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Microprocessor Circuits
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Last Updated: December 29, 2017 03:15 AM

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A Scenix (and PIC) Programmer - I was trying to think of a suitable name for this project, and after literally seconds of careful deliberation, I gave up and decided to call it Fluffy.  Sorry.  Anyway, Fluffy is a SX programmer for people who have already experimented with PIC chips, and want to try out the Scenix SX family.  I built Fluffy because I wanted to experiment with the SX's, but didn't want to spend $300 or so bucks on the official development system.  To build it, you will need a PIC16F84    (a 16C84 will probably also work, but I don't have any to test!) .  Note that this implies you should already have a working PIC programmer.  If you don't, you might want to check out COM84, or any of the multitude of free, cheap PIC programmers available on the web.   __ Designed by Ben  last name not found

A Seriously Bright 20W LED Floodlight - Last February, we published a DIY 10W LED Floodlight, which has been enormously popular.  We said that one was almost blinding - but to paraphrase Croc Dundee, that's not bright.  THIS one is BRIGHT!__ SiliconChip

A Shielded Loop Antenna for DX AM Reception - Dramatically improve your AM reception with this tuned loop antenna.  It's just the shot for remote areas & for minimising interference.__ SiliconChip

A Sine/Square Wave Oscillator for Your Workbench - It uses a switched capacitor filter IC to give a very good envelope stability.__ SiliconChip

A Solar-Powered Intruder Alarm for Sheds & Boats - Most blokes have got a shed - or wish they had! While many people have alarms for their home and cars, a lot of valuable stuff is unprotected in garages and sheds.__ SiliconChip

A Solar-Powered Lighting SystE - M - Need lighting away from a power source? Try this one: it's ideal for your garden, shed or even a camp site.  With a 5W solar panel, a 12V SLA battery and a smart controller, it has 3-stage charging for the battery and Maximum Power Point Tracking    (MPPT) for the solar panel.__ SiliconChip

A Solar-Powered Lighting System, Pt.2 - Last month we described the operation of our new off-grid lighting system, featuring free power courtesy of the sun! Now we move on to the fun part: building it!__ SiliconChip

A Solution Waiting for a ProblE - M - Think up an application for the Aura Interactor Amplifier and you could win a $200 gift Voucher.__ SiliconChip

A Speed Alarm for Cars; Pt 1 - Is your license looking a bit a bit dodgey? This compact speed alarm will help you stick to the speed limits.__ SiliconChip

A Speed Controller for Film Projectors - Do you have old family movies on film? Have you watched them lately? You may be shocked by how much they have deteriorated over the years.  They need to be transferred to DVD before the film deteriorates to the point where it is unwatchable.  Video conversion is not as straightforward as you might think but this simple project enables you to do it.__ SiliconChip

A Universal I/O Board with USB Interface - This hardware I/O board will let you drive a host of digital and analog I/O    (input/outputs) via the USB interface on your laptop or desktop computer.  Based on an Atmel Atmega32 microprocessor and not much else, it works on Windows, Linux and Macs.__ SiliconChip

A Voice Controlled LED Light Show using a VRStamp - A voice controlled LED light show.  Train your board with your voice, then control the LED animation by saying commands!   This project is fitted to the mikroC RSC-4x compiler small memory model : no mikroC licence is needed, just to show the power of the demo version!__ Bruno Gavand

AC Line Powered LEDs - The circuit above illustrates powering a LED    (or two) from the 120 volt AC line using a capacitor to drop the voltage and a small resistor to limit the inrush current.  Since the capacitor must pass current in both directions, a small diode is connected in parallel with the LED to provide a path for the negative half cycle __ Designed by Bill Bowden

AC line powers microcontroller-based fan-speed regulator - 9-Nov-06 EDN-Design Ideas - A microcontroller requires dc operating power in the 2 to 5.5V range, an amount that a battery or a secondary power source can easily supply.  However, in certain situations, a microcontroller-based product must operate directly from a 120 or 220V-ac power outlet without a step-down transformer or a heat-producing, voltage-decreasing resistor. __ Circuit Design by Abel Raynus, Armatron International Inc, Malden, MA

AC Power Line Clock Controller using AT89C2051 - The Clock Controller V1.1was designed to be an exemplary of using 'C' language to control timer0interrupt, 7-segment LED and keypad scanning.  It provides 1-bit sink currentdriving output, for driving a relay, opto-TRIAC, say.  Many projects requiring7-segment display and keypad interfacing may get the idea from the Clockcircuit and software.   __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Acceleration meter for cars - NOTE :  This page is available in Greek and English language.  This circuit it is count the acceleration from -1000mg up to +1000mg.  Can be used in lot of applications like cars, elevators, ramps and more.   __ Designed by Michael Karaoglanidis

AccelR8: a Device for measuring acceleration - This is a fun project.  Unfortunately, it takes some time to develop the code, so this is a work in progress and here i'll just present the project so far.  Basically the AccelR8 is a device for measuring acceleration.  It can measure +/- 2 g.  As it contains a microprocessor, it an also measure time.  This opens up some interesting possibilities.  If we have the acceleration and the time, we can find speed    (V) , as V = a * t.  Also, we can find distance    (D) as D = 0.5 * a * t * t.  If we now the mass of the object we are moving, we can also find the force    (F) applied, as F = m *

Accurate Digital LC Meter - Based on PIC16F84A microcontroller, 16x1 LCD and LM311 IC __ Designed by Radio LocMan

Acquire Images with a Sensor & a Microcontroller - 09/23/10 EDN-Design Ideas - Program a microncontroller to process images.   __ Circuit Design by Ioan Ciascai, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and Liliana Ciascai, Babes-Boylai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Active Filter Has Wideband Tuning Range - 03/28/96 EDN-Design Ideas -  You can use the basic building block of Figure 1and high-speed analog components to build a second-order lowpass variable-frequency filter with excellent phase linearity   (Figure 2].  Figure 1ís filter section includes a Miller integrator followed by a variable-gain amplifier with overall feedback resistor R2.  The overall dc gain is the ratio of R2 to R1.  This circuit has a transfer[Rea Schmid, National Semiconductor, Comlinear Products Group, Fort Collins, CO] __ Circuit Design by Rea Schmid, National Semiconductor, Comlinear Products Group, Fort Collins, CO

Active Multiplexing Saves Inputs - 03/17/11  EDN-Design Ideas - Add an inverter to reduce current and diodes to route inputs to a microcontroller's inputs as needed.   __ Circuit Design by JB Guiot, Mulhouse, France

AD9833 Micro Waveform Generator for an Arduino - Probably the smallest DIY USB Waveform Generator __ Designed by Alexander C. Frank, aka Ajarn Changpuak

Adaptive Turbo Timer - If your car's turbocharger has just been running, it is vital to allow the engine to idle for a few minutes before switching off.  This Adaptive Turbo Timer will do the job automatically.  It only operates when necessary and sets the idle time according to how hard you've driving.__ SiliconChip

Add switch-and-LED I/O to DSPs serial port - 05/07/98 EDN-Design Ideas -    (file contains multiple circuits scroll to find this one.) When you debug an embedded DSP design, it's handy to have a bank of switches and LEDs to simulate inputs or to display intermediate results.  You can attach 16 switches an __ Circuit Design by Stan Sasaki, Twenty-First Designs, Lake Oswego, OR

Adding external memory to Atmega128. Part 1. Schematic - Atmel AVR microcontroller Atmega128 is equipped with internal 4Kbytes of SRAM memory.  Is it enough? Well it depends on what project itís gonna hold.  If your project must deal with loads of data or run larger RTOS code you will definitely run

Adding external memory to Atmega128. Part 2. Software - To test if external memory board works we are going to write a simple routine that tests if microcontroller can allocate memory heaps, write to and read from then.  First of all we have to set up AVRStudio project.  If your are going to use automated

AFSK 1200 Modem Based on PIC16c620 - Schematic Only

Agilent TS-5400 Series II Automotive Electronics Functional Test SystE - M - Application Note__ Aligent

AIR display - A Noisemaker without noise.  A simple rotating display.  Just spin and enjoy.  While the "Air display" is rotating, it writes the message on the air.  Because the "persistence of the vision", you will be able to read the message.  Circuit, see JP6293E.  gif.  Download the HEX file, Program the PIC with JP6293E.  hex.  Algorithm, Build your own Air Display using code.  txt __ Designed by Jose Pino

Almost No Parts' 7-segments 12/24 Hours LED clock with PIC 16F84A or 16F628A - Almost No Parts Microcontroller based electronic circuit

Altimeter Project - Making a altimeter using the Basic Stamp II.  I finally got my Basic Stamp Pocket Altimeter done.  My first version of my altimeter used a linear equation , which i found is not really accurate at all.  So i got a PAK II math coprocessor to calculate the altitude.  Although the PAK II worked like a charm in my old bulky altimeter, I wanted to make one that was pocket size and the PAK II was just too big.  In pocket altimeter I overcame the Stamp's lack of math capabilties by using a method known as linearization to do the calculations.   __ Designed by Shaun Wilson

Altoids Tin LowFER Transmitter - Here's a complete LF Beacon transmitter for LowFER    (Low-Frequency Experimental Radio) .  The transmitter is designed for license-free operation between 160 kHz and 190 kHz, consuming the legal limit of 1 watt power input to the final RF output stage.  For fun, the complete transmitter is built into an Altoids mint tin.  The circuit is built dead-bug style on a piece of copper clad circuit borad material, lightly painted with Testors transparent Hot Rod Red to prevent tarnish.  The paint doesn't seem to make soldering any more difficult.  The board is grounded to the tin in a few places.   __ Contact: Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

AN-10-002  Miniature power splitters - AN-10-002 App Note__ MiniCircuits.com

AN-30-004  Coupler Theoretical Main-Line Loss Calculation - AN-30-004 App Note__ MiniCircuits.com

AN-60-010  Biasing MMIC Amplifiers e.g. ERA SERIES - AN-60-010 Application Note__ MiniCircuits.com

AN-60-014   New Molded-package MAV Amplifiers - AN-60-014 Application Note__ MiniCircuits.com

AN-60-016  MNA, Low Profile, Low Cost, Fully Integrated Monolithic Microwave Amplifiers - AN-60-016  Application Note __ MiniCircuits.com

AN-60-024   New MAR-8A & MAR-8ASM Amplifiers - AN-60-024 Application Note__ MiniCircuits.com

AN-60-030  Using the Catalog Specifications to Determine MMIC Reliability - AN-60-030 Application Note__ MiniCircuits.com

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Microprocessors:  #'s - B      C - F      G - K      L - M      N - P      Q - S      T - Z 

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