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Microprocessor Circuits
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Last Updated: December 29, 2017 03:15 AM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Connecting PIC12C508 8 to 93AA46 Serial Eprom - Schematic only, no circuit description__ Dave Helton, KD0YU

Connecting the 74HC595 Shift Register to PICAXE Micro-controller - This is very similar to the earlier demo using to 74HC165 with one important difference in that the 74HC595 has an internal 8-bit latch.  The output to the LEDs remains stable until new data is "latched" by the PICAXE micro-controller.   __ Designed by Lewis Loflin

Connecting the AD5220 Digital Potentiometer to the PICAXE - The purpose of this demo is to connect the AD5220B digital potentiometer to the PICAXE micro-controller.  This will introduce several PICAXE commands in a practical demonstration. __ Designed by Lewis Loflin

Connecting the Dallas DS18B20 1-Wire Digital Thermometer to the PICAXE - Here we're going to connect a Dallas DS18B20 1-Wire Digital Thermometer to a PICAXE microcontroller.  This is very easy because the M2 series of parts have a direct, single line command to access the part.  It has an operating temperature range of -55 degrees C to +125 degrees C.   __ Designed by Lewis Loflin

Connecting the PICAXE to a H-Bridge DC Motor Control - PICAXE-18M2 connected to TA8050P H-Bridge Motor Control __ Designed by Lewis Loflin

Connecting the PICAXE to an External EEPROM (24LC08) - This demo demonstrates the use of the PICAXE 18M2 internal EEPROM and a separate program using the 24LC08 external EEPROM.  It's similar to a program I wrote for the Arduino micro-controller.  The second program also shows how to use indirect addressing  (bptr) with the PICAXE chip.  both programs use the terminal in the PICAXE compiler. __ Designed by Lewis Loflin

Connecting the PICAXE to the Ds1307 Real Time Clock - This program does pretty much the same as my Arduino Ds1307 clock program does.  It demonstrates the use of code and how to connect hardware.  The program allows the user to input the time from the PICAXE terminal after Sw1 is pressed. __ Designed by Lewis Loflin

Connecting the TLC548 ADC to the PICAXE - Here we will read the analog-to-digital values from a TLC548 ADC with PICAXE and display those values on the terminal.  The second program is a variation of Analog-to-Digital Conversion with the PICAXE demo except we use an external ADC and not the internal units. __ Designed by Lewis Loflin

Conntecting a Relay using a PIC16c510 - Scroll to find this circuit #9 - Most relays require more than 25mA for operation and need a 12v supply.  For this a buffer transistor is required.  Fig: 14 shows how a relay is connected to an output of the '508A.  The diode across the relay prevents voltage from the relay getting into any of the supply lines and affecting the operation of the microprocessor.   __ Contact: Colin Mitchell

Control ratiometric or simultaneous power-up of multiple rails - 05/13/04  EDN-Design Ideas - Many applications use FPGAs, ASICs, or DSP chips, which usually require multiple voltage rails, typically twothe core voltage and the I/O voltage.  The core voltage is usually lower than the I/O voltage.  Guidelines for determining __ Circuit Design by Dirk Gehrke, Texas Instruments, Freising, Germany

Control stepping Motor via USB interface - This is an example that demonstration how to control some devices via USB interface.  The PC software program with delphi.  Feature : CPU PIC18F4550 with full speed USB interface at 48MHz USB 2.0 compliance Use on-chip USB driver Control 1 stepping

Controller for Hybrid Power Plant - The 89C51 control board for controlling photovoltaic-wind turbine and diesel engine.  Developed by Didik Rostyono from Indonesia.   __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Controller provides multiple alarm-driver formats - 01/15/98 EDN-Design Ideas - Using a piezoelectric element for alarm applications offers low cost, low power, and flexibility.  By coupling this element with a 12C508 programmable controller (Microchip Technology, Chandler, AZ], you can implement an eight-pin alarm generator.  This approach provIdeas multiple driver formats with a minimum of additional cost and footprin __ Circuit Design by William Grill, Riverhead Systems, Littleton, CO

Conversion Handles Binary or BCD - 03/01/12  EDN-Design Ideas - Separate binary and BCD up/down counters permit both binary-to-BCD and BCD-to-binary conversion in one circuit.  The subroutine "FASTBCD"  (Listing 1) for 8051 Ps quickly converts 16-bit binary to 24-bit BCD data.  The conversion algorithm involves left-shifting bits from the high-order bit of the binary number into the carry bit while left-shifting the carry bits into the low-order bit of a BCD shift register using BCD left-shift operations.   __ Circuit Design by Keith Rubow, Olec Inc, Irvine, CA

Conversion program outputs BCD values - 12/04/97 EDN-Design Ideas - A program entitled HEXBCD is an 8051 C subroutine that converts a 16-bit HEX number in internal RAM locations 33 and 34H into its BCD equivalent  (Listing 1) .  The program places the result in scratchpad registers R1, R2, and R3 .   (You can download the file DI-SIG, #2120.)  __ Circuit Design by Mike McGlinchy, MDM Designs, San Bruno, CA

Converting a Uniden Scanner to Pick Up AIS Signals - A 3-Channel UHF Rolling-Code Remote Control, Pt.1__ SiliconChip

Cordless Power Tool Charger Controller - Protect your investment and extend the life of your power tool rechargable batteries.  Add this power tool charge controller and never cook a NiCad again!__ SiliconChip

Count Down Alarm with 7 LED Segments - Here I have added two fets for the time-out switch, it is like an electronic relay, just much more reliable it can be used to sound a big horn, or what ever you like. __ Designed by Thomas Scherrer OZ2CPU

Count-down timer - On this page, I will introduce the Count-down timer with PIC16F84A.  I am putting a count-down timer by the hardware on Electronic Circuits Application Garage.  The function of the timer is the same as it approximately.   (The stop switch is added) Because this unit was made compactly, the wiring of the back becomes quite complicated.   __ Designed by Seiichi Inoue

Coupler Theoretical Main-Line Loss Calculation - AN-30-004 App Note__ MiniCircuits.com

Courtesy Light Delay for Cars - Simple circuit has an adjustable delay from 7-40s and fades the lights out at the end of the delay period.  And the same circuit suits all cars.__ SiliconChip

Cranial Electrical Stimulation Unit - Commercial cranial electrical stimulation  (CES) units cost hundreds of dollars but this one is cheap and easy to build.  It is battery-powered, portable and has adjustable current delivery and repetition rate.__ SiliconChip

Crazy Cricket or Freaky Frog - Love the sound of crickets and frogs  (and who doesn't) ? Maybe you will revise your judgement after exposure to Crazy or Freaky - the  (very) pesky cricket and equally annoying grenouille.__ SiliconChip

Creating a Security Wiring for an Alarm using a PIC16c510 - Scroll to find this circuit #10 -When designing an alarm project, the wiring between the sensors and the control panel must not be able to be cut otherwise the alarm system is useless! Making the wiring FULLY SECURE is very complex but a simple way to prevent the wires being cut or joined together  (without detection) involves a line-sensing feature called LINE REVERSAL __ Contact: Colin Mitchell

Creating a Sine Wave with a PIC16F84 - There are several projects on this page.  Please scroll down to find the LED Chaser.   __ Designed by Jason KE4NYV from Roanoke, Virginia

Cricket Monitor - PIC Project  This device listens for 'crickets' - little transmitters that bleep out their condition periodically.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Current Clamp Meter Adaptor for DMMs - Looking for a current clamp meter that won't break the bank?__ SiliconChip

Custom Batteries - PIC Project   __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Cybug-the Solar Fly - This simple robot is a great first kit to build.  It's Cybug, The Solar Fly, and he's a real attention-getter.__ SiliconChip

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Microprocessors:  #'s - B      C - F      G - K      L - M      N - P      Q - S      T - Z 

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