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Frequency Synthesizer Circuits
Frequency Synthesizers:  #'s - E        F - Q       R - Z

Last Updated: December 31, 2017 06:48 AM

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RF Synthesizer (CMOS ) -  Synthesizer based on available CD4059.  CD4046 and CD4060 ICs.   __ Designed by Harry Lythall-SM0VPO

RF Synthesizer Uses Generic ICs -  06/24/10  EDN-Design Ideas You can design a hardware-based frequency synthesizer with one inexepensive IC and a few passive components.  Such synthesizer chips are not always available, however, because they are typically single-sourced and are not in stock w__ Circuit Design by James B Wood, Inovonics Inc, Felton, CA

Rolled-Off Noise Source -  This is a circuit that generates white noise, rolled-off to drive earphones or a small speaker.  White noise creates is a "rushing" sound, which sounds something like air rushing by your ear   (s).  White noise would be flat with frequency, and since this circuit rolls off within the audio range, I refer to it as "rolled-off" noise.  White   (or rolled-off) noise __ Designed by Dick Cappels

Serial Interface for Truly MTC-C162DPLY-2N, 2 line X 16 char LCD display -  A serial interface and bias supply for the Seiko-Epson G1216N000 using an AT90S2313 because there just aren't enough applications examples for this display on the web.   __ Designed by Dick Cappels

Series Connected Voltage Boost for a Battery Operated LED Lantern -  A circuit that goes in series with a white LED and a 1.5 volt cell to make > 3 Volts to drive a white LED __ Designed by Dick Cappels

Simple Circuit fix adds door-chime repeater -  05/13/99 EDN-Design Ideas Electromechanical door chimes can enhance your home, but they are vulnerable to costly repair problems.  A defective pushbutton switch or a careless visitor can maintain the chime in an energized state for a prolonged period, thereby damaging the chime.  __ Circuit Design by Dennis Eichenberg, Parma Heights, OH

Software PLL locks VCXO to reference -  08/01/98 EDN-Design Ideas (File has several circuit ideas.  Scroll to find this one.)   The circuit in Figure 1 provIdeas a precisely controlled clock signal.  The method modifies the controller's quartz oscillator such that the control voltage at point P1 controls the frequency.  A D/A converter using an R-2R ladder network connected to output port D generates the control voltage.  A precise reference-frequency signal connects to the controller's analog-comparator input, AIN0.  In this application, the reference frequency is 162 kHz (derived from a long-wave broadcast station).  You can use any other 10- to 200-kHz frequency.  __ Circuit Design by Martin Ossmann, Philips Research Labs, Aachen, Germany

Software PLL syncs to line using Moving-average filter -  EDN-Design Ideas 08/20/2015    A software PLL with a jitter attenuator lends itself to AC-line filtering and many other applications__ Circuit Design by Dobromir Dobrev

Stereo Synthesizer -  Different frequency ranges appear at the two outputs, depending on the setting of the controls and create a stereo effect __ Designed by Ethan Winer

Synthesized HF Receiver -  This receiver was originally designed for simplicity and low cost, but, like other projects, it grew.  My receiver is now synthesized and the performance is quite comparable to many commercial designs.   __ Designed by Harry Lythall-SM0VPO

Synthesizer Basics -  Very nice intro to synthesizers.   __ Designed by Harry Lythall-SM0VPO

Two gates & a microprocessor form digital PLL -  04/14/05 EDN-Design Ideas Low-frequency PLL needs just a processor and gates__ Circuit Design by Kenneth Martin, TareTronics Inc, Corinth, MS

Two-gates & a microprocessor form digital PLL -  04/14/05  EDN-Design Ideas Low-frequency PLL needs just a processor and gates__ Circuit Design by Kenneth Martin, TareTronics Inc, Corinth, MS

Ultra-Fast Settling PLL with RF to 13 GHz  -  Refer to User Guide UG-383 for details on running the tests and setting up the software.  , CIRCUIT EVALUATION AND TEST, CIRCUIT EVALUATION AND TEST ___ Analog Devices from the Lab

Unlocked PLL Retains Locked Frequency -  07/20/95 EDN-Design Ideas Using the PC2 in-phase comparator output, the circuit in Fig 1 keeps the unlocked, or free-run, frequency of a 74HC4046 PLL near the locked frequency.  With no signal input, the VCO output normally adjusts to its lowest frequency(one-half the locked frequency, f0].  In some applications, such__ Circuit Design by Karol Freed, HAC, Carlsbad, CA

Veronica 1W PLL FM Transmitter -  The VERONICA transmitter is a very stable, powerful, and high quality FM emitter.  Thanks to a PLL, the output frequency is controlled with DIP switches.  Output power is approximatively 1W with a single regulated 13.8v supply ! (see specifications) Features : * High RF output power : 1W * Full 87.5-108MHz range (100KHz increment).  * Very stable output frequency : Crystal reference & Phase Locked Loop.  * Professional input bandwith (fully RDS compatible) * No complex tuning needed.  * High quality PCB * Full documentation & construction details available __

Wideband LO PLL Synthesizer with Simple Circuit Interface to Quadrature Demodulators  -  A PC with the ADF4350 software is required to program the synthesizer to the desired LO frequency___ Analog Devices from the Lab

Wireless PLL Stereo FM TX with LCD -  Now you can use your MP3 Player to listen your favorite tunes through any FM stereo receiver.  Wireless FM transmitter wirelessly connects portable music players to your car or home stereo quickly and easily.  Just plug the FM Transmitter into the headphone jack of your MP3 or any audio source including iPOD, PDA, CD Player, Cassette player or connect it to your PC or laptop computer.  Tune your card stereo or receiver to the clearest FM frequency, and enjoy your digital music with full sound and convenience.   __

Frequency Synthesizers:  #'s - E        F - Q       R - Z

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