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Microprocessor Circuits
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Last Updated: December 29, 2017 03:15 AM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

A 1000:1 EHT Probe - Do you need to measure the EHT voltage in a CRT-based scope, computer monitor or TV receiver, or perhaps in a photocopier, laser printer or microwave oven? You'll need an EHT probe to suit your digital multimeter    (DMM) to do this and you'll find they are pretty pricey.  Not to worry though, because here's one you can build for less than $40.__ SiliconChip

A 6-Decade Resistance Substitution Box - Get a million resistance values with this __ SiliconChip

A 6-Digit Frequency Counter Module - Low-cost unit measures frequencies up to 40MHz__ SiliconChip

A 70-W S-Band Amplifier for MMDS & Wireless Data/Internet Applications 12/11/00 - App Note 1038__ California Eastern Laboratories

A Balanced Output Board for the Stereo DA - C - This project was inspired by requests from a number of readers.  Essentially they said that the GPS module was great for obtaining a precise time but could we produce a project that used its full capabilities for use in a vehicle?__ SiliconChip

A Battery Powered Lap Top Computer Power Supply - DN18 Design Notes __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

A cheap UV EPROM eraser - An "anti-bacterial" toothbrush holder, a single capacitor and a simple IC carrier are all you need for a fully-functioning EPROM eraser.__ SiliconChip

A compact L-match ATU for portable use - No description, schematic only __ Designed by Peter Parker VK3YE

A Dead-Simple Circuit Masthead Amplifier - Decided to take the plunge and get into digital TV? For most people, it's simple - just plug the new TV or set-top-box into your existing antenna.  But for many, the old TV antenna and cable just won't be up to it.  Here?s a new kit from Oatley Electronics which could solve your digital woes __ SiliconChip

A Digital Tachometer for Your Car - Compact design features a 4-digit LED display and a bargraph.  It can also provide gearchange indication and drive a rev limiter.__ SiliconChip

A Digital Thermometer/Thermostat - It covers the range from -55 °C to 1200°C and has an over or under temperature alarm and switched outputs for thermostatic control.__ SiliconChip

A Digital Timer for Less than $20 - Just "nick" the timer from an old microwave oven and fit it into a case.  The resulting timer has lots of uses.__ SiliconChip

A Digital Voltmeter for Your Car - A PIC microcontroller makes it a snack to build.__ SiliconChip

A guide to surface Mount assembly - Application Note__ MiniCircuits.com

A homemade replacement for the Yaesu FTS-8 subtone encoder - Using just a PIC and an active filter! __ Designed by Manfred Mornhinweg

A Knock Detector for the Programmable Ignition  - The Programmable Ignition System would not be complete without the addition of engine knock sensing.  This Knock Detector is useful for adjusting ignition timing maps and can also automatically retard the ignition timing if engine knock is detected.__ SiliconChip

A Lap Counter for Swimming Pools - Do you swim laps to keep in shape? This simple Picaxe-powered counter will keep track of the number of laps you've done__ SiliconChip

A Little More Serious Frequency Meter - Maximum input frequency is specified to be 30 MHz in the multi-chip configuration, and in single-chip configuration, there are both 5 MHz and 10 Mhz versions operating with 10 and 20 MHz crystals, respectively.  All versions have 9 1/2 digit resolution.  I haveused __ Designed by Dick Cappels

A Low Cost Dynamic VID Power Supply for Pentium® III Processors - Design Solutions 7 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

A Morse Clock-Look Mum, No Hands! - If you want to know the time, you've got to learn Morse code.__ SiliconChip

A Moving Message Display - It's easy to build, easy to program, easy on the pocket and easy on the eye.__ SiliconChip

A Multi-Function GPS Car Computer, Pt2 - Last month, we introduced our new GPS Car Computer and provided full constructional details.  But there's a lot more that we haven't covered yet __ SiliconChip

A new PIC-based Flexitimer Mk.4 - Here's a new and enhanced version of a very popular project: an easily-programmed low-cost electronic timer module.  It's compact, easy to build and offers a choice of either a single on period or continuous on/off cycling with independently programmable periods.__ SiliconChip

A PC to Die For: Part 2-You Can Build It Yourself - Partitioning and formatting the hard disk drive, installing the operating system and sqashing the bugs__ SiliconChip

A PC-Controlled Burglar Alarm SystE - M - Fancy a full-featured alarm control panel with dialler capabilities? This one is PC-programmed and controlled and can handle up to eight zones.  The PC only needs to be powered up for arming and disarming, or you can use an optional keypad.__ SiliconChip

A PIC16F819 Dymoclock (also Demonstrates interfacing 30 LEDs to a PIC using only six I/O pins) - Microcontroller based electronic circuit __ Designed by Bruno Gavand

A PIC16F84A Alarm Clock - Microcontroller based electronic circuit__ Bruno Gavand

A PIC-based "TDOA" RDF (radio direction finder) antenna unit - Microcontroller based electronic circuit__ KA7OEI

A PIC-Based Musical Tuning Aid - This compact device will help you tune almost any musical instrument - acoustic or electronic.  It can produce any note on the tempered musical scale    (standard pitch) in any of the eight most commonly used octaves, with an accuracy of better than ?0.08% or 1.3 musical cents.  The selected note is compared with that from the instrument either by ear or visually by using an eight-LED stroboscopic beat indicator.__ SiliconChip

A PID Temperature Controller - What's a PID controller? PID stands for "proportional integral differential" and relates to a process which seeks to continuously correct the error between a measured variable and a desired setting by calculating an appropriate correction process.  In practice, it can largely avoid the large overshoots and undershoots that occur in simple temerature control systems.__ SiliconChip

A Precision Active Filter Block with Repeatable Performance to 10MHz - DN324 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

A Programmable Continuity Tester - Our go/no-go continuity tester giving you the ability to set minimum continuity.__ SiliconChip

A Programmable PIC-Powered Timer - This PIC-based timer can be set for any period from one second up to 680 days and even    (theoretically) up to nearly 60 years.__ SiliconChip

A Programmable-Continuity-Tester - Easy-to-build unit lets you set the continuity "pass" threshold to anywhere between 1Ω and 100Ω.  It makes an Ideal go/no-go tester.__ SiliconChip

A Quick'n'Easy Digital Slide Scanner - A simple way to copy slides onto your computer's hard drive.  Do you have a large collection of slides which are deteriorating by the day? Are they growing mouldy or becoming discoloured? Then there is no time to waste.  Get them onto your computer's hard drive before it is too late.  This method is very quick, simple and does not require any electronics.__ SiliconChip

A Real Time Clock IC (DS1307) project using the PIC micro - Making A Real Time Clock    (RTC) is simple if you use a helper chip such as a DS1307 because you do not need to keep track of the length of each month or account for leap years.   __ Designed by John Main

A real yoyo project - At about $1.08 each in small quantities, the PIC12F629 is just begging to be used in small and strange projects.  [img:80fe655682]http://www.  circuitdb.  com/download.  php?fileID=140[/img:80fe655682] The original yoyo was equiped with 2 LEDs that lit up when the device was spinning.  I decided to add a micro to give it some extra pazazz.  The trick here is to make the unit work without a power switch.  The mercury switch is positioned so that it supplies power when the unit is spinning.  After about 20 seconds, the PIC shuts down in sleep modes, see listing below.  That way, if the switch is

A Remote Telltale for Garage Doors - If you have a perfect memory you won't need this.  But the rest of us could find it very handy! It lets you know if you've left the garage door open without stumbling out in the dark or the pouring rain...__ SiliconChip

A Rolling Code 4-Channel UHF Remote Control - It has a long range, its rolling code is virtually unbreakable, it uses a keyring transmitter and it's ideal for use with garage door controllers.__ SiliconChip

A Safe Flash Trigger for Your Digital SLR Camera - Many of today's digital SLR cameras risk serious damage if used with an external electronic flash, whether that is a portable type or a large studio "strobe".  We found this was the case here at SILICON CHIP so we have produced a flash trigger to ensure the camera's safety.  You can do likewise - but beware of the JISP!__ SiliconChip

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Microprocessors:  #'s - B      C - F      G - K      L - M      N - P      Q - S      T - Z 

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