high ambient light immunity.  The first section uses a 100mH inductor as an efficient photodiode current to voltage conversion circuit.


The second circuit performs much the same function but boosts the voltage generated by the first circuit by a factor of X20 and filters out lower frequencies.  Overall, the conversion factor is about one volt per microwatt of light.  Daylight noise is typically less than 30mv peak to peak.  The frequency response peaks at about 250KHz.  Although I have not tested it, I think the Texas Instruments TLC081 should work in this application.

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2uS Light Pulse Receiver , Circuit designed by David A. Johnson, P.E.

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Hobby Circuits List
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