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Tester or Measurement (Instrument) Circuits

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Capacitance Proximity Switch
Draws very low power - Ideal for battery-powered applications
6 Models Available - Call 806-368-7747

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

AN104 - Load Transient Response Testing for Voltage Regulators -  Linear Technology AN104 __ Designed by Jim Williams - Oct 1st, 2006

AN106 - Instrumentation Circuitry Using RMS-to-DC Converters -  Linear Technology AN106 __ Designed by Jim Williams - Feb 21st, 2007

AN113 - Power Conversion, Measurement and Pulse Circuits -  Linear Technology AN113 __ Designed by Jim Williams - Aug 7th, 2007

AN128 - 2 Nanosecond, .1% Resolution Settling Time Measurement for Wideband Amplifiers -  Linear Technology AN128 __ Designed by Jim Williams - Aug 16th, 2010

AN131 - An Introduction to Acoustic Thermometry -  Linear Technology AN131 __ Designed by Jim Williams - Apr 26th, 2011

AN22 - A Monolithic IC for 100MHz RMS-DC Conversion -  Linear Technology AN22 __ Designed by Jim Williams - Sep 1st, 1987

AN28 - Thermocouple Measurement -  Linear Technology AN28 __ Designed by Jim Williams - Feb 1st, 1988

AN290 Practical Temperature Measurement -  Application Note__ Aligent

AN-60-013  Gali Test Fixture Instructions -  AN-60-013 Application Note__ MiniCircuits.com

AN-60-015  Gali-TBF Test Fixture Instructions -  AN-60-015 Application Note__ MiniCircuits.com

AN-60-018  MAR/RAM Test Fixture Instructions -  App Note  AN-60-018__ MiniCircuits.com

AN-60-019  ERA-SM Test Board: Instructions for Use -  App Note  AN-60-019__ MiniCircuits.com

AN-60-021  LEE Test Fixture Instructions -  App Note  AN-60-021__ MiniCircuits.com

AN-60-028  ESD Sensitivity Testing of Mini-Circuits ERA-4XSM -  AN-60-028 Application Note__ MiniCircuits.com

AN-60-029  ESD Sensitivity Testing of Mini-Circuits ERA-5XSM -  AN-60-029 Application Note__ MiniCircuits.com

AN61 - Practical Circuitry for Measurement and Control Problems -  Linear Technology AN61 __ Designed by Jim Williams - Aug 1st, 1994

AN75 - Circuitry for Signal Conditioning and Power Conversion -  Linear Technology AN75 __ Designed by Jim Williams - Mar 1st, 1999

AN89 - A Thermoelectric Cooler Temperature Controller for Fiber Optic Lasers: Climatic Pampering for Temperamental Lasers -  Linear Technology AN89 __ Designed by Jim Williams - Apr 1st, 2001

AN94 - Slew Rate Verification for Wideband Amplifiers: The Taming of the Slew -  Linear Technology AN94 __ Designed by Jim Williams - May 1st, 2003

AN98 - Signal Sources, Conditioners and Power Circuitry Circuits of the Fall, 2004 -  Linear Technology AN98 __ Designed by Jim Williams - Nov 19th, 2004

Analog inputs for ATtiny26 -  Study the Analog to Digital capabilities of Atmel ATtiny26.  This check circuit uses only 3 inputs.  Of course you can may changes to use more inputs  __ Designed by Vassilis Stergiopoulos

Analog is Accurate Battery Fuel Gauge -  Circuit acts as a fuel monitor for a rechargable battery, typically NIC d or NiMH
chemistries.  Analog type needle output meter appears like an automobile gas gauge.   __ Designed by Jim Haggerman, Hagerman Technology LLC

Analog LED Bar VU Meter -  The circuit was designed to work with an audio power amplifier which operated off +18v-0v-18v power rails.  The actual voltage used is not too critical except that the feedback is referred to the LED chain which itself is anchored to a +12v rail, hence the separate stabilizer __ Designed by Richard Torrens

Analog Milliamp Meter Used as Voltmeter -  A milliamp meter can be used as a volt meter by adding a series resistance.  The resistance needed is the full scale voltage reading divided by the full scale current of the meter movement.  So, if you have a 1 milliamp meter and you want to read 0-10 volts you will need a total resistance of 10/.001 = 10K ohms.  The meter movement itself will have a small resistance __ Designed by Bill Bowden

Analog multiplexers help test ISA bus IRQs & DRQs -  EDN Design Ideas:  12/07/1995    There are 11 interrupt-request (iRQ) lines and seven DMA-request (DMQ) lines available on an iSA connector.  These lines are iRQ3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, and 15 and DRQ0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7.  For diagnostic purposes, you should equip each line with its own control circuit to set each output low, high, or in tristate mode to avoid conflicts with installed add-on boards. __ Circuit Design by Jerzy R Chrzaszcz, Institute of Computer Science, Warsaw University of Technology Warsaw, Poland

Analog Switch Cuts Peak-Detector Reset Time -  05/25/95 EDN Design Ideas:  The schematic in Fig 1  is a basic configuration for a unity-gain peak detector using the PKD-01FP monolithic peak detector from Analog Devices.  The reset time, tRES, is the time necessary to discharge the hold capacitor CH.  tRES  and the acquisition time tACQ are functions of the IC 's output-current capability.  With CH10 nF, this output-current limitation sets both tRES and tACQ to about 220 �sec __ Circuit Design by Gualtiero Bolognesi, Landis & Gyr, Peschiera Borronmeo, Italy

Analog Voltage Controls Digital Potentiometer -  03/20/08  EDN Design Ideas:  A microcontroller with an internal ADC controls a digital potentiometer via an i2C interface __ Circuit Design by Hrishikesh Shinde, Maxim Integrated Products, Dallas, TX

Analog-Input serves any microcontroller -  20-Dec-01 EDN Design Ideas:  The simple ADC in Figure 1 is perfect for getting analog signals into a purely digital microcontroller.  Using just five surface-mount parts, you can assemble it for less than 50 cents (1000], which is approximately half the cost of a single-chip-ADC approach in the same volume.  Moreover, this design takes only one pin from the microcontroller to operate __ Circuit Design by Steven Hageman, Agilent Technologies, Santa Rosa, CA

Analogue & Digital IC Testers -  This unusual design works on the assumption that most IC failures are caused by the PN junctions at their inputs and outputs.  in testing these, it does not need any circuitry or test configurability to determine the correct operation of the IC 's functions, instead simply providing indication on LEDs of the PN junction characteristics of each pin.  For digital ICs  the failure of an LED to light for a pin will usually indicate a failed PN junction there.  Linear ICs  may give more complex readings when in good condition, so a known good IC of the same model and manufacturer must first be inserted, and its reading compared to the suspect IC manually to observe any differences. __ Designed by Kevin Koster

Analogue Capacitance Meter -  The principle of operation of this meter is based on pulse-width modulation.  Larger the capacitance, higher is the pulse-width and vice-versa.  The meter given here has one oscillator and two one-shot...__ Electronics Projects for You

Analogue Wattmeter -  Unlike current or voltage measurement, the measurement of power is somewhat inconvenient as power is the product of voltage (V) and current (i) flowing through a dissipative circuit.  in a linear-moving coil...__ Electronics Projects for You

Analyze LED characteristics with PSpice -  01/18/01 EDN Design Ideas:  Recent advances in LED technology have lead to LEDs' wideaspread use in outdoor-signal applications, such as in traffic and railroad signals.  A typical LED signal consists of an LED array and a power supply.  When a low-voltage power supply is eir desirable or mandatory, series/parallel combinations of LEDs become inevitable __ Circuit Design by Sam Mollet, GE Harris Harmon Railway Technology, Grain Valley, MO

Analyzer tests reverse-recovery behavior of diodes -  07/19/07 EDN Design Ideas:  Testing the reverse-recovery time of diodes yourself proves advantageous because you cannot easily compare data sheets from different manufacturers __ Circuit Design by Louis Vlemincq, Belgacom, Evere, Belgium

Anemometer -  A totally Electronic circuit to measure Air Flow, Zero to 250 feet per Minute  Thats only 2.84 MPH, But MAYBE it can be Modified for other Rates of Air Flow.   __ Designed by G.L. Chemelec

Anemometer Fights Dust -  08/30/01 EDN Design Ideas:  As higher levels of power dissipation underscore the need for cooling, andfans are finding their way into small electronic enclosures.  The dust that fans pull into these enclosures can, however, cause major problems for high-reliability systems.  By coating heat sinks and electrically charged components, the dust acts as a blanket that raises the effective thermal impedance betw __ Circuit Design by Jim Christensen, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

Animated Weather LED Display -  21-Mar-14 -Design News:   This project displays the weather in the form of an animation on an LED matrix (32x32 resolution or 1024 LEDs).  The Raspberry PI is periodically pulling weather conditions from the internet and then sending a corresponding animated gif weather animation to the iOiO board and LED display.  iOiO is an __  Gadget Freak-Case #252

Another One-Transistor Cloud Charge Monitor -  Note: the above charge monitors are really just toys.  Although fun and interesting, their arbitrary zero limits them to monitoring changing fields and makes them inferior to a mechanical field mill.   __  Contact:  Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

Anticipator Improves On Earlier Idea -  EDN Design Ideas:  05/24/2012   A self-biasing thermistor circuit had an overall dominant thermal/electrical time constant as small as 25 msec but had a significantly rounded response following a square (thermal) input pulse of 100 msec; the source was a pulsed blue LED.  A single-op-amp-based ďanticipator-likeĒ circuit generated a more faithful picture of the actual input excitation, and improved on the circuit described in a previous Design ideas (Reference 1).  The lowpass filter in Figure 1, with an RC time constant of approximately 25 msec, models the circuit. __ Circuit Design by Nicholas Lockerbie, Scottish Universities Physics Alliance, Glasgow, Scotland

Anticipator Speeds Signal Settling to a Final Value -  03/17/11  EDN Design Ideas:  Use a differentiator circuit to predict the final value of an exponential signal.  The circuit in this Design idea anticipates, or jumps instantly to, the final voltage of an input-signal change.  it relies on the fact that the intended input signal changes exponentially with a known time constant.  This circuit was adapted from a 1970s-era instant-reading electronic thermometer, which displayed a patientís body temperature within seconds after a thermometer probe was placed under the patientís tongue.  it exploits the fact that the temperature probeís exponential thermal response-time characteristic is known.   __ Circuit Design by Tim Regan, Linear Technology App Note, San Jose, CA

Antilog Converter Linearizes Carbon Dioxide Sensor -  EDN Design Ideas:  10/13/2014    Simplify gas sensor interface with some analog preprocessing - While most carbon dioxide sensors use IR technology, electrochemical sensors are a serious competitor because of their high sensitivity, wide measurement range, and low price.  As a rule, electrochemical sensors connect to a microcontroller through a buffer amplifier with an extremely low bias current (<1pA).  The micro is needed to linearize the logarithmic response of the sensor. __ Circuit Design by Design by Jordan Dimitrov

Anti-Sleep Alarm -  Most of the accidents on highways during night occur due to driversí poor vision caused by the continuous exposure of their eyes to the bright light from the headlamps of approaching...__ Electronics Projects for You

Antisleep Alarm for Students -  This circuit saves both time and electricity for students.  it helps to prevent them from dozing off while studying, by sounding a beep at a fixed time interval, say, 30 minutes....__ Electronics Projects for You

Aquarium Proble -  A number of environmental factors including light and temperature affect fish culture.  The temperature of water has profound effect because fish cannot breed above or below the critical temperature limits.  Temperature...__ Electronics Projects for You

Arduino hygrometer with grafic interface -  This device is digital wifI hygrometer.  it's a miniature arduino web server.   By mapping ports of your router, you can connect to it from anywhere on the world.  This hygrometer uses arduino skech and trendy vector graphics format SVG. __ Designed by © Pavel Janko

Arduino-Based Tilt Detector -  An accelerometer, which is an electromechanical device, can be used for various applications like tilt detection, obstacle detection, motion inputs, earthquake sensing, etc.  Tilt detection is a simple application of an...__ Electronics Projects for You

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