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Sensors / Detectors:  Air Flow

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Last Updated: June 02, 2021 01:44 PM

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AIR Flow Detector -  This simple circuit uses an incandescent lamp to detect airflow.  Withfilament exposed to air, a constant current source is used to slightly heatfilament.  As it is heated, resistance increases.  As air flows overfilament it cools down, thus.   __ Designed by Aaron Cake

AirfLow Monitor Protects Components -  09/28/95 EDN Design Ideas:  Many electronic components, including fourth-generation µPs, require forced-air cooling.  However, the reliability of electromechanical components, such as cooling fans, lags behind that of electronic devices.  Even if a fan does not fail, blockage of the air-intake vents can reduce airflow.  The circuit in Fig 1  helps you protect against high-temperature-induced system failures by monitoring the performance of the cooling system Design by Wes Freeman, Analog Devices, Santa Clara, CA

Make Your Own AIR Quality Monitoring Device! -  Air pollution and concern about air quality is not something new.  Complaints were recorded even in the 13th century when coal was first used for industrial purposes in London.  From the...__ Electronics Projects for You

Self-Heated Transistor Digitizes Airflow -  13-Mar--96 EDN Design Ideas:  A sensitive and reliable way to measure airflow is to exploit the predictable relationship between airspeed and the heat dissipated by a sensor exposed to the flow while being held at a constant temperature differential above ambient.  The power required to maintain the elevated sensor temperature is proportional to the square root of the airspeed (King's law).  The popular hot-wire anemometer uses this principle, but suffers from the disadvantage of using a relatively fragile airflow sensor, a thin metallic filament Design by Stephen Woodward, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC


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