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Microprocessor Circuits
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Last Updated: December 29, 2017 03:15 AM

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PAL colour bar generator - I started this project 3 weeks ago, because I was wondering " is that possible, some AVR MCU to create simple colour bars? " At the beginning, I  believed that it's easy.  So, I asked some people who knew more about PAL composite video signal.  The first idea was to work with 8.867238 MHz crystal    (2 times the color carrier) .  When I read about PAL video composite signal creation, I saw that if you want to product colors entire-in-software you must create the color-carrier    (4.43 MHz) , changing 4 times the phase of color-carrier    (one time for each color) , to show 4 colours.  Except that, you have to change the color-burst from 135 deg to 135+90= 225 deg. __ Designed by © Vassilis Serasidis

Palm-Top/Hand-Held to RS-232 Serial Converter - This document details how to build your own SHARP palm-top/hand-held to RS232 serial converter.  In summary, this device allows the SHARP range of hand-held computers and pocket organisers to be interfaced to  (almost) any computer which has an RS232 serial port i.  e.  IBM-PCs  (or compatibles) , Amigas, SUNs, other UNIX machines, etc __ Designed by Andrew Woods

Parallel AVR programmer - This programmer is designed to program Atmel AVR microcontrollers in either parallel or serial mode, while connected to a host machine using RS232.  It's controlled by an 8051  (actually developed using a Dallas DS5000) and should work with most variants, since it doesn't use any special features.   __ Designed by Adrian Fangorn

Parallel Port Microchip PIC Micro Controller Programmer - PIC Programmer is an essential tool if you wish to learn or build projects with Microchip PIC Micro Processors.  This programmer is built using Free Windows Software called WinPicProg and other similar software from PICALLW or Oshosoft 

Parallel Port PIC Programmer for PIC18F2550 - Developed specifically for programming of PIC 18F2550 micro controllers, this parallel port, no-power, programmer is the smallest of all programmers ever built.  A DB25 Male Connector, one capacitor and a resistor makes this Port Powered programmer.  Programmer takes its power from Parallel Port pins 2-9.  VPP for this programmer is 5V and hence "LVP" must be selected in programming software. 

Parallel Port PIC Programmer with ICP - This programmer is built for Free Windows Software called WinPicProg developed by Nigel Goodwin and uses a 74HC14 instead of 74LS05 used on other parallel port programmers.  

Parallel port replaces embedded ĶC - 07/08/98 EDN-Design Ideas - Many applications use an embedded processor, which has certain needs: software, RAM, ROM, board space, and others.  Frequently, another host computer, usually a PC, controls the application.  Using a single CPLD, you can dispense with the embedded processor[File contains multiple circuits.    Scroll to find this one.  ]Design Ideas - by Eli Kohav and Leonid Grossman, ECI Telecom, Petah-Tikva, Israel] __ Circuit Design by Eli Kohav and Leonid Grossman, ECI Telecom, Petah-Tikva, Israel

Parrot-Sounding AC Door Bell -  Here is a mains-operated door-bell that produces parrot-like sweet voice without requiring any musical IC.  The circuit is cheap and easy to construct.  The AC mains is fed to the circuit...__ Electronics Projects for You

Part 1 Of 3: using AVR MICROCONTROLLERS for PROJECTS - The AVR 8535 microcontroller and its new version ATmega8535 are versatile, high-performance but low-cost chips.  This article series covers typical applications of this processor illustrating its power and cost-effectiveness in an...__ Electronics Projects for You

Part 1-Atmel AVR Infrared Downloader-Host-side. - This project makes firmware upgrades easy: The target has an Infrared receiver and the data is sent via IR.  The IR transmitter is based on V-USB.  The host-side consist of host-program for Win32 PC using LibUSB-Win32 , device based on ATmega8 using

Part 2 Of 3: using AVR Microcontroller for Projects - In the first part of this article, we had described the main features of the AVR microcontroller and the hardware/software required for an AT-PROG programmer board interfaced to the printer port...__ Electronics Projects for You

Part 2-Atmel AVR Infrared Downloader-Target-Side - In the first part we have considered a circuit design and software of Host-part.  The target-side consist of device minimum system based on ATmega162 and infrared hardware unit.  Device minimum system consist of ATmega162, external SRAM 8 kbyte and

Part 3 Of 3: using AVR Microcontroller for Projects - In continuation of the embedded control applications explained in Part 2, letís now examine the use of inbuilt functions of AVR ATmega8535  (such as output compare, ADC and UART) for various...__ Electronics Projects for You

Passively Probing an InfiniBand System with an Agilent 16700 Series Logic Analysis SystE - M - Passively Probing an InfiniBand with Agilent 16700 Series Logic Analysis System.  Agilent App Note 2004-03-05

Pattern generator based on an Atmel ATtiny2313 running at 20MHz - This is a pattern generator with 13 images and 1KHZ tone, good for testing LCD TVís, projectors and cathode ray tube TVís.  The project is based on ATtiny2313 running at 20MHZ.  The horizontal frequency is 15625HZ and the vertical frequency is 50HZ  (Europe standard) .  __ AVR Projects Dim

PBUS, multi-drop RS422/485-type network for interconnecting PIC nodes - PBUS is an RS485-like multi-drop bus for interconnecting PIC and other microcontroller-driven devices.  Protocol and software is written by Jap.  Just include a separate pbus library file into your project and add your command handlers for the specific device in a few lines __ Designed by Peter Jakab

PC 12v Adapter - This circuit provides a short circuit protected power supply from PC 12V supply voltage.  This is particularly handy when working with PC interfacing projects.   __ Designed by M Asim Khan asimkhan @ sat.net.pk

PC Power Manager - Very often we forget to switch off the connected peripherals like monitor, scanner and printer while switching off our PC.  This leads to needless energy consumption and possible shortening of the...__ Electronics Projects for You

PC Power Monitor - It clips into your PC and has three LED bargraphs to indicate the health of the PC's supply rails.__ SiliconChip

PC RS422 Interface - Isolated RS422 adapter for PC serial port by M Asim Khan, Pakistan.   __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

PC RS485 Interface - Simple and easy build RS232C-RS485 converter designed by M Asim Khan, Pakistan.   __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

PC Serial Port Receiver CMOS -16 Bit - This circuit was designed to control a 32 channel Christmas light  show from the PC serial port.  Originally designed with TTL logic,  it has been simplified using CMOS circuits to reduce component  count.  It is a fairly simple, reliable circuit that requires only  4 common CMOS chips    (for 8 outputs) , an optical isolator, and a  few discrete components. __ Designed by Bill Bowden

PC to Die For: Part 2-You Can Build It Yourself - Partitioning and formatting the hard disk drive, installing the operating system and sqashing the bugs__ SiliconChip

PC to microcontroller communications using power from the PC serial port - Microcontroller based electronic circuit

PCB countdown timer - This is a countdown counter based on ATtiny2313, primary developed for my PCB exposure box, but it can be used for other purposes too.  The counting range is between 1 and 90 minutes and it can be adjusted with up or down buttons  (high and low in the pictures) .  After the desired time is set, the countdown starts by pressing the start/stop button  (on/off in the pictures) .  By pressing the same button we can interrupt the counting at any time we want.  __ AVR Projects Dim

PCB exposure box - Tired of spending hours and hours in wire soldering? Do your circuits look ugly and you are looking for a way to produce professional-like PCBs? Then you had better try photoetching.  And the first step to do that is to have the right equipment that is an Automated Exposure Box __ Designed by Antonios Theodosiou © Sept.2010

PC-Based Timer - Timers are very useful both for industrial applications and household appliances.  Here is a PC-based timer that can be used for controlling the appliances for up to 18 hours.  For control,...__ Electronics Projects for You

PC-Controlled Burglar Alarm SystE - M - Fancy a full-featured alarm control panel with dialler capabilities? This one is PC-programmed and controlled and can handle up to eight zones.  The PC only needs to be powered up for arming and disarming, or you can use an optional keypad.__ SiliconChip

PC-Controlled Mains Switch - Build this project and team it with an old PC to control external devices.  It works on anything from a 386 up!__ SiliconChip

PC-Controlled Mains Switch - Ever wanted to control switched 240VAC outlets with your PC? You can do it with this project which controls two 240VAC outlets.  You can switch virtually anything, at any time under full Windows control.  It uses your computer's parallel port and virtually any old  (or new) computer can do the job.__ SiliconChip

PCI Timing Check using the Agilent E2920 PCI Series Exerciser/Analyzer - Application Note__ Aligent

PC-PIC Serial - PIC Project  The standard rs-232  (com port) interface specifies +/- 12 volt signals.  It is possible to work quite well with +/- 5 volts.  This circuit works by 'stealing' the negative voltage from the COM port and using it to communicate back.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Peltier-Effect Tinnie Cooler - Its Based on a peltier-effect module fitted with a fan-cooled heatsink.  You just install it in a 6-pack Esky to keep your tinnies cool__ SiliconChip

Perform Hexadecimal-To-BCD Conversion In Firmware - 10/07/10 EDN-Design Ideas - Converting in firmware eliminates a conversion chip.    __ Circuit Design by Abel Raynus, Armatron International, Malden, MA

Perform timing for microcontrollers without using timers - 22-Jan-09 EDN-Design Ideas - Use the I/O "interrupt-on-change" feature to implement a medium-precision, long-period timer with low additional cost __ Circuit Design by Ganeshkumar Krishnamoorthy, NTERA Ltd, Dublin, Ireland

Phoenix Programmer - This circuit will allow you to place a phone call on hold and if you wish to have them listen to music while they are on hold.  The circuit operates as follows: The RED wire from the phone jack.  

Phone Intercepter 1 - PIC Project  This device connects between the phone line, an answering machine, and your phones.  When a phone call comes in, the answering machine picks up the call and informs the caller to enter the access code to ring the phone or to wait for the beep and leave a message.  If the correct code is entered, the answering machine is immediately disconnected while the device generates phone ringing tones on an external speaker.  Picking up any phone causes the device to return to its initial state.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Phone Interceptor 2 - PIC Project  This unit is an upgrade of the previous phone call interceptor.  Instead of using an answering machine to provide the outgoing message and recording functions, it uses the ISD4004  (from Windbond Electronics) .  The ISD4004 records up to 8 minutes of audio.  I use the first several seconds for outgoing message prompts.  The remaining time is used to record up to 30 messages, depending on message length.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Phone Line Box - This is an educational site of PIC Projects in various stages of development along with pictures, source files, object code files, schematics, and board layouts.  You are welcome to use what you like at your own risk.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Phone Messager - I always keep one totally self powered phone  (the way they all used to work) in case of a power failure.  This device works the same way, taking all of its power directly from the phone line. __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

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Microprocessors:  #'s - B      C - F      G - K      L - M      N - P      Q - S      T - Z 

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