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Microprocessor Circuits   Page 5
Microprocessors:  #'s     A-B     C-G     H-L     M-O     P     Q-S     T-Z
Last Updated on: Thursday, April 07, 2016 01:01 PM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

M Asim Khan's Programmer Ver 3.1 -  Latest M Asim Khan's Programmer featuring more chips, enhance programming speed, support Window2000/XP.....
MAC Address Programming for DP83816 MacPHYTER-II & DP83815 MacPHYTER -  National Semiconductor Application Note  (App Note - added 2/06)
Macrovision removal -  Schematic only, no circuit description
Mag Card Reader -  The unit provides the magnetic head on a spring mechanism along....[Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona]
Mains Clock Controller using AT89C2051 -  (electronic circuit added 7/03)
Mains Clock Controller using AT89C2051 2 -  12/04/97 EDN-Design Ideas....You can use a single-supply circuit to generate a pulse on both the rising and the falling...[Design Idea by Joe Meloche, Ingersoll-Rand Fluid Products Division, Bryan, OH]
Mains Operated Christmas Star -  (circuit / schematic design added 6/06)
Make a DAC with a microcontroller's PWM timer -  5-Sep-02 Issue of EDN  Many embedded-microcontroller applications...[Design Idea by Mike Mitchell, Texas Instruments Inc]
Make noise with a PIC -  7-Aug-03 Issue of EDN  Building a stable noise generator for audio-frequency purposes requires only a few components. The circuit in Figure 1 relies on linear-feedback shift registers and some simple software. An eight-pin Microchip (www.microchip.com] PIC12C508 controller (IC2] with a short program generates pseudorandom noise at its output pin, GP0....[Design Idea by Peter Guettler, APS Software Engineering GmbH, Cologne, Germany]
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Make Your Own Single-Side PCB for Easy-Downloader V1.1 -  I am very happy with my student, Plermjai(his name means feel delighted too) Inchuay (his family name means angel helps him), who provides me his page describing how-to-make a single side PCB for the Easy V.1.1. So cool! his prototype was made by hand writing with a pen for making PCB! Available now single side with Protel format.  .(design added 06/09)
Make Your Own Single-Side PCB for Easy-Downloader V2.0 -  This work was contributed by Bruno Macio from Brazil, a single-side PCB for Easy II with MAX232C for RS232 level converter. For those who use Portuguese may ask him directly.  .(electronic schematic added 06/09)
Making Your Oscillator work -  Microchip Application Note Published 1-Oct-04  (App Note - added 2/06)
Manipulating the Stack of the PIC18 MicroController -  Microchip Application Note Published 21-Mar-02  (App Note - added 2/06)
Marshmallow Gun -  This device uses a PIC12F629 to create a burst of 30 high voltage pulses.  The PIC activates a 1000 volt N-Chan FET driving a standard ignition coil.  After the ignition, the PIC goes dormant until activated again.  Most of the electronics, including .) [Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona]
Mass Storage Device using a PIC MCU -  Microchip Application Note Published 30-Aug-05  (App Note - added 2/06)
Mastering the PIC16C7X A/D Converter -  Microchip Application Note Published 10-Apr-02  (App Note - added 2/06)
Mathematical Manipulation of Pure Sine Wave Inverter using ATMEL 89S2051 -  Didik Rostyono and Harsono Hadi explain how to produce the sinewave output inverter using the ATMEL microcontroller! (available only in pdf file (274kB), click the link to download it) .(Circuit design added 06/09)
Matrix Display using PIC 16F628 -  Config: WDT Off, TIMER On, OSC Internal RC, MCRL Off, LVP Off The Display is an array of 5x24 Leds. I used Shift registers to light up every column, DO NOT USE ANY 74LSXXX TTL. The 74LS is a Low Power TTL that doesn't light up the leds very well. Use the 74HCXXX series or 74FXX series. After almost 2 weeks sleeping only 5 hours every night, the circuit is working. Is hard to get a picture while the display is scrolling the message.  This LED Display allows up to 128 Characters, Just write your message in the EEPROM Data and it will be displayed. If the Display is "blinking",....
Max-038 Signal -  The Max-80 function gernerator IC is specified to work to 20 MHz. So far, this unit works nicely to 50KHz. Since I seldom need signals higher than that, it has taken up a happy .(electronic schematic added 08/08)) [Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona]
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Microprocessors:  #'s     A-B     C-G     H-L     M-O     P     Q-S     T-Z

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