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Digital  / Logic Circuits 
Digital Circuits:   #'s - C       D - G       H - M       N - R       S - T       U - Z

Last Updated on: Thursday, November 30, 2017 04:23 PM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Microcontroller selects minimum/maximum value -  09/20/01 EDN-Design Ideas Microcontroller-based systems for measurement, sensor-data processing, or control, sometimes require you to determine a maximum or minimum data value.  For example, in an object-detection system, such as a radar or sonar system, the microcontroller receives echo signals from multiple targets and then must select the closest one; in other words, it must determine the minimum distance __ Circuit Design by Abel Raynus, Armatron International, Melrose, MA

Microcontroller simplifies battery-state-of-charge measurement -  04/27/06 EDN-Design Ideas Monitor battery status for renewable energy systems __ Circuit Design by Abel Raynus

Microcontroller takes control of comparator -  09/01/00 EDN-Design Ideas In many µC applications, a signal conditioner modifies an analog input signal from a sensor and passes it to the µC for processing.  The last stage of the signal conditioner is always a device that transforms the signal level to a value acceptable for the µC's input.  Usually, it is a comparator.  Often, this signal channel is open or closed for some programmable time period.   __ Circuit Design by Abel Raynus, Armatron International, Melrose, MA

Microcontroller Watches, Controls AC Power -  06/22/95 EDN-Design Ideas Circuit allows an isolated microcontroller to both sense and control ac power to an externally plugged-in deviceFor monitoring and controlling a power circuit from a microcontroller  (µC) , Fig 1 replaces the conventional technique of a low-value resistor and differential amplifier  (with gain set for the expected current value) .  A control line turns TRIAC Q1 on and off via optoisolator IC2.  When an appliance is plugged into J1 and turned on, the voltage drop across Q1 is independent of the current value and sufficient to turn on optoisolator IC3.  The phototransistor current of IC3 charges C1to a logic 1, which is sensed by the µC.   __ Circuit Design by Samuel Kerem, Infrared Fiber Systems, Silver Spring, MD

Microcontroller, JFET form low-cost, two-digit millivoltmeter -  06/22/06 EDN-Design Ideas Software subroutines replace hardware A/D converter __ Circuit Design by Noureddine Benabadji, University of Sciences and Technology, Oran, Algeria

Microcontrollers Can Be a Snap -  Thanks in no small part to the SILICON CHIP promotion over the last five years, popular and cheap PICAXE micros are widely now considered the best value educational microcontroller.  However, motivated pre-teens and fuzzy-eyed seniors who are "keen to learn about micros" may find PICAXE PC board soldering or breadboard circuit assembly too fiddly.  So here's a nifty approach that fits a PICAXE-08M micro-controller into the gutted sound module from a colourful "Snap Connector" electronic kitset.__ SiliconChip

Microphone to Neck Loop Coupler for Hearing Aids -  Hearing-aid wearers often have difficulty understanding conversations in noisy environments, especially if they have switched their personal hearing aid from microphone mode to T-coil mode.  This projects solves that problem.__ SiliconChip

Microprocessor Core Supply Voltage Set by I2c™ Bus Without Vid Lines -  DN279 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Microprocessor RS-232 Reset -  This circuit allows a remote microprocessor to be reset by a controlling host over a remote RS-232 or similar protocol serial line.  With the use of a program loader on the remote host, a program may be downloaded and run.  This allows a target processor to run different code in RAM, thus getting rid of the need to burn multiple EPROMs.  The circuit is usually used for developing code on a target processor, but it can also be used for permanent applications where the target program lives on a host system's disk __ Designed by G. Forrest Cook

Microprocessor supervisor & regulator form in-range voltage Monitor -  10-Jun-04 EDN-Design Ideas Low-cost microprocessor supervisors reset controllers when power-supply voltages fall below given levels.  As added protection, you can also reset the microcontroller when the power supply is too high by combining a low-cost shunt-v __ Circuit Design by Ilie Poenaru and Sabin Eftimie, Catalyst Semiconductor, Bucharest, Romania

Microprocessor tool packages focus on specific applications -  04/01/99 EDN-Design Ideas NOTE :  File contains many designs.   Scroll to this one.  As more IC designs move to 0.25-µm technology, EDA-tool vendors are responding with new software.  New to Europe is Simplex Solutions; Simplex’s tools let you perform full-chip extraction of parasitics and analysis of signal-integrity and power characteristics.  Version 2.0 of the VoltageStorm tool provIdeas a three-times increase of static and dynamic full-chip analysis of power-grid effects on a chip layout compared with the previous version. __ Circuit Design by Graham Prophet

Microprocessor using Xilinx FPGA -  Schematic only __ Designed by Paul Stoffregen

Milliohm Adaptor for Digital Multimeters -  Do you occasionally need to measure very low resistances accurately but don't have access to an expensive benchtop Milliohm Meter or DMM? This low-cost adaptor will let you use almost any DMM to make accurate low-resistance measurements.__ SiliconChip

MIMO Wireless LAN PHY Layer (RF) Operation & Measurement Application Note 1509  -  Application Note__ Aligent

Mini 3 digit display, an inexpensive digital voltmeter -  We build a simple and inexpensive three digit display.  It's a voltmeter module but it has also general purpose digital IO pins.  You could use it as well to read a digital sensor and display the value.  It can be freely programmed, calibrated and even be programmed with a non linear formula.  It's a display where you can define the relation between the measured value and the displayed number.   __ Designed by Guido Socher

Mini Logger Vs 1.0 -  Build your own a personal data logger for recording analog signal.  The MiniLOGGER provides 8-channel analog input  (-99mV to +999mV) , 1-channel pulse input, battery backup 256kB SRAM, Real-time Clock, and RS232C.  Start/Stop recording can be made by MANUAL switch or preprogrammed Start/Stop Time.  The format of uploading data is ASCII format, suitable for importing and graphing by Excel or any Scientific Plot Program.  Exemplary circuit used for measuring Insolation and Air Temperature vs.  Time is included __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Miniature power splitters -  AN-10-002 App Note__ MiniCircuits.com

MiniCal 5V Meter Calibration Standard -  Check your DMM's accuracy with this!__ SiliconChip

Minilogger V1.0 Build your own a personal data logger for recording analog signal.  The MiniLOGGER provides 8-channel analog input  (-99mV to +999mV) ,  __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Minimize communication time between small microcontrollers -  03/29/01 EDN-Design Ideas When designing a multicontroller system, it is convenient to organize the communication betweenµCs via one wire line.  Unfortunately, low-endµCs have no serial-interface capabilities like their more expensive counterparts.  Low-endµCs have no SCI  (serial-communication-interface, SPI  (serial-peripheral interface) , or SIOP  (simple serial-I/O port) .   __ Circuit Design by Abel Raynus

MiniReg 1.3-22V Adjustable Regulator -  This compact regulator PCB can be used to produce a fully regulated DC supply ranging from 1.3V to 22V at currents up to 1A.  Depending on how much current you need, it can fit into tiny spaces and is easily connected with 2-pin headers for DC input, DC output, an on/off switch and a LED.__ SiliconChip

Missing Pulse Detects Position or Produces a Delay -  17-Sep-09 EDN-Design Ideas A simple logic circuit counts pulses and blocks one of every 36 __ Circuit Design by Michael C Page, Chelmsford, MA

Mix-It: an Easy-To Build 4-Channel Mixer -  Anyone can build this high performance four-channel audio mixer...__ SiliconChip

MkI Video Digitizer -  This frame grabber design digitises pictures to very high quality in monochrome  (8-bit black & white) . Although designed for the European standard 625-line / 50Hz TV system, it should work with the American 525-line / 60Hz standard with minimal modification. __ Designed by W.A. Steer  PhD

MkII Video Digitizer -  A "video-digitiser"  (also known as a "frame grabber") captures television pictures from a TV set, camera, or video recorder, etc., and forwards them to a computer for display, storage, or general manipulation. This document describes a home-built digitiser which interfaces to an EPP  (or bi-directional) parallel port on IBM PCs. __ Designed by W.A. Steer  PhD

MNA, Low Profile, Low Cost, Fully Integrated Monolithic Microwave Amplifiers -  AN-60-016  Application Note __ MiniCircuits.com

Models make the difference in high-speed PC-Board Design -  04/15/99 EDN-Design Ideas You're ready to start a high-speed pc-board design.  You can build the board, basing the design on component specifications and your own design expertise, and hope it works.  Alternatively, you can simulate the design before assembling a prototype and, if you do it correctly __ Circuit Design by Jim Lipman

Modulation in Communication Systems: an Introduction -  Application Note__ Aligent

More Fun with the PICAXE: a Shop Door Minder -  Part 2 of the series shows you how to build a "Shop Door Minder...With Attitude".__ SiliconChip

More Fun with the PICAXE-Part 3: Heartbeat Simulator -  Nine components are all you need to build this simple circuit.  The effect is so realistic , it almost seems alive!__ SiliconChip

More Fun with the PICAXE-Part 4: Motor Controller -  A Few changes to PICAXE's output circuit and some new code are all thats required to build an effective motor controller.__ SiliconChip

More Fun with the PICAXE-Part 5: a Chookhouse Door Controller. -  Make an Electronic Chookhouse Door Contol using our PICAXE Project.__ SiliconChip

More-MIDI -  A low-cost MIDI expander box__ SiliconChip

Morse Clock-Look Mum, No Hands! -  If you want to know the time, you've got to learn Morse code.__ SiliconChip

Motorola 68hc11 Evaluation Board -  Build a low-cost evaluation board for Motorola 68HC11.  Downloadable BUFFALO V3.4 to 32kB SRAM for learning __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Motorola 68K SBC (Single Board Computer) -  Build a 32-bit power single board computer.  The board fetures 68HC000 @ 8MHz, 256kB FLASH, 256kB SRAM.  Available now schematic of DTACK and decoder that use CPLD.   __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Moving Message Display -  It's easy to build, easy to program, easy on the pocket and easy on the eye.__ SiliconChip

Moving-Dot Display Interface Uses Three I/O Lines -  05/01/08  EDN-Design Ideas A moving-dot LED-display interface to a microcontroller uses only three output pins __ Circuit Design by Abel Raynus, Armatron International, Malden, MA

MTK-85 8085 Microprocessor Training Kit -  Single board computer built with a 1970 Microprocessor, the Intel 8085.  Best for learning the fundamental of computer system.   __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Multi NiCad Charger -  This unit was constructed in the shell of a Radio Shack battery charger.  The original unit charged only one type of battery at a time and only in pairs.  This unit allows for mix and match for AAA, AA, C, and D cells.  Each battery is individually monitored and charged.  An LED for each one flashes to show the current charging condition as follows __ Designed by Luhan MonatMesa Arizona

Multi-Function Active Filter Module -  This versatile Active Filter is ideal for use as an active crossover in loudspeaker systems but has lots of other uses as well.  It can be configured as a low-pass filter  (for driving sub-woofer amplifiers) , as a high-pass filter or as a bandpass filter, simply by moving a few on-board jumper links.__ SiliconChip

Multi-Function GPS Car Computer, Pt2 -  Last month, we introduced our new GPS Car Computer and provided full constructional details.  But there's a lot more that we haven't covered yet __ SiliconChip

Multifunction Ozone Generator -  Ozone is a triatomic form of oxygen that is highly unstable and as such cannot be stored.  It finds various applications in our daily life.  For instance, it is used to...__ Electronics Projects for You

Multiplexers convert Deep FIFO buffer to bidirectional -  12/04/97 EDN-Design Ideas Interfaces to digital data recorders often require deep FIFO buffers to match the system's data rate to the recorder rate.  Sometimes, a second set of FIFO buffers in the opposite direction handles playback data.  Doubling.    __ Circuit Design by Kevin Kelley, Telephonics Corp, Farmingdale, NY

My PIC Programmer -  An easy-to-build PIC programmer, based in the JDM.  Uses the serial port.   __ Designed by Jose Pino

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Digital or Logic Circuits:  #'s - C       D - G       H - M       N - R       S - T       U - Z

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