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Math Function: Cosine
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Last Updated: June 02, 2021 01:44 PM

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Circuit forms efficient cosine calculator - 10/25/01 EDN-Design Ideas - The circuit in Figure 1 converts a ±10V analog voltage representing an angle between èMIN and èMAX and emits a voltage equal to 10 cosè.  This circuit can have an accuracy of better than 1% over ±120° or better than 0.2% over ±90°.  These figures represent an order-of-magnitude improvement over a Taylor-series estimate for the same range and for Design by Matt Kornblum, Bradenton, FL

Generate Swept Sine/Cosine Waveforms with Two Filters - 06/23/11 EDN-Design Ideas - Phase difference holds between 89° and 90°.  Demodulators, directional circuits, and other electronics applications often need two sine waves with a 90° difference in phase—a sine wave and its cosine wave.  Engineers typically use analog filters to create the phase shift.  This approach, however, offers a limited frequency range.  Using the circuit in Figure 1, you can make a swept sine/cosine pair at frequencies of less than 1 Hz to 25 kHz.   Design by John R Ambrose, Mixed Signal Integration, San Jose, CA

Math Function: Cosine

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