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Data Multiplexer Adds Cursor to LED Display Driver -  03/30/95 EDN-Design Ideas A data multiplexer, IC2, enables the LED-display driver, IC1, in Fig 1 to highlight any selected digit by intensifying its brightness.  This cursor function enables the use of the display for data entry as well as readout.  For example, the operator of an environmental chamber can set a desired temperature by entering that value via the display.    __ Circuit Design by Gary Sellani, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

DC Stabilized 1000uV/msec Op Amp -  Adding a discrete output stage provides full control of the circuit operating currents thereby obtaining very fast ac signal response.  The LT1001 is used to adjust the output dc offset to a very low value, uVs, not typical for very high speed amplifier designs.  __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Jun 21, 2011

Deliver Dimming Control for White-LED Driver -  10/28/04  EDN-Design Ideas The demand for power in color cell-phone handsets is constantly increasing.  New applications steadily emerge, making it imperative to reduce power consumption in the design.  Examination of usage data shows thatthan 50% of the power __ Circuit Design by Wallace Ly, National Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA

Designing high-current chokes is easy -  24-Jun-04 EDN-Design Ideas Somewhat unusually, This design idea deals with a formula rather than a circuit.  You might think that all the basic formulas of magnetic phenomena were discoveredthan a century ago.  In fact, they probably were, but, at the time, some were of little practical interest and were essentially disregarded and never included in books or formula tables __ Circuit Design by Louis Vlemincq, Belgacom, Evere, Belgium

Digital Call Sign Annunciator -  In the USA, R/C wireless video hobbyists are required to operate their video transmitters under the FCC Part 97 regulations    (amateur radio) .  The only exceptions are the Part 15 approved systems, but these low power alternatives are rarely used.  Other countries have similar requirements.  Playing by the rules will certainly prevent conflicts with government officials, since they can levy substantial penalties to offenders.  But more importantly, following the rules is the basis of good amateur radio manners.   __ Designed by RC-CAM T. Black

Digital Clock with Timer & Solar Panel Regulator -  This is a combination digital clock timer and solar panel charge controller used to maintain a deep cycle battery from a solar panel.  The timer output is used to control a 12 volt load for a 32 minute time interval each day.  Start time is set using 9 dip switches and ends 32 minutes later. __ Designed by Bill Bowden

Digital Dice with Numeric Display -  The circuit described here is that of a digital dice with numeric display.  Timer IC 555 wired as an astable multivibrator produces pulses at about 48 kHz rate.  These pulses are...__ Electronics Projects for You

Digital display & VFO stabiliser -  Digital display & VFO stabiliser using a PIC microcontroller & LCD __ Designed by EI9GQ homebrew radio

Digital Instrument Display for Cars-Part 1 -  Fancy a digital readout to replace analog gauges? This unit works with a variety of automotive sensors and is dead easy to build.__ SiliconChip

Digital Instrument Display for Cars-Part 2 -  Based on a PIC microcontroller, this simple project lets you convert the analog instruments in your car to a digital display.  It's suitable for use with fuel gauges, oil pressure gauges and temperature gauges, and even features an alarm output.__ SiliconChip

Digital LED Clock & Timer -  This is a combination digital clock timer and solar panel charge controller used to maintain a deep cycle battery from a solar panel.  The timer output is used to control a 12 volt load for a 32 minute time interval each day.  Start time is set using 9 dip switches and ends 32 minutes later. __ Designed by Bill Bowden

Digital pot adjusts LCD's contrast -  02/04/99 EDN-Design Ideas NOTE : Page includes several designs.  Scroll to find this one.  You can use a digitally controlled potentiometer for many purposes.  In this example, you can use the device to regulate the contrast of a standard (such as two lines by 40 characters] LCD.  You can use the circuit in Figure 1 in a portable test system, in which you need to change the contrast of the LCD as a function of the viewing angle.  You choose the contrast setup __ Circuit Design by Jef Collin, CSE Systems, Turnhout, Belgium

Digital Potentiometer Controls LCD Bias -  03/17/94 EDN-Design Ideas Designers of pen-based computers can easily relegate some controls that were previously mechanical, such as switches and potentiometers, to on-screen icons.  For example, the circuit in Fig 1 shows one way that digital logic can control the -24V-dc LCD bias using two general-purpose I/O command lines.  The DS-1669 from Dallas Semiconductor __ Circuit Design by Michael Cortopassi, Dauphin Technology, Lombard, IL

Digital potentiometers enable programmable biquadratic filter -  07/22/04 EDN-Design Ideas Of the many types of analog filters available to designers, few allow easy adjustments of the filter parameters.  The biquadratic, or biquad, filter is an exception, however.  You can change that filter's corner frequency (ω0], Q, and gain (H] by adjusting the values of three resistors.  For that purpose, the lowpass biquad circuit of Figure 1 includes three digital potentiometers configure __ Circuit Design by Deborah Mancuso and Donald Schelle, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

Digital Thermostat with LED Temperature Display -  I needed to replace two old, unreliable thermostats for controlling the heating and cooling for a large garden shed.  Commercial basic digital thermostats are available quite cheaply, but some lack the ability to control heavy loads or have the extra features that I require for saving energy when the door is often left open or to indicate temperature being out of range etc.  I like the PIC18F1320 microcontroller used in my previous project, so decided to use it again in a very similar design to drive three multiplexed LED displays and read the temperature from a Dallas/DS18x20 "1-Wire" digital sensor.   __ Designed by D. Thorpe, 2006

Digital Voltmeter with LED Display -  This is an easy to build, but nevertheless very accurate and useful digital voltmeter.  It has been designed as a panel meter and can be used in DC power supplies or anywhere else it is necessary to have an accurate indication of the voltage present.  The circuit employs the ADC  (Analogue to Digital Converter) I.  C.  CL7107 made by INTERSIL __ Designed by of this circuit belongs to smart kit electronics

Dimming LCD Backlight -  Presented here is an LCD power-saving backlight-control circuit.  An LCD is used in many projects for indication or information display since it consumes less power and, hence, saves energy.  But power...__ Electronics Projects for You

Discrete LED Color Organ -  Here is a new version of the classic color organ, where different color lights are triggered by different frequencies of sound, resulting in a display that flashes along to music.  In this case the newer type high intensity LEDs  (30005000mcd) were used along with a very simple discrete transistor drive circuit.  The design goals included small size and excellent portability, as well as long battery life. __ Designed by Chester Winowiecki

Display bit-map images on small-graphic LCDs -  11/19/98 EDN-Design Ideas NOTE :  File contain several designs.  Scroll to find this one.  Combining a high-level language, such as Microsoft Windows, with low-level assembly code or C++ code allows you to display perfect bit-map pictures on your small-graphic LCD screen.  You can use Microsoft Paint or any other bit-map-generating program to define and edit the picture.  Unlike segmented and alphanumeric LCDs, small-graphic LCDs are fully graphical and can display logos, graphs, or any other image in addition to numbers and characters.  The main hurdle to upgrading to this type of display is the software necessary to display the bit-map pictures. __ Circuit Design by Todd Fitzsimmons, Densitron Corp, Santa Fe Springs, CA

Display-Counter  -  Using a 4511, a specialized decoder IC, learn how to drive a 7-segment display.  The article explains the technique for counting from zero to nine.  this technique is the base for more complex applications, like a countdown timer or a gear display for a motorcycle.   __ Designed by Projects & Ideas from Nutchip.com

Displays Multiple Chart or Oscilloscope Timing Ticks -  05/01/08  EDN-Design Ideas A crystal controlled microcontroller generates precise timing ticks __ Circuit Design by William Grill, Honeywell, Lenexa, KS

Displays: LED Matrix -  Information for the Common Anode LED Matrix Display for SA04-11EWA, NFM-12882BEG-11, LEDM88RG  (Updated 7/03/2006)  __ Designed by Jose Pino

DisplayTech LCD interface -  Low cost LCD module interface with optional LED backlight __ Designed by Michel Bavin

DIY Flexible Display -  23-Jan-14 -Design News:   Flexible displays are a hot topic, and my goal was to find a cheap and easy way to build one at home.  Normally, flexible displays refer to Oled or E Ink, but I created a working prototype of a flexible display that can be built at home without special equipment.  The prototype shows a seven-digit __ Gadget Freak-Case #250

Dot matrix LED running display -  Brightness settings The user can select the brightness level in 8 steps or select an auto mode.  To change the brightness from Settings menu, select Bright and press SET.  The display will show the current bright level  (from Bright 1 __ Designed by Ivailo Vasilev

Dot/Bar Display Driver -  The LM3916 is a monolithic integrated circuit that 2 senses analog voltage levels and drives ten LEDs, LCDs, or Vacuum Fluorescents LCDs or vacuum fluorescent displays, providing an electronic version of the popular VU meter.  One pin by User changes the display from a bar graph to a moving dot display __ Designed by SNVS762B JANUARY 2000 REVISED MARCH 2013

Driving a WLED does not always require 4 V -  Texas Instruments provides a broad portfolio of high-performance products for your LED design needs.  From RF and power management  (including AC/DC, Power Factor Correction, DC/DC and linear power conversion) to DSPs and ultra-low-power MCUs, TI has products to differentiate your design.  And, TI's local support and applications expertise can help you get to market faster.   __ Designed by Texas Instruments App Notes, 12-Oct-07

Driving an LCD From the Parallel Port -  You build the module, then use the software to display messages of to program a thermometer/thermostat chip.__ SiliconChip

Driving LEDs in Battery Operated Applications: Controlling Brightness Power Efficiently -  App Note #1804__ Maxim Integrated

Driving VFDs with a PIC -  Vacuum fluorescent displays, known as VFDs  (because both vaccuum and fluoroscent are hard to spell) are commonly used in VCRs and microwaves.  They are relatively bright and have a low power consumption.  Some older calculators used them before LCDs became popular.  Having obtained a few Futaba VFDs from a surplus dealer, I went about trying to interface it to a PIC.  A plea went out on the PIC list and was soon answered by Kalle Pihlajasaari with a few details on VFDs.  

Dual 7-Segment Scoreboard -  a dual display that has controls to count up, down and reset.  Runs from 5-12volts __ Contact: P. Townshend EduTek Ltd

DVI/HDMI Decoder -  From the day i received my beagleboard rev.  B7 i was missing an easy way to use the digital video interface with a small LCD screen.  Many people seem to have the same problem and often end up with big and expensive adaptors.  Further indication that this is a common problem comes from the fact that the latest incarnation of the beagleboard includes a way to directly interface to the OMAPs parallel video interface.  Unfortunatately this only provides 1.8v signals and still needs a converter to interface to the 3.3v signals most raw LCD use. __ Designed by Till Harbaum <Till @ Harbaum.org>

Dynamic Display using LED Strip -  Surface-mount device  (SMD) LEDs are becoming popular because of their low power consumption and high brightness.  These LEDs are readily available in the market in many colours both as single LEDs...__ Electronics Projects for You


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