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Data Communication Bus  Page 1
(CAN, LVDS, Ethernet, RS-232, USB, etc)

  Data Communication Bus:  #-C     D-F     G-M      P-R      S-Z        
Last Updated on: Thursday, April 07, 2016 01:01 PM

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µC detects transmission rate of RS-232 interface -  09/30/99 EDN Design Idea   RS-232 is the most common serial interface in the PC world. Most RS-232 interfaces communicate with the receiver at a fixed transmission rate, such as 9600 baud. But what happens if the transmitter operates with different transmi. . .  [by Thomas Schmidt, Microchip Technology, Chandler, AZ]


A Closer Look at LVDS Technology -  Application Note # 041. . .  [Pericom Semiconductor]


ADCs Reference Improves RTD Measurements -  10/27/94 EDN Design Idea   Temperature measurements using RTDs (resistance-temperature detectors]generally employ bridge circuits with stable power supplies for signal conditioning. Unfortunately, this scheme generally produces nonlinear outputs. A linear b. . .  [by Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, Tiruchirapalli, India]

Advantages of AC-Coupling in SerDes Applications -  This application note presents several benefits of using capacitors to AC-couple an LVDS data link. The article guides the reader through proper capacitor selection and termination topology. Common troubleshooting issues are discussedApp Note 4085-- 3/04/2008 -- (app note add 5/08)  . . .  [Maxim Integrated]

ADXL202 break-out board -  Data acquisition (DAQ) and data logging circuit diagrams / circuit schematics. . . 


All-In-One USB Power Management IC Solution -  DN1008 Design Notes (Linear Technology). . .  [Linear Technology]


An introduction to the CAN protocol that discusses the basics & key features. -  Application Note Published 16-Sep-05. . .  [Microchip]


An Introduction to USB Descriptors: With a Gameport to USB Gamepad Translator Example -  Application Note Published 4-May-04. . .  [Microchip]


An OvervieW of LVDS Technology -  Application Note. . .  [National Semiconductor]


AN1003: USB Mass Storage Deviceusing a PIC MCU -  Application Note Published 30-Aug-05. . .  [Microchip]


AN-1059: High Speed Transmission with LvDS Link Devices -  Application Note. . .  [National Semiconductor]


AN-1074: Can Products from National Semiconductor Users Guide & Application Note -  Application Note. . .  [National Semiconductor]


AN-1088: LVDS Signal Quality: Cable Drive Measurements using Eye Patterns Test Report #3 -  Application Note. . .  [National Semiconductor]


AN-1110:LVDS Quad Dynamic I Cc vs Frequency -  Application Note. . .  [National Semiconductor]


AN-1115: DS92LV010A Bus LVDS Transceiver Ushers in a New Era of High-Performance Backplane Design -  Application Note. . .  [National Semiconductor]


AN-1127: LVDS Display Interface -  Application Note. . .  [National Semiconductor]


AN-1173: High Speed Bus LVDS Clock Distributionusing the DS92ck16 Clock Distribution Device -  Application Note. . .  [National Semiconductor]


AN-1194: Failsafe Biasing of LvDS Interfaces -  Application Note. . .  [National Semiconductor]


AN-1408: Designing Power Over Ethernet Using Lm5070 & Dp83865 -  Application Note. . .  [National Semiconductor]


AN258: Low Cost USB MicroController Programmer the Building of the Pickit™ 1 Flash Starter Kit -  Application Note Published 7-Jul-03. . .  [Microchip]


AN-42003/ Data Conversion Design Techniques for Process Control Applications -  Fairchild App Note. . . 


AN515: Communicating with IIC Bus using PIC16c5x -  Application Note Published 26-Aug-97. . .  [Microchip]


AN-586: LVDS Outputs for High Speed A/D Converters -  AN-586 Analog Devices App NoteAD9430 High Speed ADC Uses LVDS (Low-Voltage Differential Signaling)to Minimize Performance Limitations In ADC Applications When Providing High Speed Data Output. . . 


AN591: Apple Desktop Bus -  Application Note Published 26-Aug-97. . .  [Microchip]


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Data Communication Bus (CAN, LVDS, Ethernet, RS-232, USB, etc)
  Data Communications:  #-C     D-F     G-M      P-R      S-Z        

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