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Last Updated: June 02, 2021 01:44 PM

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Convert your smartphone into a pedometer & tracking Device -  EDN Design Ideas:  10/22/12    When you go hiking or mountain biking, or simply take a long walk around the neighborhood, you might wonder about the distance you covered or specific details, such as speed.  A specialized device for such a task is an expensive idea.  Now, however, the increasing penetration of smartphones in the market with built-in GPS devices makes it possible to configure a mobile phone to log or send the current readings from its sensors to a server for viewing and processing.   Design by Ali Asgher Mansoor Habiby and Abdus Sami Abdul Qayyum, Sir Syed University, Karachi, Pakistan

Digital pedometer -  Pedometer has a range of 9.950 meters with2-digits.  Slip it in pants pocket for walking and jogging __ Contact Flavio Dellepiane, fladello @ tin.it

Digital Step-Km Counter-Max. Range: 9,950 meters -  This circuit measures the distance covered during a walk.  Hardware is located in a small box slipped in pants' pocket and the display is conceived in the following manner: the leftmost display D2 (the most significant digit) shows 0 to 9 Km.  and its dot is always on to separate Km.  from hm.  The rightmost display D1 (the least significant digit) shows hundreds meters and its dot illuminates after every 50 meters of walking.__ Learning Electronics

Distance Counter -  Presented here is a simple pedometer circuit.  it measures the distance covered by you while walking.  it may not work very well for running!  Circuit and working Fig.1 shows circuit diagram of...__ Electronics Projects for You

Electronic Distance Meter -  Simple device for measuring distance while riding bicycle.  The 16-pin Nitron chip interfaces 16x1 line LCD!  __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

IR distance ranger covers 1 to 20 cm -  04/11/02 EDN Design Ideas:  Commercially available IR distance rangers typically handle a 3- to 30-in.  detection distance.  Many times, it is necessary to determine smaller distances.  The circuit in Figure 1 is useful for measuring small distances to reflective surfaces.  its measurement range is from less than 1 cm to approximately 20 cm for a flat, white surface Design by Paul Florian, McKinney, TX

Linearize Optical Distance Sensors with a Voltage-To-Frequency Converter -  04/19/12  EDN Design Ideas:  Create the mathematical inverse of an analog voltage by converting it to frequency and measuring the period.   A popular series of inexpensive distance sensors integrates an infrared emitting diode, a linear charge-coupled-device array, and a signal-processing circuit in one unit.  The output is a dc voltage, VS, that depends on the distance, D, in a nonlinear manner (Figure 1). Design by Jordan Dimitrov, Toronto, ON, Canada

Micro-Laser range finder -  Laser range finders are a vital component of high precision targeting engagements.  The precise and accurate range-to-target information is an essential variable in the fire control solution of today’s sophisticated weapons.  This range information is readily provided by the laser range finder, however, current fielded laser range finders are bulky, heavy, difficult to mount onto weapons, eye hazards and very expensive.  The US Army CECOM RDEC NVESD is addressing these laser range finder issues in the development of a Micro-Laser Range Finder (mLRF).  The mLRF is being developed for the soldier, with his special needs a top
priority. __ Designed by Samuel M. Goldwasser

Parking aid senses distance to rear of vehicle -  The circuit is drawn with PCB 123 which you can download for free from http://www.pcb123.com    As a keen cyclist I am always looking for ways to be seen at night.  I wanted something that was a novelty and would catch the motorists eye.  So looking around at my fellow cyclists rear lights, I came up with the idea of ‘NiTE-RiDER’.  NiNE extra bright LED’s running from left to right and right to left continuously.  it could be constructed with red LEDs for use on the rear of the bike or white LED’s for an extra eye catcher on the front of the bike. __ Designed by Paul Hill

Pedometer -  Pedometer has a range of 9.950 meters with2-digits.  Slip it in pants pocket for walking and jogging __ Contact Flavio Dellepiane, fladello @ tin.it

Real-time Laser Range Finding Vision System -  The author's articles of months past focus on the application of 32-bit high-powered processors to amateur robotics and more recently applying CPLD technologies to the same.  Continuing on this high-tech trend, this article will cover the concepts and implementation of a Real-time Laser Range Finder based on CPLD Processing of NTSC Video for use in small mobile robotics applications. __ Designed by  Kenneth Maxon

Step Km Counter Max -  Pedometer has a range of 9.950 meters with2-digits.  Slip it in pants pocket for walking and jogging __ Contact Flavio Dellepiane, fladello @ tin.it

Step-Km Counter -  Pedometer has a range of 9.950 meters with2-digits.  Slip it in pants pocket for walking and jogging __ Designed by RED Free Circuit Designs

Track Your Distance Through A Bicycle Odometer -  Just like cars that measures the distance it can travel, you can also do it with your bicycles.  We usually keep track of our mileage to see how far our strength can go but would it be of great use if we track it because we are maintaining a workout everyday considering the calories we__ 

Ultrasonic Distance Measurer -  Linear measurement is a problem that a lot of applications in the industrial and consumer market segment have to contend with.  Ultrasonic technology is one of the solutions used by the industry.  However, an optimized balance between cost and features are a must for almost all target applications__ 

Ultrasonic distance meter using raspberry pi 2 -  Ultrasonic ranging module HC-SR4 provides 2cm to 4cm non-contact distance measurement range.  its accuracy can reach ±3mm__ Arnav Bansal

Ultrasonic Distant Obstacle Detector -  The first sensor a robot usually gets fitted with is an obstacle detector.  it may take three different forms, depending on the type of obstacle you want to detect and also — indeed, above all — on the distance at which you want detection to take place.  For close or very close obstacles, reflective iR__ 

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