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Tester or Measurement (Instrument) Circuits

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Capacitance Proximity Switch
Draws very low power - Ideal for battery-powered applications
6 Models Available - Call 806-368-7747

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Infrared Motion Detector -  Pyroelectric infrared sensor and associated circuits detect infrared radiation from human or animal body.  General purpose motion detector with normally open relay output.16 pages.  __ Golab.com

Infrared Motion-Sensing Relay Switch -  This circuit is designed for use with all kinds of medium-power automobile/domestic 12V DC loads.  it is a simple solid-state relay (SSR) switch, controlled by a standard passive infrared (PiR) motion...__ Electronics Projects for You

Infrared Proximity Detector -  This proximity detector using an infrared detector (Fig.1) can be used in various equipment like automatic door openers and burglar alarms.  The circuit primarily consists of an infrared transmitter and...__ Electronics Projects for You

Infra-Red Proximity Detector -  The detector is intended for the recognition of obstructions at distances of a few millimeters to a few centimeters.  Similar detectors are used in the industry and health services, for instance, to open a water tap via a magnetic valve.  The sensor, IC 2, is a Type SFH900 optoisolator from Siemens or similar.  A phase-locked loop__ 

Infrared Remote Control Tester -  A simple IR receiver to facilitate in testing of infra Red Remote Control handsets.   __ Designed by Andy Collison

Injection-Lock a Wien-Bridge Oscillator -  10/31/12  EDN Design Ideas:  A low-distortion Meacham-bulb-stabilized Wien-bridge oscillator is used to acquire the FFT of a pure sinusoid of about 5 kHz.  I recently had the opportunity to investigate a new micropower 6-MHz LTC6255 op amp driving a 12-bit, 250k sample/sec LTC2361 ADC.  I wanted to acquire the FFT of a pure sinusoid of about 5 kHz.  The problem is that getting the FFT of a pure sinusoid requires, well, a pure sinusoid.  Most programmable signal generators, however, have fairly poor noise and distortion performance, not to mention digital “hash” floors, compared with dedicated op amps and good ADCs.  You can’t measure 90-dB distortion and noise using sources that are “60 dB-ish.  ”  __ Circuit Design by Glen Brisebois, Applications Engineer, Signal Conditioning group at Linear Technology

Injector Pulse Width Monitor -  Here is a picture of the faceplate that holds the LED bargraphs for air/fuel and pulse width as well as the pot to control the fuel mixture above 7psI boost.  The switch allows either the primary or secondary injector pulse to be monitored.  The __ Designed by Radio LocMan

Input Attenuator for the Digital Audio Millivoltmeter -  if you'd like to be able to use our Digital Audio Millivoltmeter to measure AC voltages up to 140V RMS, this add-on project is the answer.  it's a simple switched input divider which lets you add 40dB, 20dB or 0dB of attenuation ahead of the meter at the touch of a knob.__ SiliconChip

INSIDER V10 -  in-Circuit debugger, created by E.  E.  Atanasios Melimopoulos.  Updated Ver 1r1 __ Designed by Jose Pino

In-Situ Battery Test Probe -  This item describes a simple probe that allows in-situ AA and AAA battery voltage and current drain measurements without removing the cells from the holder.  in use, the probe is simply pushed between the positive end of one cell and either the negative end of the adjacent cell or the battery holder terminal.  The probe […]__ 

Instrumentation Amplifier extends DSO -  01/05/06 EDN Design Ideas:  Elusive current waveforms required scope documentation.  To determine the specifications of a solar-generating plant, I needed to accurately measure the load current a product consumed.  The product switched several internal devices on and off during an interval of several seconds.  An ammeter showed that the current transitions occurred too quickly for visual logging, and my managers had requested an oscilloscope photo of the current waveform's peaks __ Circuit Design by Boberrin, Sacramento, CA

Instrumentation Applications for High Accuracy Temperature Monitor Products -  Thermal management is a critical part of system design.  FPGAs and processors often require heat sinks and fans, to the extent that a failure (stopped fan or obstructed heat sink) would cause damage.  These devices often have a pin connected to an on-die diode temperature sensor.  it is also useful to know the temperature of other __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Leo Chen Aug 24th 2011

Instrumentation Circuitry Using RMS-to-DC Converters -  Linear Technology AN106 __ Designed by Jim Williams - Feb 21st, 2007

Integrating Watt-Hour Meter -  The LT2940 measures a high side current and a differential voltage, multiplies them and outputs a current proportional to instantaneous power.  Bidirectional high side currents and bipolar voltage differences are correctly handled by the four-quadrant multiplier and push-pull output stage, which allows the LT2940 to indicate__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Apr 26th 2010

Integration of Analog DC/DC Controller with Digital Power Management -  Modern electronics systems require high performance point of load power supplies with advanced and intelligent power management.  Linear Technology’s LTC®3880 combines a best in class analog switching regulator controller with precise mixed signal data conversion for unsurpassed ease of power system design and management.  __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Yi Sun Mar 21, 2011

Integrator enables Simple Circuit ohmmeter with gigohm range -  24-May-07 EDN Design Ideas:  With the aid of an external counter and control circuitry, this system can measure resistances in the tens of gigohms __ Circuit Design by Stefano Salvatori and Gennaro Conte, Università degli Studi di Roma Tre, Rome, Italy

Integrator forms picoammeter -  07/17/97 EDN Design Ideas:  The analog circuitry necessary to precisely resolve picoamperes can challenge even the best designer.  At these minute current levels, noisy and nonreproducible circuit topologies are common.  A current-to-voltage (i/V) converter that uses an op amp and large feedback resistor is the obvious first design choice to acquire a small current.  However, the component errors that this method induces can swamp the measurable current (and can amount to throwing out the baby with the bath water).   __ Circuit Design by Clayton B Grantham, Burr-Brown Corp, Tucson, AZ

Internal Temperature Sensor -  The LTC2997 is a high-accuracy analog output temperature sensor. it converts the temperature of an external sensor or its own temperature to an analog voltage output.__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Jul 7th 2011

Introduction to acoustic thermometry -  04/21/11  EDN Technical Article: Use an ultrasonic transducer to measure air temperature in an olive jar.   __ Circuit Design by Jim Williams, EDN's most revered contributor, passed away in June 2011 after a stroke.  He was 63.

Introduction to Acoustic Thermometry -  Linear Technology AN131 __ Designed by Jim Williams - Apr 26th, 2011

Introduction to Time, Frequency & Modal Domains 5988-6765EN -  Application Note__ Aligent

Intrusion Detector-Video -  This device uses a PIC 16F819 and an LM339 to detect motion on a video signal.  The incoming video is 'clamped' using one section of the LM339, the sync tips are detected with another section, and a 3rd section can detect VBI or other data.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat-Mesa Arizona

Invisible broken wire Detector -  Portable loads such as video cameras, halogen flood lights, electrical irons, hand drillers, grinders, and cutters are powered by connecting long 2- or 3-core cables to the mains plug.  Due to prolonged usage, the power cord wires are subjected to mechanical strain and stress, which c __ Designed by K. Udhaya Kumaran, VU3GTH

Ion Chamber Bias Supply -  After discovering that one of my bias batteries was jumping around a few volts, wreaking havoc with the readings, I decided to build a floating, regulated high voltage supply.  The result is a micro-power 110 volt supply that runs on an ordinary 6V __  Contact:  Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

IoT-Enabled AIR Pollution Meter with Digital Dashboard On Smartphone -  Presented here is a project to monitor air quality on your smartphone using Blynk application and Arduino board.  Blynk is an internet of Things (ioT) platform to control Arduino, Raspberry Pi...__ Electronics Projects for You

IR Detector for Robot -  How to build a simple IR detector, schematics and alternate links  __ Designed by DC Reagan

IR Detector/Emitter -  This is a very basic infrared detector/emitter circuit.  One major downside of this circuit, is that ambient infrared light will interfere with its detecting obstacles __ Designed by Andy Wilson

IR Digital Thermostat for FAN -  This circuit measures temperature in Celsius scale and displays it on an alphanumeric LCD screen When temperature rise to 40 C an alarm is activated and at the same time a relay is also activated which drives a fan to keep the temperature at a level __ Contact IQ Technologies

IR distance ranger covers 1 to 20 cm -  04/11/02 EDN Design Ideas:  Commercially available IR distance rangers typically handle a 3- to 30-in.  detection distance.  Many times, it is necessary to determine smaller distances.  The circuit in Figure 1 is useful for measuring small distances to reflective surfaces.  its measurement range is from less than 1 cm to approximately 20 cm for a flat, white surface __ Circuit Design by Paul Florian, McKinney, TX

IR On-Off -  Turn on or off electrical devices with any remote controller (tv, vcr, dvd, ...)  __ Designed by © Ivica Novakovic

IR Proximity Sensor -  it is the same principle in ALL infra-Red proximity sensors.  The basic idea is to send infra red light through iR-LEDs, which is then reflected by any object in front of the sensor.  Then all you have to do is to pick-up the reflected IR light.  For detecting the reflected IR light, we are going to use a very original technique: we are going to use another iR-LED, to detect the IR light that was emitted from another LED of the exact same type! This is an electrical property of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) which is the fact that a LED Produce a voltage difference across its leads when it is subjected to light.  As if it was a photo-cell, but with much lower output current.  __ 

IR Receiver Module Tester -  Here is a tester for on-board testing of IR receiver modules used for remote control of TV sets and VCD players.  The circuit is very simple and can also function as...__ Electronics Projects for You

IR Remote Control Checker -  Check your remote controls with this simple project.  it will quickly tell you if the remote is dead or if one or more buttons has stopped working.__ SiliconChip

IR Remote Control Tester -  Gadget Freak Case 147:Couch potatoes should be particularly interested in Bill Bowden's remote control IR receiver, which allows users to control the power of virtually any electrical appliance (including those not equipped for remote) using their standard remote control.  it's based on an IR receiver circuit,  __ Designed by Bill Bowden

IR Remote Control Tester -  A simple IR receiver to facilitate in testing of infra Red Remote Control handsets.   __ Designed by Andy Collison

IR Remote Volume Controller -  imagine the convenience of selecting TV channels using your remote and then pointing the same remote to your switchboard to switch on/off the fan or the tube light.  Here is a simple circuit to remotely switch on/off any electrical device through a relay using the normal TV/ VCR/VCP/VCD remote control unit.  it works up to a distance of about 10 metres. __ Contact IQ Technologies

IR Remote-Control Checker -  Suitable for any infra-red emitting device; 3V battery supply __ Contact Flavio Dellepiane, fladello @ tin.it

IRDCiP1202-A 300kHz Dual 15A 5.5VIN to 13.2VIN Dual Output Synchronous Buck Converter using iP1202 -  This board allows engineers to easily evaluate the iP1202 in an independent and parallel configuration that is capable of providing up to 15A per phase with double-sided heat sinking.  __ 

IRDCiP2001-A 500kHz 40A 2-phase Synchronous Buck Converter using iP2001 -  This board enables engineers to easily evaluate the iP2001 in a 2-phase configuration that is capable of providing up to 40A in a lab environment without airflow.  __ 

ISFET-sensor bias -  10-Jun-04 EDN Design Ideas:  iSFETs (ion-sensitive field-effect transistors] are useful for measuring the acidity of fluids.  Accurate measurements require that the iSFET's bias conditions (iD and VDS] be held constant while the gate is exposed to the fluid under __ Circuit Design by Brian Harrington, Analog Devices, Wilmington, MA

Isolate & measure current -  09/23/10 EDN Design Ideas:  isolation lets you measure current with an oscilloscope or other grounded probe.   __ Circuit Design by Anton Mayer, Murr, Germany

Isolated 4-20mA Current Loop -  This circuit is a computer-controlled 4 – 20mA current loop.  it is designed to operate on a single supply over a range of 3.3 V to 30V.  The circuit’s zero output reference signal, 4mA, is set by R1 and calibrated using R2, and its full-scale output current is set by R3 and calibrated using R4.  The zero and full-scale output __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Mar 16th 2011

Isolated 4-Channel, Thermocouple/RTD Temperature Measurement System with 0.5°C Accuracy  -  Turn on the 6 V power supply to power up the evaluation board and SDP board, then plug in the Mini-USB cable into the Mini-USB port on the SDP board.  , Test Launch the evaluation software.  in order for another controller to be used with the EVAL-CN0287-SDPZ evaluation board, software must be developed by a third party.  , CiRCUiT EVALUATiON AND TEST __ Analog Devices from the Lab

Isolated AC Current Monitor -  This circuit uses a small AC current transformer from Magnetek to produce an isolated voltage proportional to the AC current in the primary winding.  The transformer contains a single turn primary with a low 0.001-ohm resistance.  it can easily handle 30. . . Circuit by Dave Johnson P.E.-July, 2006

Isolated clock source acts as test generator -  19-Mar-09 EDN Design Ideas:  A cost-effective approach to implementing an isolated clock source uses a high-speed optocoupler with low input-to-output capacitance __ Circuit Design by Daniele Danieli, Eurocom-Pro, Venice, Italy

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