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Digital  / Logic Circuits 
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Last Updated on: Thursday, November 30, 2017 04:23 PM

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Logic that Mutates While U Wait -  11/07/96 EDN-Design Feature  Dynamically reconfigurable logic designs whose function can be customized to a particular system or application on the fly bring possibilities with hairy challenges.    __ Circuit Design by Clive "Max" Maxfield, Intergraph

Logic-Level Signals Shifted to Dim-48-V LED Driver -  The main source of power in a telecommunications system is -48 V.  This source’s negative polarity and its large magnitude with respect to ground pose a challenge when designers want to use low-power ICs in the telecom__ Ahmad Ayar

Loudspeaker Protector & Fan Controller -  Install it in the Ultra-LD Amplifier and protect your speakers against output stage faults.  The fan control is a bonus.__ SiliconChip

Low Cost 1HZ 10MHz Function Generator -  Direct Digital Synthesis  (DDS) makes it very easy to design a low-cost, high-performance function generatorone of the handiest pieces of test gear you can have.  This one can be set to any specific frequency between 1Hz and 10MHz and offers both sine and square wave output.__ SiliconChip

Low Cost AT Keyboard Translator -  This Low-cost project takes the complex scan codes from a PC keyboard and spits out standard ACCII codes.  It's just the shot for use with the BASIC stamp and PIC series of microcontrollers but has lots of other uses as well.__ SiliconChip

Low Cost Audio/Video Distribution Amplifier -  Easy-to-build unit can distribute six channels of composite video    (& stereo audio) or three channels of S-video.__ SiliconChip

Low cost video Motion Detection -  This device uses a PIC16F819 and an LM339 to detect motion on a video signal.  The incoming video is 'clamped' using one section of the LM339, the sync tips are detected with another section, and a 3rd section can detect VBI or other data.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat-Mesa Arizona

LOW OHM Digital Meter -  They Measure from: 0.001 to 1.999 Ohms, or from: 0.01 to 19.99 Ohms.   __ Designed by G.L. Chemelec

Low-Capacitance Adaptor for DMMs -  This neat little adaptor allows a standard digital multimeter to measure low values of capacitancefrom less than one picofarad to over 10nF.  It will allow you to measure tiny capacitors or stray capacitances in switches, connectors and wiring.__ SiliconChip

Low-Cost 50MHz Frequency Meter -  It features an LCD readout, auto-ranging and two resolution modes.  And it can be run from a plugpack or battery operated.__ SiliconChip

Low-Cost Analog On-Off Controller -  Have you ever wanted to control a device based on an analog signal level? Perhaps you want to fill a water tank automatically or control exhaust fans based on humidity or temperature.  Well now, you canprovided you have a sensor that gives an analog voltage or current output.__ SiliconChip

Low-Cost AVR Programmer -  To program some AVR microcontroller unit  (MCU) you will need an AVR programmer.  The better way to do that, is to buy some development kit like STK-500.  This kit have the advantage to give you serial port, LCD connector, SRAM socket, 8 switches, 8 LEDs, connectors for all of the ports of MCU and more, to one board.  I suggest to beginners, to start working with STK 500 or some else development system, it will help them very much.  For the people that are want to program only one piece of AVR, to make some circuit from this site and they don't want to spend money for any development kit, the solution is this ultra low-cost AVR programmer.  

Low-Cost PC-to-I2C Interface for Debugging -  Tracking down problems in circuits which are programmed via an I2C bus can be tricky and time-consuming, unless you take advantage of a debugging program running on a PC.  Here's a low-cost, easy-to-build printer port to I2C interface designed to work with the Philips/NXP debugging program URD312.exe.__ SiliconChip

Low-cost programmer for dsPICs & PICs -  This low-cost unit can program all dsPIC30F series microcontrollers in the DIP package, along with most PIC microcontrollers.  It's easy to build and uses standard parts.__ SiliconChip

Low-cost relative-humidity transmitter uses single logic IC -  11/08/01 EDN-Design Ideas The low-cost percentage-relative-humidity radio transmitter in Figure 1 operates in a cold-storage warehouse for vegetable storage at temperatures of 1 to 5°C.  It is generally difficult to collect such data from a low-temperature area with high humidity and low illumination.  The transmitter design is simple  It uses a readily available, capacitor-type percentage-relative-humidity se __ Circuit Design by Shyam Tiwari, Sensors Technology Ltd, Gwalior, India

Low-Noise AC Amplifier has digital control of gain & bandwidth -  02/05/04 EDN-Design Ideas In low-noise analog circuits, a high-gain amplifier serves at the input to increase the SNR.  The input signal level determines the input-stage gain; low-level signals require the highest gain.  It is also standard practice in low- __ Circuit Design by Philip Karantzalis, Linear Technology App Note, Milpitas, CA,

Low-Power Car/Bike USB Charger -  Looking for an efficient USB charger that can operate from a 12V car battery? This unit functions at up to 89% efficiency and can charge USB devices at currents up to 525mA.  Best of all, it won?t flatten the battery if it's left permanently connected, as long as you remember to unplug the USB device.__ SiliconChip

Low-Voltage Adjustable Regulator -  Need to operate a CD, DVD or MP3 player from the cigarette lighter socket in your car? Or perhaps run a digital still or video camera or some powered speakers from the power supply inside your PC? This Low-Voltage Adjustable Regulator will step the voltage down to what's needed.  It has jumper shunts to select one of six common output voltages  (from 3-15V) and depending on the input voltage and the heatsink (s) you use, it can deliver an output current of just over 4A.__ SiliconChip

Low-voltage interfaces translate 1.8 to 5V -  11/05/98 EDN-Design Ideas -  (Several circuits here, scroll to find this one) Interfacing two systems that operate at two arbitrary voltages is a challenging problem; there is no guarantee that one side operates at a voltage higher than the other side.  Usually, the interface is an open-collector or open-drain type with just two transistors connecting back to back (Figure 1a].  VX  is the lower of the two operating voltages __ Circuit Design by CC Poon and Edward Chui, Motorola SPS, Hong Kong

Low-voltage reset operates below 2.7V -  EDN-Design Ideas March 26, 1998    [ NOTE : File has multiple design, scroll for this one.]  New personal digital assistants, pagers, and other battery-powered systems operate at or below 2.7V, but power-on resets with thresholds below 2.6V are not commonly available. You can resolve this problem using a circuit that combines a 1.2V reference and a micropower regulator  (Figure 1a) . IC1 integrates these two functions in a tiny SOT-143 package. __ Circuit Design by Bob Kelly, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

LP Doctor -  Clean up the clicks & pops on your vinyl records with the LP Doctor__ SiliconChip

LTC3634 Dual 15V, 3A Monolithic Step-Down Regulator for DDR Power -  The LTC®3634 is a high efficiency, dual-channel monolithic synchronous step-down regulator which provides power supply and bus termination rails for DDR1, DDR2, and DDR3 SDRAM controllers.  The operating input voltage range is 3.6V to 15V, making it suitable for point-of-load power supply applications from a 5V or 12V input, __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Jeff Gruetter-Senior Product Marketing Engineer Sep 21st 2011

LTC3676 8-Output PMIC for Application Processors-Video Product Brief -  The LTC®3676 is a complete power management solution for advanced portable application processor-based systems.  The device contains four synchronous step-down DC/DC converters for core, memory, I/O, and system on-chip  (SoC) rails and three 300mA LDO regulators for low noise analog supplies.  The LTC3676-1 has a ±1.5A __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Steve Knoth-Senior Product Marketing Engineer, Power Products Oct 24th 2013

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