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Motor Control Circuits
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Last Updated: October 24, 2017 02:55 PM

Circuits Designed by Dave Johnson, P.E. :
Rapidly Stops DC Motor Drive  - This circuit will bring a fast moving DC motor to a stop in seconds.  The braking action is automatically applied whenever DC power is removed. . . Circuit by Dave Johnson P.E.-September, 2004

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Rapidly Stops DC Motor Drive  -  This circuit will bring a fast moving DC motor to a stop in seconds.  The braking action is automatically applied whenever DC power is removed. . . Circuit by Dave Johnson P.E.-September, 2004

RD68HC908LHID : LIN-bus HID Lamp Levelling Stepper Motor Control using the Motorola 908E625 -  This reference design describes a car High Intensity Discharge  (HID) lamp leveling system with a LIN-bus interface.  An essential part of the system is a stepper motor controller operating as a LIN-bus slave  (LIN Stepper Controller) .  All functionality __ Designed by Freescale

Rechargeable CMOS Battery -  Occasionally we come across a computer motherboard that seems to eat those CR2032 batteries every 4 to 5 months.  This is particularly frustrating because the computer works perfectly once booted but all the important BIOS settings are lost when the CR2032 battery fails.   __ Designed by Radio Amateur Society of Norwich N1HFX

Relatively Simple Circuit thermostat -  A basic circuit using Diodes to detect temperature differences __ Designed by G.L. Chemelec

Relay for relay control via an RS232 port -  Circuit diagram 

Remote Fan Control -  November 09, 2011 - Design News:  The gadget comes with off/on, three fan speeds, and multicolored LEDs to indicate the fan’s speed.  As a bonus, it beeps to indicate that the fan got your message.   __ Designed by Andrew R. Morris, Gadget Freak-Case #198, Design News

Remote Motor Controller -  You want to turn the variable capacitor of the antenna tuner near the antenna from the inside of your shack.  You might then use a stepping motor attached to the variable capacitor and turn it with a digital controller.  I actually did the same with a PIC micro controller before. __ Designed by MINOWA, Makoto  7N3WVM

Remote two wire positioner -  A simple and inexpensive way to remotely rotate a display or object is with a positioner that uses a stepper motor to rotate it.  The motor is driven by a circuit mounted near the motor and by a control circuit at a remote location.  __ Golab.com

Reversing H-bridge -  This H-bridge variant was one of the first in which the reversing circuitry is built into the driver, rather than  (as is more-commonly done) into the control circuitry upstream of the driver.  This is a handy circuit, though, for 2-motor walkers -as all that is required to reverse one is to reverse the phasing of one of the motors.   __ Designed by Wilf Rigter

Reversing H-Bridge for Small Motors -  Here's a simple switch circuit for reversing and stopping a motor without any control of speed. __ Designed by Richard Torrens

RF Wireless PWM DC Motor Speed control -  The wireless PWM DC motor transmitter circuit consists of WZ-X01 RF module, Holtek HT-640 encoder and 8-bit A/D converter.  U1 ADC0804 converts the analog voltage to digital data; U2 encodes that data  (D0~D6) along with D6, D7 and transmitting through the RF transmitter module.  The potentiometer VR1 varies the voltage to the A/D U1 pin6,  __ Contact: info @ wzmicro.com

Rolling Shutter Motor Control -  An electrically operated rolling shutter usually has a standard control panel with a three-position switch: up, down and stop.  If you would like to automate the opening and closing with a time controlled switch, a few additional wires will have to be connected.  Typically, the controls are implemented as indicated in the schematic ‘Normal Situation’.

Room temperature controller -  On this page, I will introduce the room temperature controller with PIC.  This equipment uses two temperature sensors, drives external equipment, and keeps the temperature of the room at preset temperature.  The purpose of this equipment is for preventing room temperature going up with the heat of the computers.  Electric cost will become high if an air-conditioner is always operated.  Then, I made the equipment __ Designed by Seiichi Inoue

Rotary Controller Positions Stepping Motor -  EDN-Design Ideas - 08/03/95    The circuit in Fig 1 uses a servo potentiometer, as opposed to a rotary switch or encoder, to provide the necessary drive pulses for a stepping motor.  This motor positions a pointer by the rotation of a manual control.  The circuit must be precise, allow a rapid response, and be simple to use.   (This circuit was part of a complex apparatus used for a series of physiological tests.) Another requirement is that the control had to be a small, handheld, battery-operated device.    __ Circuit Design by TG Barnett and ME Rosenberg, Department of Physiology, Queen Mary and Westfield College, London, UK

RS-485 for Digital Motor Control Applications -  Small electromechanical drives include solenoid drives, single direction DC, bi-directional DC, or brushless DC systems and are typically sized according to their frame size and power in watts.  Digital controllers, software, and complimentary analog and digital solutions from TI can help solve most drive requirements.   __ Designed by Texas Instruments App Notes, 12-May-03

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Motor Controls:  #'s - D       E - M       N - S        T - Z


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