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Digital Readout Circuits
Digital Readouts:  #'s C      D - K      LN      M - R      S - Z


Last Updated: December 31, 2017 06:48 AM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Message Wand -  The message wand is a good PIC introduction as it is a simple project yet illustrates many aspects of the PIC usage.  Used at night, the wand is swung around above the head, and to onlookers spells out a short message in the air using flashing LEDs.  It could also be used with a handle and spun round like a traditional soccer rattle (can you still get those?) though great care must be taken if you do this.  PICs have been popular with hobbyists for several reasons: The development tools are free, cheap programmers are available, and they come in good old fashioned DIP packages that you can solder to without a microscope! They are also extremely versatile of course! The message wand uses a mid-range PIC – the PIC16F627.   __ Contact: Karen's Microprocessor Projects

Microcontroller Displays Multiple Chart or Oscilloscope Timing Ticks -  05/01/08  EDN-Design Ideas A crystal controlled microcontroller generates precise timing ticks__ Circuit Design by William Grill, Honeywell, Lenexa, KS

Microcontroller Drives LCD with Just One Wire -  3-Dec-07 EDN-Design Ideas A Microchip PIC10F family microcontroller sparks an HD44780 LCD using a single I/O pin__ Circuit Design by Noureddine Benabadji, University of Sciences and Technology, Oran, Algeria

Microcontroller Moving-Dot Display Interface Uses Three I/O Lines -  05/01/08  EDN-Design Ideas A moving-dot LED-display interface to a microcontroller uses only three output pins__ Circuit Design by Abel Raynus, Armatron International, Malden, MA

Minimum Mass Waveform Capture & Display -  The result was a project that includes a waveform capture circuit, a graphic LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and a control panel with LED indicators.  The details of the Graphic LCD display unit, composed of the LCD module, a serial interface, and bias supply were published earlier on this site,  __ Designed by Dick Cappels

Monitor Alarm & Indicator Display Multiple Deviation Boundaries -  22-April-10 EDN-Design Ideas Use a microcontroller and its ADCs to indicate process errors.   __ Circuit Design by William Grill, Riverhead Systems, Lenexa, KS

Moving-Dot Display Interface Uses Three I/O Lines -  05/01/08  EDN-Design Ideas A moving-dot LED-display interface to a microcontroller uses only three output pins__ Circuit Design by Abel Raynus, Armatron International, Malden, MA

Multifunction LCD Clock with Raspberry Pi -  With just two simple Python files, an inexpensive LCD display and a low-cost digital temperature sensor, you can turn Raspberry Pi into a beautiful LCD clock with IP address and temperature...___ Electronics Projects for You

Nokia 3310 LCD & PIC12F629 Thermometer -  Device with Nokia 3310 Lcd, Pic12F629 & DS18B20 temperature 1Wire sensor  published in magazine "Svijet elektronike" Nr.58 (June / July 2006) .   Author: Ivica Novakovic __ Designed by © Ivica Novakovic

Nokia 7650 LCD Controller -  Despite nobody seems to own the appropriate documentation, it is possible to use the big cheap color LCD displays of the Nokia series 60 cell phones for home brew projects.  I don't even have the docs and it was a rough and painful way, but now it works __

One IC Biases LCD & GaAsFET Amplifier -  04/09/98 EDN-Design Ideas (File ,contains several circuits, scroll to this one) Operating from a lithium-ion cell or a four-cell NiCd battery, the circuit in Figure 1  provIdeas 6V bias for LCDs and a separate, quiet negative bias for a GaAsFET power amplifier.  This bias combination exists in cell phones__ Circuit Design by John Wettroth, Maxim Integrated Products, Apex, NC

One wire brings power & data to LCD Module -  01/27/14EDN-Design Ideas If you need to connect a small remote LCD display, or your µC has run out of I/O pins, here’s a good, cheap solutionEmbedded systems frequently use HD44780type LCD displays as it is considered the most popular alphanumeric display controller.  The interface comprises at least 14 pins: eight for data, three for control   (EN, WR, RS), two for power supply   (Vdd, Vss), and one for contrast   (Vre).  Configured in 8bit mode, it requires at least 10 I/O lines   (D0D7, EN, RS).  Configured in 4bit mode, it requires at least six I/O lines   (D4D7, EN, RS)__ Circuit Design by Benabadji Noureddine

One wire controls LCD Module -  EDN-Design Ideas 03/20/2017    This one-wire LCD interface DI generates all the signals required to control the ubiquitous character display__ Circuit Design by Rex Niven

PIC 5x7 Display -  The PIC board detects 3rd harmonic distortion of AC power line.   __ Designed by Prepared Colin Mitchell

PIC DS1820 Thermometer -  This application shows how to use the PIC16F877 to control, and interface with the Dallas DS1820 1-Wire™ Digital Thermometer.  If you missed the LCD connection schematic for these experiments,  __ Designed by © Reynolds Electronics

Picxie 2 8x8 Animated LED Signboard -  The firmware supplied incurrent sourcecode archive is VERY BASIC.  I do intend to draw more patterns.  However, a vast workload coupled with possible emigration has putfinished firmware on hold.  Please do go ahead and build this circuit thoughsupplied firmware is fully functional.  You can have hours of fun designing your own patterns and effects!UsesPIC16F84 __ Designed by Lewin A.R.W. Edwards

POST Repeater Reads Out Remotely -  12/08/94 EDN-Design Ideas Commercially available power-on self-test (POST) cards for PCs have onboard LED displays that show diagnostic codes during the PC's start-up.  This arrangement is usually good enough.  But if you were to try to use such a card to fix a crowded PC motherboard, you would appreciate a detachable, remote display__ Circuit Design by Jerzy R Chrzaszcz, Institute of omputer Science Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland

Pot Adjusts LCD's Contrast -  02/04/99 EDN-Design Ideas NOTE : Page includes several designs.  Scroll to find this one.  You can use a digitally controlled potentiometer for many purposes.  In this example, you can use the device to regulate the contrast of a standard(such as two lines by 40 characters] LCD.  You can use the circuit in Figure 1 in a portable test system, in which you need to change the contrast of the LCD as a function of the viewing angle.  You choose the contrast setup__ Circuit Design by Jef Collin, CSE Systems, Turnhout, Belgium

Potentiometer Controls LCD Bias -  03/17/94 EDN-Design Ideas Designers of pen-based computers can easily relegate some controls that were previously mechanical, such as switches and potentiometers, to on-screen icons.  For example, the circuit in Fig 1 shows one way that digital logic can control the -24V-dc LCD bias using two general-purpose I/O command lines.  The DS-1669 from Dallas Semiconductor__ Circuit Design by Michael Cortopassi, Dauphin Technology, Lombard, IL

Precision Wideband Current Probe for LCD Backlight Measurement -  DN101 Design Notes___ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Processor's PWM output controls LCD/LED driver -  27-May-04 EDN-Design Ideas The PWM(pulse-width-modulation] output available from many microprocessors is based on an internal 8- or 16-bit counter and features a programmable duty cycle.  It is suitable for adjusting the output of an LCD driver(Figure 1), a negative-voltage LCD driver(Figure 2], or a current-controlled LED driver(Figure 3]__ Circuit Design by Joe Neubauer, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

Programable LCD counter with memory backup -  This counter based on AT90S1200A its  programmable and when shut it down its keeping  the  current counts to the memory, until to the  power on. __ Designed by © Vassilis Serasidis

Programming Fun Lights with TI's TCA6507 -  App Note , 30-Nov-07 __ Designed by Texas Instruments

Provide Effective LCD Drive -  09/28/00 EDN-Design Ideas LCDs find wide use in portable instruments, thanks to their attractive display and low power consumption.  The circuit in Figure 1 is an effective driver for LCDs.  The circuit comprises two main sections—the ICM7211 drivers (IC2 __ Circuit Design by Luo Ben Cheng, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China

Put Your Own Smiley On GLCD -  The regular 16×2 LCD can display characters of only certain dimensions.  A graphical LCD (GLCD), on the other hand, can display custom graphics.  GLCDs are therefore highly suitable for mobile and...___ Electronics Projects for You

Quad Output Switching Converter Provides Power for Large TFT LCD Panels -  DN349 Design Notes __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Read isolated digital signals without power drain -  25-Nov-04 EDN-Design Ideas Although optocouplers offer designers a straightforward method of establishing galvanic isolation between circuits that operate at different ground potentials, they do not provide an ideal approach.  An optocoupler draws power from the isolated circuit, switches relatively slowly, and loses current-transfer ratio as its light emitter ages__ Circuit Design by Alfredo H Saab and Joseph Neubauer, Maxim Integrated Products Inc, Sunnyvale, CA

Read Multiple Switches & a Potentiometer Setting with One Microcontroller Input Pin -  04/22/10 EDN-Design Ideas Use a single ADC input pin to sense pushbuttons as well as a potentiometer.  __ Circuit Design by Kevin Fodor, Palatine, IL

Rolled-Off Noise Source -  This is a circuit that generates white noise, rolled-off to drive earphones or a small speaker.  White noise creates is a "rushing" sound, which sounds something like air rushing by your ear   (s).  White noise would be flat with frequency, and since this circuit rolls off within the audio range, I refer to it as "rolled-off" noise.  White   (or rolled-off) noise __ Designed by Dick Cappels

Digital Readouts:  #'s C      D - K      LN      M - R      S - Z

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