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Miscellaneous Circuits

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Last Updated: December 29, 2017 03:15 AM

Capacitance Proximity Switch
Draws very low power - Ideal for battery-powered applications
6 Models Available - Call 806-368-7747

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Once pulse per pushbutton press - Schematic only __ Designed by va3iul

Op Amp Precision Half-wave Rectifier including SPICE simulation - Rectifiers are often called into action to measure signal strength.  Rectify an AC signal, pass it through a low-pass filter and the resulting DC level represents some measure of the signal's magnitude.  Although the series diode is the classic rectifier, it can't rectify signals smaller that it own forward voltage! But what if your expected amplitude can be as low as 100 mV? Op amps to the rescue! __ 

Optimize Sensor Systems using Fixed Component - 07/06/95 EDN-Design Ideas - A design method that uses device-to-device variations, temperature effects, and component tolerances allows you to configure optimum amplifier and ADC circuitry for sensor systems.  A circuit design for a sensor system with fixed-value components is easier and less costly to produce in high volume.  The alternatives to using fixed-value circuitry--laser-trimming resistors, manually calibrating potentiometers, or measuring and selecting specific component values __ Circuit Design  by Eric Jacobsen and Jeff Baum, Motorola Sensor Products Division

Passive Components Cancel Phase Error - 06/09/94 EDN-Design Ideas - The circuit in Fig 1 aims to achieve a constant, frequency-independent delay filter with a very flat amplitude characteristic that is insensitive to input impedance and load resistance.  The addition of C1 and L1 cancels the nonlinear, third-order term in the formula relating the output phase angle (f) to the frequency (f) : __ Circuit Design  by Stan Bleszynski, Applied Micro Electronics Ltd, Dublin, Ireland

Pathfinder - Remember the little Mars-Explorer that NASA had sent to drive around on the Mars surface and make pictures? I was so impressed that I built my own little explorer.  It is remote controlled on 430 MHz via DTMF and sends live Video-Pictures back on 2.3 GHz FM-ATV.    __ Designed by Herbert Dingfelder

Perform Bitwise Operation In Excel Spreadsheets - 30-Oct-08 EDN-Design Ideas - Adding in some new functions allows Excel spreadsheets to perform bitwise operations __ Circuit Design  by Bruno Muswieck, Eletroeste, Uruguaiana, Brazil

Plug Pack Regulator - Plug Packs can be found everywhere.  They are strong and reliable and most important, they are safe.  They consist of a transformer enclosed in a plastic case with 2 or 3 pins at one end that can be plugged directly into a power point.  They come __ Contact Collin Mitchell

PoE+ Delivers 13W to 70W for Powered Devices (PDs)  - App Note 4161-- 1/28/2008 -- (add 5/08) __ Maxim Integrated

Power Conditioning Techniques for Batteries - AN8 A variety of approaches for power conditioning batteries is given.  Switching and linear regulators and converters are shown, with attention to efficiency and low power operation.14 circuits are presented with performance data.  __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Power Conversion from Milliamps to Amps at Ultra High Efficiency Up to 95% - AN54 Linear Technology This App Note discusses the use of the LTC1147, LTC1148, and LTC1149 ultra high efficiency switching regulators in a wide variety of applications.  These controllers feature a current-mode architecture which includes an automatic low current operating mode called Burst ModeTM operation, making greater than 90% efficiencies possible at__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Power Gain Stages for Monolithic Amplifiers - AN18 Linear Technology This note presents output state circuits which provide power gain for monolithic amplifiers.  The circuits feature voltage gain, current gain, or both.  Eleven designs are shown, and performance is summarized.  A generalized method for frequency__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Power Solutions for the DeviceBay - DN197 Design Notes __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Power Supply Tracker can also Margin Supplies - DN372 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Powerful stun gun / taser - Presented Here For Informational Purposes only, Not for Actual Construction! __ Designed by G.L. Chemelec

Practicalry for Measurement & Control Problems - AN61 Linear Technology This collection of circuits was worked out between June 1991 and July of 1994.  Most were designed at customer request or are derivatives of such efforts.  Types of circuits include power converters, transducer signal conditioners, amplifiers and signal generators.  Specific__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Precise Low Voltage Power Supp - With 20mA to 2A current regulation __ Designed by Bertrik Sikken

Precise Movement Meter - Schematic only __ Designed by va3iul

Precision Analog Bests Digital In Speed, Noise, Simplicity & Ease Of Implementation - 16-Oct-08 EDN-Design Ideas - Analog beats digital for simplicity and noise __ Circuit Design  by Paul Antonucci, Alberti’s Window, Watertown, MA

Precision Clamp Recovers In Nanosecond - 06/09/94 EDN-Design Ideas - High-speed ADCs sometimes place very strict limits on their allowable input-voltage range, limits that generally require the use of input clamps.  Some applications require very temperature-stable clamps that don't interfere with the speed of a 50-MHz amplifier.  Fig 1 shows one such circuit that clamps positive-going voltages to 1.25V at 10 mA, and you can easily adapt it for negative-going voltages and different voltage and current levels.  Recovery from the clamped state occurs in about 1 nsec. __ Circuit Design  by Steven D Roach, Kaman Instrumentation, Colorado Springs, CO

Produce Current From Positive or Negative High-Voltage Supplies - 05/26/11  EDN-Design Ideas - A simple modification lets you use an N-channel MOSFET in both applications.   __ Circuit Design  by Kurt Nell, Sankt Pölten, Austria

Proportional Temperature Control for Gunnplexer-W4UCH - Schematic only __ Designed by va3iul

Proximity Detector NE567 - Schematic only __ Designed by va3iul

Miscellaneous:      - #'s - H -      I - N     O - P     R - S      T - Z

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