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2 MHz Bandwidth PIN Photodiode Preamp with Dark Current Compensation  -  The EVAL-CN0272-SDPZ board contains the circuit to be evaluated, as described in this note, and the SDP-B controller board is used with the CN0272 Evaluation Software to capture the data from the EVAL-CN0272-SDPZ circuit board. Equipment Needed The following equipment is needed:, Bullet text, Getting Started Load the evaluation software by placing the CN0272 evaluation software into the CD drive of the PC. Using My Computer, locate the drive that contains the evaluation software. Launch the evaluation software and connect the USB cable from the PC to the Mini-USB connector on the SDP-B board. . . .  [Analog Devices-Circuits from the Lab]


2-wire remote sensor preamp -  01/13/14  EDN Design Idea   Locally condition and Amplify a distant sensor using only a two-wire connection for both power and signal - This Design Idea implements a remote sensor preamp (e. g. , for a piezoelectric transducer) which transfers both signal and power over a single wire pair or coax. . .  [by Vladimir Rentyuk]


Altec 1564A Preamp Power Supply -  Schematic only. . . 


Altec 428B Microphone Preamplifier schematic -  Schematic only. . . 


API 321 mic preamp schematic -  Schematic only, no circuit description. . .  [Alan Garren]


Audio preamp -  . . . 


Audio preamplifier -  . . .  [Andy Wilson's site]


Audio Preamplifier -  A 2 stage audio pre-amplifier with very good performance. This preamplifier has two direct-coupled common emitter stages and uses series-voltage feedback. The circuit has high input impedance, low output impedance, voltage gain can be set independently and has low noise levels and good signal noise ratio. . . .  [Andy Collison's website]


Audio Pre-Amplifier -  This simple circuit provides good gain to weak audio signals. . . .  [Tony van Roon's circuit]


Audio PreAmplifier (Reconnsworld) -  this is a very easy circuit to build, all parts can be found at the local electronics shop, no matter how worthless it (the local shop, ) usually is. . .  [Andy Wilson's site]


Balanced Low Noise Microphone Preamp -  very low noise, close to  oretical minimum, high hum rejection and variable gain with a single rotary pot, similar to that used in many professional grade mixing desks . . . 


Balanced Microphone Preamp -  As I said in my cheapo digital audio project document, I was going to build a microphone preamp to attach a Behringer ECM8000 measurement microphone to line input of my minidisc deck. After scanning the web to see if similar projects existed, I basically found three kinds - ones that used transformers (ie. pretty expensive to start with) and some even followed those with tubes and another transformer (damn expensive). . . .  [designer does not give his name]


Band 2 PreAmplifier -  . . .  [Andy Collison's website]


Bride of Zen -  The Bride of Zen (BOZ), designed by Nelson Pass and described in The Audio Amateur, 1994, is a very simple line-level preamplifier which contains only a single medium-power MOSfet per channel (see the schematic on this page). Mr. Pass has given a very lucid account of the design philosophy. Building instructions including the lay-out for a printed circuit board can be downloaded from Passlabs. According to mr. Pass, the variable resistor P102 should be adjusted in such a way that the voltage drop over resistor R108 (in the absence of an input signal) is 4 Volts. However, in my own homebuilt BOZ I found this to be incorrect. The preamp sounded good using a cassette deck or an FM tuner as the signal sources. However, using a CD player a nasty form of distortion occurred during crescendos. . . .  [from a.van.waarde's web site]


Build a good GaAs FET preamp for 2 meters, 222MHz or 440MHz -  . . . 


Car PreAmplifier & Artificial Earth -  Especially for car audio installations, can be used for any single supply system. . . 


Computer Microphone -  This circuit was submitted by Lazar Pancic from Yugoslavia. The sound card for a PC generally has a microphone input, speaker output and sometimes line inputs and outputs. The mic input is designed for dynamic microphones only in impedance range of 200 to 600 ohms. Lazar has adapted the sound card to use a common electret microphone using this circuit. . .  [Andy Collison's website]


Dual Mike Preamp power supply Gerber -  . . .  [Forssell Technologies/Fred Forssell or the original designers as shown on the schematic pages]


Dual Mike Preamp power supply Gerber -  . . . 


Dynamic Microphone Preamp  -  Notice how the transistor bias current flows through the microphone. A similar circuit can be used with an 8 ohm speaker but in that case you would put it in place of the emitter resistor. . .  [Reverse engineered schematic by Stepan Novotill]


Dynamic Microphone Preamplifier -  A low noise pre-amplifier suitable for amplifying dynamic microphones with 200 to 600 ohm output impedance. . .  [Andy Collison's website]


ECM Mic Preamplifier -  A microphone Amplifier that may be used with either Electret Condenser Microphone (ECM) inserts or dynamic inserts, made with discrete components. . . .  [Designer Andy Collison]


Electret MIC Amplifier -  . . .  [Andy Wilson's site]


Electret Mic Booster -  NOTE: Must register on this site. . .  [Published in Elecktor July/Augu, 2010]


Electric Guitar Preamplifier -  This is a circuit for a guitar preamplifier that can capture mechanical vibrations (any standard guitar pickup) and then convert them into an electrical signal. The signal is then Amplified by an audio Amplifier. . . .  [ EFY Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.]


FET Preamp Cable -  . . . 


FM Band PreAmplifier -  Here is a high performance RF Amplifier for the FM band which can be successfully built without any special test equipment. The grounded-gate configuration is inherently stable without any neutralization if reasonably good layout techniques are employed. The output transformer is designed to resonate with the FET's drain capacitance at about 92 MHz giving the Amplifier the highest gain at the low end of the band where the weaker stations operate. No tuning capacitor is needed as long as the transformer is built precisely as described . . .  [Copyright 1998 Wenzel Associates, Inc.]


General purchase audio preamplifier based on pair of 2N2222 transistors -  The two small circuits below are simple pre-amplifiers that can easily be assembled to be used with many of your intended audio projects . Any similar transistors can be used. The RF potentiometer adjust the negative feed back used to bias to Q1 while Q2 provides for a low impedance output. . . . 

Audio Preamps:   #-G        H-O         P-R          S-Z

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