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Sensors / Detectors:  Smoke Detectors

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Make a Fire-alarm System for Your House! -  Many buildings and homes need smoke detectors to alarm at the initial stage of a developing fire accident.  To prevent damage, smoke detectors perform… __ Designed by Upasana Dewan

Optical Smoke Detector -  This optical smoke detector uses a low-cost, readily-available, slotted, through-scan, infrared photo-switch.  When smoke is detected, the relay energises to activate the audio/visual warning alarm.  Fig.1 shows the circuit of the...__ Electronics Projects for You

Simple  Smoke Detector -  This simple smoke detector is highly sensitive but inexpensive.  it uses a Darlington-pair amplifier employing two npn transistors and an infrared photo-interrupter module as the sensor.  The circuit gives audio-visual alarm...__ Electronics Projects for You

Smoke Detector -  Smoke Detectors are designed for 3 basic types of system implementations; Standalone, Wireless Connectivity, and Fixed/Wired Connectivity, the first two being battery powered implementations.  Smoke Detectors have 3 main functional blocks; The Sensor and Signal Chain, Processor, and the Communication interface.  Where the processor and communications interface typically are not needed in your very basic standalone detectors__ 

Circuit forms gamma-photon Detector -  04/24/03  EDN Design Ideas:  LED driver delivers constant luminosity - The circuit of Figure 1 includes a PIN photodiode that detects individual photons of gamma radiation.  The reverse bias on the photodiode sometimes creates a depletion region.  When such a ph Design by Bruce Denmark, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

LDR & LED Smoke Detector -  Smoke detectors are generally used in advanced alarm systems.  Most of this professional devices use gas-detectors, ionization rooms or radioactive elements as sensors.  in this circuit we are not using any of this complicated components.  instead of these, we are using two LDRs and one LED.  LM1801 special-purpose IC , which is designed especially for smoke detectors, provides us building this circuit by using the minimum number of components.  it includes one internal zener supply, two reference voltage outputs, one voltage comperator, fixing diodes and one 500mA output transistor.  __ 

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