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IRC, Newsgroup, IM or Email Abbreviations

AAMOF   =   As A Matter Of Fact JMHO   =   Just My Humble Opinion

ADN   =   Any Day Now KWIM?   =   Know What I Mean?
AFAIC   =   As Far As I'm Concerned L8R   =   Later
AFAICT   =   As Far As I Can Tell LOL   =   Laughing Out Loud
AFAIK   =   As Far As I Know MEGO   =   My Eyes Glaze Over
AFAIR   =   As Far As I Remember MOMPL   =   a MOMent, PLease
AFK   =   Away From the Keyboard MORF?   =   Male OR Female?
AKA   =   Also Known As MOSS   =   Member Of the Same Sex
AIIC   =   As If I Care MOTD   =   Message Of The Day
AISI   =   As I See It MOTOS   =   Member Of The Opposite Sex
AIUIT   =   As I Understand It MUD   =   Multi-User Dungeon/Dragon
AOLer   =   America On Line (memb)er MUG   =   Multi-User Game(s)
ASAP   =   As Soon As Possible   MYOB   =   Mind Your Own Business
BAK   =   Back At Keyboard   NBD   =   No Big Deal!
BBFN   =   Bye Bye For Now   NFW   =   No F**ing Way!
BBL   =   Be Back Later   NHOH   =   Never Heard Of Him/Her
BCNU   =   Be Seein' You   NIFOC   =   Nude In Front Of Computer
BD!   =   Big Deal!   NRN   =   No Reply Necessary
BFD!   =   Big F**king Deal!   NTL   =   nevertheless
BFN   =   Bye For Now OBTW   =   Oh, By The Wayos
B4   =   Before OHDH   =   Old Habits Die Hard
B4N   =   Bye For Now OIC   =   Oh, I See
BION   =   Believe It Or Not

OMG!   =   Oh, My God!
BOC   =   But Of Course ONNA   =   Oh No! Not Again
BRB   =   Be Right Back OO   =   Over and Out
BST   =   But Seriously Though OTOH   =   On The Other Hand
BTSOOM   =   Beats the Stuffing Shit Out Of Me OTT   =   Over The Top
BTW   =   By The Way OTW   =   On The Whole
cld   =   could PBT   =   Pay Back Time
CMIIW   =   Correct Me If I'm Wrong PD   =   Public Domain
CU   =   See you PDQ   =   Pretty Darn Quick
CUL   =   See You Later PITA   =   Pain In The Arse
CUL8R   =   See you later PLZ   =   Please
CYA   =   See ya PMFBI   =   Pardon Me For Butting In
DIKU?   =   Do I Know You? POD   =   Piece Of Datae
DND   =   Do Not Disturb POV   =   Point Of View
Doc   =   Document prhps   =   perhaps
DUCWIM?   =   Do You See What I Mean? PTMM   =   Please Tell Me More
DWISNWID   =   Do What I Say Not What I Do PU!   =   Pooh! That Stinks!
DYJHIW   =   Don't You Just Hate It When RFD   =   Request For Discussion
EOD   =   End Of Discussion RL   =   Real Life
EOF   =   End Of File ROTFL   =   Rolling On The Floor Laughing
EOM   =   End of Message ROTFLBTC   =   Rolling On The Floor Laughing Biting The Carpet
ESAD!   =   Eat Shit And Die! RSN   =   Real Soon Now
FB   =   Furrowed Brow RTFAQ!   =   Read The Frequently Asked Questions!
FITB   =   Fill In The Blanks RTFM!   =   Read The Fucking Manual!
4me   =   for me RTM!   =   Read The Manual!
FOAD!   =   Fuck Off And Die! RTS!   =   Read The Screen!
FOAF   =   Friend Of A Friend RUOK?   =   Are You OK?
FOC   =   Free Of Charge RUTHERE   =   Are You There?
foll   =   following SOL   =   Sooner Or Later
FOMCL   =   Falling Off My Chair Laughing SITD   =   Still In The Dark
FRO!   =   F**k Right Off! STW   =   Search The Web
F2F   =   Face to Face SYL   =   See you later
FWIW   =   For What It's Worth TA   =   Thanks Again
FYA   =   For Your Amusement TAFN   =   That's All For Now
FYI   =   For Your Information TANSTAAFL   =   There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
G>   =   Grin THX   =   Thanks
GA   =   Go Ahead TIA   =   Thanks In Advance
GAL   =   Get A Life 2l8   =   too late
GDM8   =   G'day, mate TMTOWTDI   =   There's More Than One Way To Do It
GGN   =   Gotta Go Now TTFN   =   Ta-Ta For Now!
GIGO   =   Garbage In Garbage Out TTYL   =   Talk To You Later
GMTA   =   Great Minds Think Alike TTYRS   =   Talk To You Real Soon
GOK   =   God Only Knows TNX   =   Thanks
GRD   =   Grinning, running and ducking TYA   =   Thank You All
GR8!   =   Great! TVM   =   Thanks Very Much
GTRM   =   Going To Read Mail TYVM   =   Thank You Very Much
HAND   =   Have A Nice Day Txs   =   Thanks
HHOJ   =   Ha Ha! Only Joking U2?   =   You too?
HHOK   =   Ha Ha! Only Kidding VC   =   Virtual Community
HHOS   =   Ha Ha! Only Serious VL   =   Virtual Life
HTH   =   Hope This Helps WGAS?   =   Who Gives A Shit?
IAC   =   In Any Case WGFF?   =   Who Gives A Flying Flood?
IAE   =   In Any Event WIBNI   =   Wouldn't It Be Nice If
IANAL   =   I Am Not A Lawyer WBS   =   Write Back Soon
IC   =   I See WRT   =   With Regard To
IDTS   =   I Don't Think So WTF?   =   What The F**k? :
I41   =   I for one WTGP?   =   Want To Go Private?
IIRC   =   If I Remember Correctly WTH?   =   What The Hell?
IKWUM   =   I Know What You Mean WU?   =   What's Up?
IME   =   In My Experience WUF?   =   Where Are You From?
IMHO   =   In My Humble Opinion YAFIYGI   =   You asked for it, you got it!
IMO   =   In My Opinion YHBW!   =   You Have Been Warned!
IMNSHO   =   In My Not So Humble Opinion YHL!   =   You Have Lost!
IOW   =   In Other Words YHM   =   You Have Mail
IRL   =   In Real Life YIU   =   Yes, I understand
ISTM   =   It Seems To Me YL   =   Young Lady
ISWYM   =   I See What You Mean YM   =   Young Man
ITRO   =   In The Region Of YMMV   =   Your Mileage May Vary
IWBNI   =   It Would Be Nice If YOOL   =   You're Out Of Luck
IYSWIM   =   If You See What I Mean  
JAM   =   Just A Minute YWLKM   =   You're welcome
JK   =   Just Kidding  
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This is certainly not a complete list.  Please Email any suggestions.   Thanks.

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