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CAD Vendors / CAD Software


AC Microwave (formerly Jansen Microwave): RF/Microwave Design and Synthesis


ACCEL Technologies, Inc.: PCB / MCM Design


Accolade Design Automation, Inc.: Simulation-Synthesis-Verification-Test


Ansoft: electromagnetic field simulation software


APLAC Circuit Simulator:


Bartels: PCB / MCM Design


Bay Technology : RF/Microwave Design and Synthesis


Cadence Allegro: PCB / MCM, IC, ASIC, FPGA, Simulation-Synthesis-Verification-Test Design


Cadsoft/Eagle PCB: PCB / MCM Design


CAM350 : PCB / MCM DesignTesting

  Capilano Computing: PCB / MCM Design

Celoxica: FPGA systhesis tool vendor. Handel-C language compiler. FPGA reference board designs.

  Circuity PartsCircuitry Parts is world’s largest online PCB schematic
  CIRSIM : Version 2.5: Available as Shareware or download.

CoDesign :


CONTEC Microelectronics U.S.A. : Simulation-Synthesis-Verification-Test


Cooper & Chyan Technology : PCB / MCM, C, ASIC, FPGA Design


Cosmic C CrossCompiler/Assembler: for the MC68HC12


Douglas CAD/CAM: PCB / MCM Design


Eagle PCB [Cadsoft]: PCB / MCM Design


Electronic Tools Company : translators


Electronics Workbench: Spice Simulation


EPIC Design Technology Inc.: IC, ASIC, FPGA Design


Epsilon Design Systems: IC, ASIC, FPGA Design

  ExpressPCB: free software for schematics and circuit board design.
  Expressive Systems: Blending text and graphics for HDL design

Forte Design Systems:  


GraphiCode: PCB / MCM Design


Interactive Image Technologies Ltd.: Electronics Workbench


Intergraph Electronics (Veribest): PCB / MCM Design

  Island Logix: Circuit simulations and PCB layout

Macrocad: Simulation-Synthesis-Verification-Test


National Instruments: Labwindows CVI, LabView


Nextwave Design Automation: Simulation-Synthesis-Verification-Test


OrCad: PCB / MCM Design

  Osprey Electronics

Precedence Inc: Simulation-Synthesis-Verification-Test


Router Solutions, Inc. : PCB / MCM Design


Savantage, Inc. : Simulation-Synthesis-Verification-Test


simtel/electric: Software for electronics


SolidWorks: (3D modeling and detailing


Synapps [Forte]:


Synopsys Inc. : Simulation-Synthesis-Verification-Test


SynTest Technologies Inc: Simulation-Synthesis-Verification-Test

  Tiny CAD: The open-source schematic capture program for Windows
  ViaDesigner: is the easy to use mixed-signal ViaASIC™ design environment that you run on your Windows®-PC desktop.30-day fully functional trial of ViaDesigner desktop software and access to the ViaDesigner Community site. No credit card required.

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This is certainly not a complete list.  Please Email any suggestions.   Thanks.


Imagineering Ezine    Discover Solar Energy Dave Johnson & Associates Faraday Touch Switches

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