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Microprocessor Circuits
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Last Updated: December 29, 2017 03:15 AM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Single processor pin controls on/off function - 29-Apr-04 EDN-Design Ideas - A recent Design Ideas prompted me to offer the simpler solution that I used in a recent project (Reference 1].  We needed a momentary power switch with processor supervision.  This supervision would allow the processor to delay a power-down request from a press of the power switch until all routines exited properly __ Circuit Design by Michael Sirkis, Radio Systems, Logan Township, NJ

Single switch serves dual duty in small, microprocessor-based systE - M - 03/30/06  EDN-Design Ideas - Low-cost, easy-to-use design allows monitoring of peripherals, sensors __ Circuit Design by Steve Hageman, Windsor, CA

Single wire connects microcontrollers - 10/22/98 EDN-Design Ideas -    (File has several circuits, scroll to find this one)  Low-cost µCs, such as Motorola's 68HC705 Series, offer great simplicity at the expense of some useful functions—notably, serial data transmission.  Unlike their predecessors, these µCs do not have serial communication interfaces    (SCIs) , serial peripheral interfaces    (SPIs) , or simple serial I/O ports    (SIOPs) .  This method describes how you can overcome this deficiency by creating an asynchronous serial interface through µC software __ Circuit Design by Abel Raynus, Armitron International, Melrose, MA

Single-Side PCB for Easy-Downloader V1.1 - Easy build and small size single side PCB for the 2051 programmer board __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

SLow Motion Clock - Sometimes the sleep mode will not work for some application that needs to keep an eye on some things while radically conserving power.  In that case, you can just slow down the  (RC) clock speed by switching a second resistor in or out of the circuit.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Small fully featured ATXMEGA32 scope. Part 1. Schematic - If you are looking small flexible and cheap scope for your projects, this might be great choice.  Scope is built around Atmel ATXmega32A4 microcontroller.  Miniature scope is equipped with 0.96 OLED display where signals are viewed.  The

Small fully featured ATXMEGA32 scope. Part 2. User Manual - Part 1.  Schematic The Xprotolab is a fully featured Mixed Signal Oscilloscope  (MSO) with Spectrum Analyzer and Arbitrary Waveform Generator  (AWG) .  The Xprotolab can also be used a development board for the XMEGA AVR microcontroller.  Features:

Small solar power supply with battery backup - This small solar power supply charges a 6V sealed lead acid battery with constant voltage  (and also limited current) while providing 5V output. __ Designed by © Madis Kaal

Smart Battery Charger - This unit was constructed in the shell of a Radio Shack battery charger.  The original unit charged only one type of battery at a time and only in pairs.  This unit allows for mix and match for AAA, AA, C, and D cells.  Each battery is individually monitored and charged.  An LED for each one flashes to show the current charging condition as follows[list:68e9b49a6d]Dim with bright flash: No battery detected Solid on: Battery charging Blinking on: Battery charged[/list:u:68e9b49a6d] When a battery is first inserted, a small charge is pulsed to it.  In between the pulses, the battery is __ Designed by © 2006 Luhan Monat

Smart card programmer - This "SimpleMouse" Smartcardprogrammer can be used to read and write most of all async - Smartcards  (Processorcards) , including the new "Hornet and +1" DPSC΄s in update and reprogramming mode  __ Designed by source:Keule

Smart Card Reader & Programmer - A Programmable Continuity Tester__ SiliconChip

Smart NiMH
battery charger based on Attiny85
- After seeing various online projects, especially based on the PIC microcontroller, I decided to make a charger for NiMH
batteries driven by an ATtiny85.  Why we need a microcontroller to manage charging a battery? The answer is very simple … The most economic charger that on the market, regulate the charge based on a timer, that is if I charge a 2500mAh battery for example, they provide a charging current of 250mAh, keeping the charge for eg 14 hours  (a part of the energy will be lost, so 10 hours would not be enough) .

Smart Radio Modem for Microcontrollers - This low-cost project will enable your Picaxe, Stamp or other microcontroller to communicate without wires.__ SiliconChip

SMS Controller, Part 2 - Second article tells you how to complete the circuit checks and describes how the unit is used.__ SiliconChip

SMS remote control v2.2 - Control up to 8 devices  (On-Off  or Reset) by sending a SMS message from  any mobile phone, to  ericsson  T10s, of our circuit __ Designed by © Vassilis Serasidis

SMS remote control v3.0 - This is the the 3rd version of the famous SMS remote control.  The older T10s cell phone has been replaced by the GM-47 GSM module by allowing you to find easier this module.  Moreover, 8 inputs were added for collecting data from switches  (windows, doors, limit switches and more) .  The SMS is now protected by a password.   __ Designed by © Vassilis Serasidis

Soft Starter for Power Tools - Stop that dangerous kick-back...__ SiliconChip

Soft-Start Module - Simple circuit that reduces surge current on start of an induction motor.   __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

SoftStarter: Taming the Surge Current Menace! - Are you alarmed by the juicy "splattt" from your mains power point when you plug in something like a large plasma TV set? Do you some-times burn out light and power point switches because of the surge currents at switch-on? Or perhaps you occasionally trip circuit breakers because of appliance switch-on surge currents.  This is a very common problem but there is a simple cure: our SoftStarter.  It tames those nasty surge currents while having no effect on appliance performance.__ SiliconChip

Solar Charger - PIC Project  The previous version of this device used pulse width modulation  (PWM) to control the power from the five solar panels to charge the battery bank.  Under full sun conditions the MOSFETS got a bit warm and the whole unit radiated a lot of RFI.  This design uses a set of relays, one for each panel.  If the controller decides the battery voltage is too low, it engages another relay;.)  __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Solar Energy Meter - Simple project that turns 8051SBC to be a dedicated instrument for measuring the amount of energy produced by photovoltaic power system.   __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Solar Panel Charge Controller using PICAXE Microcontroller - The following is the PICAXE version of the Arduino Solar Panel Charge Controller.  While the electronics is identical, the programming was very different.  The main problem for the PICAXE was the inability of the software to do compound 'if' statements: if  ((x > y) &  (y < CP) &  (x > CP)) .  I had to break that into three different statements then had to add a fourth. __ Designed by Lewis Loflin

Solar Powered Wireless Weather Station - It's based on PICAXE processor and "wirelessly" transmits temperature and humidity data to a receiver up to 200 metres away.__ SiliconChip

Solar Recorder T - The PIC Solar recorder for daily insolation measurement.   __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Solar Server - Build the solar station for insolation measurement with Ubuntu server 7.10 and a 24-bit Delta-sigma converter __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Solar-Powered Intruder Alarm for Sheds & Boats - Most blokes have got a shed - or wish they had! While many people have alarms for their home and cars, a lot of valuable stuff is unprotected in garages and sheds.  It needs protecting and now you can do it with this simple alarm based on a PIR sensor.  It's solar-powered so no mains supply is needed.  And let's not forget boats on moorings - they need protecting too.__ SiliconChip

Solar-Powered Lighting SystE - M - Need lighting away from a power source? Try this one: it's ideal for your garden, shed or even a camp site.  With a 5W solar panel, a 12V SLA battery and a smart controller, it has 3-stage charging for the battery and Maximum Power Point Tracking    (MPPT) for the solar panel.__ SiliconChip

Solar-Powered Lighting System, Pt.2 - Last month we described the operation of our new off-grid lighting system, featuring free power courtesy of the sun! Now we move on to the fun part: building it!__ SiliconChip

Solid-state breaker for microcontrollers - 10/29/13  EDN-Design Ideas - Electronically protect your load, driver, and microcontroller __ Circuit Design by Didier Juges

Solution Waiting for ProblE - M - Think up an application for the Aura Interactor Amplifier and you could win a $200 gift Voucher.__ SiliconChip

Sonar Water-Level Meter - Three-fourths of the earth is water, out of which 97 per cent is saline  (in oceans, seas and groundwater) .  The remaining 2.5 per cent to 2.75 per cent is fresh water,...__ Electronics Projects for You

Space invaders game using PIC microcontroller - The circuit diagram is shown to the right.  You can get a larger version or a PostScript version if you prefer.  The design is based around a Microchip PIC16F628A microcontroller.  At the time of writing, this device is available for less than one pound from  (among others) Crownhill Associates.  All the work, including colour video and synchronisation signal generation, is done in the microcontroller, and so there are no other active components.  Purists who contend that the LED is an active component may replace it with a light bulb. __ Designed by mail at quinapalus dot com

Speech EEProm - 24LC512 EEPROMS contain 64k bytes and cost about $3.  That makes them ideal for adding some speech to small projects.  Here is the set of  (DOS) programs and files to do this.  This is how the speech was added to the Talking Fish project.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Speech Recognition using HM2007 - The demonstration circuit operates in the HM2007's manual mode.  This mode uses a simple keypad and digital display to communicate with and program the HM2007 chip. __ Designed by © 2007-2014 Images SI, Inc

Speech Synthesizer Development SystE - M - This system was designed to facilitate the development of a low cost speech module using a PIC and some EEPROM memory.  This has already been done  (see PICTalker) using 64k of memory.  So far, this device is working with only 11k of memory by using techniques discussed below __ Designed by Luhan Monat-Mesa Arizona

Speed Acces to µP's Real-Time Clock 06/05/98 EDN-Design Ideas -  (Scroll to find this circuit) The DS5000T  (Dallas Semiconductors, www.  dalsemi.  com) is an 8051-compatible processor that integrates nonvolatile memory and a real-time clock.  This module has an impressive set of functional extensio __ Circuit Design by Jerzy Chrzaszcz, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland

Speed Adjustable 4 Sequence LEDs - Our SEQUENCER - S4 has many applications; simply power the board and light 4 LEDs start to "move, " left to right again and again in sequence! This automatic sequence of blinking lights  (LED) can be controlled directly from a front mounted multi-turns trimmer  (pot.) and will draw attention and fun! The unique small design will allow you to mount it almost anywhere.  Operate it with 6V, 9V battery, 12V car battery, four 1.5V batteries, or via one of our battery simulator kits __ Contact: Kit from Elich Industrial Development, Corp

Speed Alarm for Cars; Pt 1 - Is your license looking a bit a bit dodgey? This compact speed alarm will help you stick to the speed limits.__ SiliconChip

Speed Alarm Pt 2 - Last month, we gave the circuit details of our new compact Speed Alarm.  This month, we show you how to build it and give the installation details.  We also show you how to fit the speed sensor.__ SiliconChip

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Microprocessors:  #'s - B      C - F      G - K      L - M      N - P      Q - S      T - Z 

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