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Microprocessor Circuits
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Last Updated: December 29, 2017 03:15 AM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Analog Datalogger Based On T89C51RD2 - I had requested by head of the department of Applied Physics to design a low-cost device for the workshop on "Building Simple Instrument for Physics Lab" held in August 1, 2003 at the Faculty of Science, KMITL.  The workshop has 29 participants.  All of them are from high school physics teachers.   __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Analog inputs for ATtiny26 - Study the Analog to Digital capabilities of Atmel ATtiny26.  This check circuit uses only 3 inputs.  Of course you can may changes to use more inputs  __ Designed by Vassilis Stergiopoulos

Analog to Digital Conversion notes - This chapter shows how to connect an analogue signal to a PIC. 
An analogue signal is similar to a sine wave and is generally less than 5v    (5,000mV) in amplitude.  Low-level signals are generally expressed in mV, to make them instantly recognisable and easy to talk about.   __ Designed by Colin Mitchell

Analog-Input serves any microcontroller - 20-Dec-01 EDN-Design Ideas - The simple ADC in Figure 1 is perfect for getting analog signals into a purely digital microcontroller.  Using just five surface-mount parts, you can assemble it for less than 50 cents   (1000], which is approximately half the cost of a single-chip-ADC approach in the same volume.  Moreover, this design takes only one pin from the microcontroller to operate __ Circuit Design by Steven Hageman, Agilent Technologies, Santa Rosa, CA

Analogue Input On Raspberry Pi - While you can connect your analogue input/output devices to Arduino very easily, it is not so easy with Raspberry Pi    (Raspi) .  There are no analogue GPIO pins on Raspi; all GPIOs...__ Electronics Projects for You

Anti-crosstalk for Network I/O - PIC Project  This example is using a PIC16F628 - a real favorite of mine recently.  Among its other features is a full function hardware UART.  This circuit was part of a servo motor controller circuit using a 74LS07 in the design.  One    (left over) section of this chip is used to provide the open collector output drive.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Anti-symmetric FIR filter slashes resource use - EDN-Design Ideas - 12/22/2014    An anti-symmetric FIR design with the same implementation advantage as a symmetric - FIR filters used for signal manipulation in the digital domain have either a symmetric or anti-symmetric impulse response, i.e., where N is the order of filter.   Anti-symmetric filters have a phase-shift property and are widely used as phase shifters.  Consider an FIR filter of order N, with N + 1 coefficients.  For a symmetric FIR filter of order N, by exploiting the symmetric nature of the filter, the memory and multiplier requirements are scaled down by almost 50%.   This  Design Ideas extends the same advantage to anti-symmetric filters. __ Circuit Design by Punithavathi Duraiswamy

Appliance Energy Meter, Pt.1 - Want to know how much electricity appliances in your house are using and how much they cost to run.Build this Energy Meter and find out.__ SiliconChip

Appliance Energy Meter, Pt.2 - Second article has all the construction and setting-up details.  Build it to help control your energy costs.__ SiliconChip

AquaCont-Aquarium Control - The AquaCont is an electronic system witch permits to manage and to monitor most of the parameters of all the electrics devices that can be found in a aquarium.  The PIC18F4520 used to realize it, combines a real time clock and a temperature sensor in order to control 8 relays.  Schematic can be found at http://www.  texasarchery.  org/Documents/Timer/NewSchematic.  jpg.  

Arduino 7 Segment LED Display & Counter - This is a simple 0 to 9 counter circuit constructed using Arduino! Here, a common cathode 7-segment LED display is connected to Arduino for displaying the digits.   The code    (Arduino sketch) allows push button increment of the counter from 0 to 9.   The whole circuit can be powered from a standard 9V PP3/6F22 battery, or from any suitable Arduino power adaptor.

Arduino Alarm clock using 16x2 LCD Module - The alarm clock described on this page is a large example application that uses many of the classes in the provided libraries: LCD, Form, Field, SoftI2C, DS1307RTC    (or DS3232RTC) , Melody and PowerSave.

Arduino As Avr Programmer - For my project I need two Arduino boards, but I have only one Arduino Mega 2560 board  (refer Fig.1) . I can either buy an Arduino Uno board  (that costs approx. __ Designed by 12/20/2014 - EFY

Arduino based line following robot in 10 minutes - Line followers are one of the most prominent kinds of robots.  They have existed for a very long time, however, the technologies used for building them have changed rapidly.  Earlier, controller boards the size of bricks were used, but now they have shrunk and become tremendously powerful.  Now, technology allows you to build a line follower in just under 10 minutes if you have the parts for it.  So enjoy building this quick and easy line follower.  Have fun with this DIY hacking tutorial! __ Designed by © EETech Media, LLC

Arduino based Motion triggered camera using a PIR sensor - Arduino has taken off as an incredibly popular building block among ubicomp    (ubiquitous computing) enthusiasts, robotics hobbyists, and DIY home automation developers.   __ Designed by "Kubrick" Michael Heilemann

Arduino Based Programmable Digital Data Display - LCDs are widely used in applications like token-display machines in smalls and supermarkets, order number displays in restaurants and café, and so on.  The project presented here demonstrates the working of...__ Electronics Projects for You

Arduino Based RGB Colour Code Generator - Red, green and blue    (RGB) are the basic colours for generating various other colours by mixing colours in a particular proportion.  This technique is used in TVs, mobiles etc.  Similarly, Web...__ Electronics Projects for You

Arduino Experimenter Kit - Embark on a fun-filled frenzy of electromechanical experimentation. __ Contact: Jameco Electronics

Arduino Flame Sensor Interface - Build fire alarm or fire detector using Flame sensor and Arduino board, the sensor basically detects IR    (Infra Red) light wavelength between 760 nm – 1100 nm    (nano meter) that is emitted from fire flame.  Most of the flame sensors came with YG1006 sensor which is a high speed and high sensitive NPN silicon photo transistor.  It is covered with black epoxy, since the sensor is sensitive to infrared radiation

Arduino High speed Oscilloscope with PC interface - Use your Arduino and PC as a fast Storage Oscilloscope.  The Arduino can reliably gather voltage readings at a frequency of between 141 and 153 KiloHertz. __ Designed by David Patterson

Arduino LCD digital clock using a DS1307 RTC - Hello friends, today I am going to build a Digital Clock using Arduino UNO and famous DS1307 Real Time Clock IC.   Before we begin, here are some images of the completed project.  You can find the YouTube video at the bottom of the page.

Arduino LFO Waveform Generator - This project uses an Arduino microprocessor and a DAC0808 8 bit parallel DAC to produce arbitrary low frequency oscillator    (LFO) waveforms.  These waveforms are useful for driving a tremolo/vibrato circuit in a guitar amplifier such as the Lil Tiger or a phaser effect such as the Liquidator __ Designed by G. Forrest Cook

Arduino LFO Waveform Generator V2 - This project uses an Arduino microprocessor and a MAX522 8 bit serial DAC to produce arbitrary low frequency oscillator    (LFO) waveforms.  These waveforms are useful for driving a tremolo/vibrato circuit in a guitar amplifier such as the Lil Tiger or the Hammonator 2RVT.  This is a second generation version of this project, see the first version for reference. __ Designed by G. Forrest Cook

Arduino Mega 2560 schematic-Arduino R3 - Microcontroller based electronic circuit-Schematic only

Arduino MIDI interface (Arduino MIDI Drum Kit & Spooky Sound Trigger) - Here’s a quick project using techniques from this week’s class that turns an Arduino board and a few buttons and piezos into a MIDI drum kit or scary sound trigger.  Hide piezo sensors around the house during your Halloween party to trigger scary sounds when people walk around! __ Designed by todbbot blog

Arduino Network relay - Remote control your electrical devices through your local network or internet.  The circuit contains one output    (Relay) and one input    (isolated input) .  The whole project is made in arduino nano platform with ENC28J60 ethernet module. The controlling software "Network relay" was written for Android devices and is available  on Google play . __ Designed by © Vassilis Serasidis

Arduino Piggyback On Raspberry Pi - Arduino is a perfect mindless slave.  Give it a job and it performs the task endlessly without defaulting even for a nano second.  On the other hand, Raspberry Pi, or Raspi,...__ Electronics Projects for You

Arduino precision voltage reference based on a REF102 reference source - This project is a Hack-together of an Arduino UNO    (others may need modifications) and a Shield "RENÉ".  It generates an ultra-stable Reference Voltage of ± 0.001 up to ± 10.000 V, adjusteable in 0.001 V steps. __ Designed by Alexander C. Frank, aka Ajarn Changpuak

Arduino Projects: Android Phone-Controlled Robot - Android smartphones are undoubtedly the most popular gadgets these days.  You will find various apps on the Internet that exploit inbuilt hardware in these mobile phones, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi,...__ Electronics Projects for You

Arduino Projects: Audio VU Meter - Presented here is an Arduino based audio volume unit    (VU) meter that uses a liquid crystal display    (LCD) .  A VU meter or standard volume indicator    (SVI) is a device that displays...__ Electronics Projects for You

Arduino Projects: Connecting Arduino Board with Android Device - Arduino is an Open Source, single-microcontroller electronics prototyping board with easy-to-use hardware and software.  It was developed in 2005 by Massimo Banzi and David Cuartielles.  Arduino is capable of interacting with...__ Electronics Projects for You

Arduino Projects: Digital IC Tester with Embedded Truth Table - Different ICs come with different specifications.  Thus, it becomes imperative to apply different hardware configurations and feed all possible inputs for checking different ICs.  We need some easy and useful techniques...__ Electronics Projects for You

Arduino Projects: Esp8266 Wireless Web Server - The project is based on low-cost ESP8266 Wi-Fi module.  Currently, ESP8266 is gaining popularity in the field of electronics because it is low-cost, reliable and easily available in the market.  Most...__ Electronics Projects for You

Arduino Projects: Fancy Lights Controller - The fancy lights controller described here is built around the Arduino    (an Open Source single-board microcontroller) platform that can be purchased in pre-assembled hardware form.  The circuit is nothing but a...__ Electronics Projects for You

Arduino Projects: Fingerprint Door Unlock SystE - M - This simple fingerprint sensor project using Arduino can be very useful for door security, forensics, crime investigation, personal identification, attendance system and much more.  In the future, there could be many...__ Electronics Projects for You

Arduino Projects: Home Automation System using a Simple Circuit Android App - Nowadays, people have smartphones with them all the time.  So it makes sense to use these to control home appliances.  Presented here is a home automation system using a simple Android...__ Electronics Projects for You

Arduino Projects: Making Arduino Shields using Fritzing - We are all familiar with Arduino shields available in the market.  These allow us to increase the functions and capabilities of Arduino boards.  Without these it is difficult to connect the...__ Electronics Projects for You

Arduino Projects: Pre-Primary Tutor - A simple tutor for kids is presented here.  An Arduino board    (or its equivalent Freeduino) , three tactile switches and a 16x2 LCD module are the main components used here.  Arduino is selected...__ Electronics Projects for You

Arduino Projects: RF Controlled Robot - Here we present a simple Arduino-board based robot that can be driven remotely using an RF remote control.  This robot can be built very quickly in a small budget.  The RF...__ Electronics Projects for You

Arduino Projects: Sixth-Sense Media Player - Sixth sense or gestural interface program is a popular term especially in robotics and wearable computers.  This project describes a hand-gesture-controlled media player.  Many hand-gesture-controlled media players have been developed based...__ Electronics Projects for You

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Microprocessors:  #'s - B      C - F      G - K      L - M      N - P      Q - S      T - Z 

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