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Switch Circuits
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Last Updated: October 09, 2017 03:39 PM

Capacitance Proximity Switch
Draws very low power - Ideal for battery-powered applications
6 Models Available - Call 806-368-7747

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Clap Activated Remote -  in infra-red or wireless remote control has the disadvantage that the small, handy, remote transmitter is often misplaced.  The sound operated switch has the advantage that the transmitter is always with you.  This project offers a way to control up to four latching switches with two claps of your hand.  These switches may be used to control lights or fans ? or anything else that does not produce too loud a sound.__ 

Clap On / Off Switch -  Clap On / Off Switch Diagram This is the circuit diagram of Clap On / Off Switch.  The circuit allows you to operate your lighting or any circuit device which use 24V / 3A maximum supply, simply by clapping your hands. it has a relay output that can be used to turn external devices on/off.  This__ 

Clap Remote -  An infra-red or wireless remote control has the disadvantage that the small, handy, remote (transmitter) is often misplaced.  The sound operated switch has the advantage that the transmitter is always with__ Electronics Projects for You

Clap Sound Light Switch -  This box is a 40Khz ultra-sound detector, with a latch and an output relay, when you clap your hands, the relay turn the light on, when you clap again the light goes off.  The 3 holes was LEDs, showing ON or OFF state, and ultra-sound level, The 3 LED is floting arround inside the box, I did not glue them enough :-) A potentiometer is used to adjust the sensitivity. __ Designed by Thomas Scherrer OZ2CPU

Clap Switch -  Here’s a clap switch free from false triggering.  To turn on/off any appliance, you just have to clap twice.  The circuit changes its output state only when you clap twice within__ Electronics Projects for You

Clap Switch -  A clap switch circuit is a classic beginner’s project.  Equipment can be switched on and off by just clapping your hands.  Add a tiny microcontroller and you can easily build-in some more useful features.  The microcontroller in this circuit makes it a simple job to add some useful features that are not seen on other clap switch __ Designed by Popescu Marian

Clap Switch Circuit -  This is a simple clap switch circuit with high sensitivity.  The only unusual component is the single coil latching relay.  While there are numerous means of generating the latching function, the latching relay greatly simplifies the circuit and provides a relay contact interface for driving a 115 or 230VAC load such as a light bulb.__ 

Clap Switch Diagram -  Here’s a clap switch free from false triggering.  To turn on/off any appliance, you just have to clap twice.  The circuit changes its output state only when you clap twice within the set time period.  Here, you’ve to clap within 3 seconds.  The clap sound sensed by condenser microphone is amplified by transistor T1.  The__ 

Clap-Based Digital Volume Control -  This clap-based digital volume control offers four levels of volume control.  With each clap, the volume of the audio system increases.  After the fourth clap, the level of volume returns to__ Electronics Projects for You

Clap-Operated Electronic Switch -  Here’s a simple clap-operated electronic switch.  Using this switch, you can turn on any appliance by clapping five times and turn it off by a single clap.  The switch activates the__ Electronics Projects for You

Clean Switcher Powers 16 Bit A/D Converters -  07/07/94 EDN Design Ideas:  The low-noise switcher in Fig 1 works much like a TV's horizontal-deflection circuit to provide clean power for a 16-bit A/D converter.  in operation, Q3 is a logic-level gate-drive MOSFET driven by the same 100-kHz square wave that clocks the A/D converter.  When Q3 turns off, the primary of T1 resonates with C3 and flies back to 25V.  Energy __ Circuit Design by Patrick Kevin Garner, Advanced Technology Systems, McLean, VA 07/04/94

Clock Alarm Controlled Light Switch -  Here is an ultra simple automatic light switch circuit for bedrooms.  After construction, connect the input terminals of this circuit in parallel to the internal buzzer terminals of a Quartz-Alarm Clock.  When the clock alarm is activated at a time set by the user, electromagnetic relay in the circuit is energised for a short __ Designed by T.K. Hareendran

Clock Fail Switches to Alternate Clock -  10/24/96 EDN Design Ideas:  A common design need is to detect the presence or absence of a clock signal.  in the absence of a clock, it may be necessary to switch to an alternate clock or to at least notify the system that a failure has occurred.  The circuit in Figure 1 uses a silicon delay line to anticipate when the next clock cycle is due __ Circuit Design by Rick Downs, Dallas Semiconductor, Dallas, TX

Clock Switching Banishes Glitches -  12/19/96 EDN Design Ideas:  Many of today's digital systems require multiple clock domains as well as the ability to switch between them on the fly without producing glitches.  Listing 1 consists of synthesizable VHDL code for such a circuit.  in the circuit, two lines choose from among four input clocks to produce an output clock.  The internal logic consists of a 2-to-4 line decoder, four identical clock-enabler logic blocks, and a 4-to-1 line multiplexer.  You can easily customize the circuit for your application once you understand the basic concept.    __ Circuit Design by Alex Sumarsono, Bay Networks Inc, San Jose, CA

CMOS Switches vs. PIN Diode & GaAs Switches  -  App Note  Doc #959__ California Eastern Laboratories

CMOS Toggle Filp-Flop using laser pointer -  The circuit below is similar to the one above but can be used with a laser pointer to toggle the relay rather than a push button.  The IR photo transistor Q1 (Radio Shack 276-145A) or similar is connected to the set input (pin 6).  The photo transistor should be shielded from direct light so that the voltage at the set input (pin 6) is less than 1 volt under ambient conditions and moves to more than 10 volts when illuminated by the laser pointer or other light source.   __ Designed by Ashish Parab

Cold Activated Switch -  The thermistor used has a resistance of 15k at 25 degrees and 45k at 0 degrees celsius.  A suitable bead type thermistor is found in the Maplin catalogue.  The 100k pot allows this circuit to trigger over a wide range of temperatures.  A slight amount of hysteresis is provided by inclusion of the 270k resistor.  This prevents relay chatter when temperature is near the switching threshold of this circuit __ Designed by Andy Collison

Computer Off Switch -  How often does it happen that you close down Windows and then forget to turn off the computer? This circuit does that automatically.  After Windows is shut down there is a ‘click’ a second later and the PC is disconnected from the mains.  Surprisingly enough, this switch fits in some older computer cases.  if the__ 

Connect a 4×3 matrix keyboard to a microcontroller using two I/O pins -  05/08/13  EDN Design Ideas:  To connect a 4×3 keyboard requires seven digital i/O pins.  This becomes a problem when the project is based on a low-pin-count MCU or when the MCU being used does not have enough free i/O pins.   __ Circuit Design by Aruna Rubasinghe

Connect Two Buttons with Just Two Wires -  17-Sep-09 EDN Design Ideas:  Use diodes to steer current in the right direction __ Circuit Design by Fikret Yilmaz, Mobil Elektronik, Istanbul, Turkey

Connecting AT90S2313 with LCD display 2x16 char & 4x4 keypad -  Connect some 2x16 characters LCD display and 4x4 keypad with AVR microcontroller __ Designed by © Vassilis Serasidis

Contact-debouncing algorithm emulates Schmitt trigger -  7-Jul-05 EDN Design Ideas:  Another approach to solving the ubiquitous contact debounce problem __ Circuit Design by Elio Mazzocca, Technical Consultant, Adelaide, South Australia

Continuity Tester Fits Into Shirt Pocket -  10-Jan-08 EDN Design Ideas:  A pocket-sized continuity tester responds quickly to shorts or opens and is protected against connection to a live circuit __ Circuit Design by Tom Wason, Phoenixville, PA

Controller easily evaluates 2-bit gray code -  06/19/97 EDN Design Ideas:  Paired with a simple controller, 2-bit quadrature, gray-encoded rotary switches can easily provide continuous indexing functions for incrementing/decrementing and other applications.  For example, the eight-pin 12C508 controller (Microchip Technology, Chandler, AZ) can evaluate the encoder's outputs approximately every 120 µsec using the controller's internal 4-MHz clock (Figure 1a).  Even in small quantities, the 12C508 costs $1.50 and thus provide as an inexpensive and small design for this application.    __ Circuit Design by William Grill, NavRadio Corp, Littleton, CO

Controlling a Light with Two Switches -  a light or lights can be controlled by more than1-switch__ 

Convert Thermostat to 12v Timer Switch -  Find out how to modify a battery powered thermostat to be used as a 12 Volt DC timer switch.   __ Designed by REUK-Renewable Energy UK website

CPLD automatically powers itself off -  04/13/06  EDN Design Ideas:  Add a few discrete components to a CPLD to implement a battery-powered system's power-down circuit __ Circuit Design by Rafael Camarota, Altera Corp, San Jose, CA

CPLD autonomously powers battery-powered system -  12-Apr-07 EDN Design Ideas:  CPLD controls power-on and off of intermittent-battery-powered system __ Circuit Design by Rafael Camarota, Altera Corp, San Jose, CA

Cupboard Lights Switch -  This Cupboard lights circuit is an automatic White LED lamp used to illuminate the interior of cupboard to search things.  The lamp automatically turns on when the door of the cupboard opens and stays on for three minutes then turns off.  The circuit uses the popular timer IC NE 555 for the time delay.  Components R1 and C2 gives __ Designed by D Mohankumar

Current Limiting Bench Power Supply -  Power Supply Circuits:  This is a 1-amp variable-voltage PSU.  it adjusts from about 3v to 24v: and has the added feature that you can limit the maximum output current.  This is invaluable when (for example) you power-up a project for the first time or soak-test a piece of equipment.  __ Designed by Ron J.

Current-limit switch is digitally programmable -  08/17/00  EDN Design Ideas:  Current-limit switches are virtually ubiquitous in system controls.  They provide a safe means for regulating the current delivered to a load circuit.  The switches allow the load current to increase to a programmed limit but no higher.  Typically, the current limit is a function of the voltage across an external resistor, produced by the current from a fixed source internal to the switch IC .  This __ Circuit Design by Budge Ing, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

Current-Limit Switch Is Digitally Programmable -  App Note/ 298 / Dec-04__ Maxim Integrated

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