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BA1404 3V Stereo FM Transmitter - This simple circuit is based on BA1404 FM Transmitter, works with two AA batteries and can drive a 300W dipole antenna for improved range.  There are many applications for an FM transmitter, particularly if it can broadcast in stereo.  You can broadcast stereo signals from your CD player or any other source to an FM tuner or radio.  The transmitter uses a single IC and a few other components.  It broadcasts on the FM band   (88-108MHz) so that it can be received by any standard FM tuner or portable radio. __

BA1404 Transmitter with UPC1651RF Amplifier - BA1404 transmitter includes onboard RF amplifier for increased transmitting range.  Operating voltage range is 1-3V, the circuit contains FM stereo mixer, 38KHZ oscillator, FM modulator and high-frequency amplifier monolithic integrated circuit.  As the "electronic newspaper" BBS there are many users requiring detailed information on the FM stereo transmitter, so I re-collect the relevant information on the simple discrete, merge, integrated FM stereo transmitter experiment, that BA1404 with μpc1651 mix of the most easy to make and debug, and very high frequency stability   (relative to the previous circuit BA1404), transmission power is increased by UPC1651RF amplifier. __

BandPass Filter - This bandpass filter is in fact a combined high- and lowpassfilter.  The first stages are a highpass   (f>70MHz) and the last stages a low pass   (f<180MHz).  The lost of this filter is several watts when driven with 20[Watts], but the output signal is   (when adjusted with a spectrum analyser) very clean. __

Basic FM Transmitter - This basic RF oscillator circuit is easy to build and the components are not critical.  Most of them can be found in your junk parts box.  The circuit operated with 9V DC power supply.  The L1 antenna coil can be made by close winding 8 to 10 turns of 22 gauge insulted magnetic wire around 1/4 inch form such as a pencil.  You can experiment with the size of the coil and the number of turns to see how it affects the frequency and signal output of the oscillator.  You should be able to pick up its signal with standard FM radio receiver.  Signal In to any audio player through 0.1uF capacitor. __

BCD Receiver without Coils - The radio consists of two phase-shifting transistor stages   (T1 and T2) and a RF amplifier   (T3).  The gain of T1 is almost one   (R4/R5).  Phase shift of this stage is 90 degrees at a frequency determined by P2 and C4.  The second stage   (T2) is identical to the first; the frequency of 90 degrees phase shift   (electroninc design) __

BH1415F FM Stereo PLL Transmitter - Transmitter power amplifier, the output signal from BH1415F by 2 SC9018, 2SC3355, 2SC2053 amplified signal can reach more than 500 mW, adjusting well to achieve greater power.  Measured by the pull rod antenna used to be launched in the open 800 meters above.  Uses external antenna will be launched even further.  attention in 2053 need to be installed and tested at the load connected to leave, or else very easily burn 2053, 50 European amateur production of 2 W can be used instead of resistance.  Installed and tested at three levels circuit can be installed and tested. __

BH1417 PLL Stereo Transmitter - This is the latest BH1417 FM Transmitter design from RHOM that includes a lot of features in one small package.  It comes with pre-emphasis, limiter, stereo encoder, low pass filter, PLL rock solid frequency transmission and RF output buffer. __

BH1417 Stereo PLL FM Transmitter - The new FM Stereo Micromitter is now crystal-locked which means that the unit does not drift off frequency over time.  In addition, the distortion, stereo separation, signal-to-noise ratio and stereo locking are much improved on this new unit compared to the earlier designs.  The specifications panel has further details___ SiliconChip

BH1417 USB FM Transmitter - Here's BH1417 USB FM Transmitter with built-in PLL circuit.  Its low-frequency signal is converted into high-frequency, which can take any audio device with FM radio   (stereo, car CD, MP3, DVD player, etc.), as a normal radio station.  Transmitter power is sufficient for reliable reception of its signal within a few tens of meters.  The basis of the device is a chip BH1417F, included in a typical scheme.  This device contains all the necessary circuitry to generate a composite stereo signal c of the pilot tone, the RF generator with PLL and power amplifier.  A detailed description is given in. __

Broadband Low Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) Direct Conversion Transmitter using LO Divide-by-2 Modulator-1 - The EVAL-ADF4350EB1Z board uses the standard ADF4350 programming software, contained on the CD that accompanies the evaluation board.  , Equipment Needed Windows® XP, Windows Vista   (32-bit), or Windows 7   (32-bit) PC with USB Port, the ADF4350EB1Z, and the ADL5385-EVALZ circuit evaluation boards, the ADF4350 programming software, power supplies, I-Q signal source, such as a Rhode & Schwarz AMIQ, The user guide UG-109 details the installation and use of the EVAL-ADF4350 evaluation software.  ___ Analog Devicess from the Lab

Broadband Low Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) Direct Conversion Transmitter-2 - The control software for the EVAL-CN0285-EB1Z uses the standard ADF4351 programming software located on the CD that accompanies the evaluation board.  , Equipment Needed The following equipment is needed:, Bullet text, For additional details, see the UG-521 User Guide , the ADF4351 data sheet, and the ADL5375 data sheet.  Getting Started See the UG-521 User Guide , for software installation and test setup.  ___ Analog Devicess from the Lab

Broadband, Low Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) Direct Conversion Transmitter using LO Divide-by-2 Modulator-2 - The UG-435 user guide details the installation and use of the EVAL-ADF4351EB1Z evaluation software___ Analog Devicess from the Lab

Build a Crystal Set (Simple Circuit AM radio receiver) - Building a crystal set may lead you to a lifetime of electronics addiction.  I have heard so many tails that there is no doubt that a crystal set is the gateway drug to electronics.  In these modern times it's not easy to find parts.  Some of you may be afraid of winding coils   (it took me many years to get over helixaphobia.  However my investigations have led me to the inescapable conclusion that winding coils is the best way. __  Designed by Max Robinson

Build a Simple Circuit AM Radio - This simple AM radio can built in two forms.  One is shirt pocket size, not much larger than an Android phone, which drives headphones or ear-buds.  The other is a retro-style mantel radio with a hand-span dial and a 100mm   (4-inch) loudspeaker in a basic timber cabinet.___ SiliconChip

Build a Simple Circuit crystal set - amateur radio construction projects.   __  Designed by Peter Parker

Build the "Aussie-3" Valve AM Radio - So you thought valve technology was dead! Well it is - but we have exhumed enough of it to produce a 3-valve radio which has quite a respectable performance.  It is a superheterodyne circuit, based entirely on readily available components.  It is suitable for moderately-experienced constructors - even those who've never touched a valve in their lives!___ SiliconChip

Build Your Own Micro FM Transmitter - A fun Make project. __  Contact Jameco Electronics

Cardboard AM Radio Resonant Loop Passive Booster Antenna - An excellent use for copper wire, a trimmer capacitor and some lovely cardboard.   __  Designed by Henry  last name not given

CB Transmitter - For the regulation it needs a voltmeter (with needle better) and charge 50W/5W.  Connect charge 50W in the place of aerial, with the voltmeter in the exit voltmeter.  Be supplied the transmitter with + 12V.  It will be supposed we have consumption between 0, 7-1A.  With a screwdriver we regulate the core of inductor L1/L2 and later the variable C6 until we see the biggest tendency.  We connect the microphone and speaking we observe the clue in the multimeter.  If all have become right will be supposed the tendency, speaking, to go up roughly 30-35%.   __

Cheap Crystal filter - Ladder filter using six 4.43MHz Crystals.  Building cheap side band filter for your bome brew SSB Rig __

Ck-3V FM Transmitter - Circuit design___ Carl's Electronics

Coil-less FM Transmitter by IC 40107 - The RF oscillator using the inverter U1B and 10.7Mhz ceramic filter is driving the parallel combination of U1D to U1F through U1C.  Since these inverters are in parallel the output impedance will be low so that it can directly drive an aerial of __

Crystal AM Transmitter - Here is the circuit of a medium-power AM transmitter that delivers 100-150 mW of radio frequency (RF) power.At the heart of the circuit is a crystal oscillator.  A 10MHz crystal is___ Electronics Projects for You

Dashboard Digital Voltmeter Project - This project is heLPFul to anyone who drives an automobile.  I had found this project at the local libary.  In an old publication.  I made it and it worked fine.  Below are the complete text and schematic of the Dashboard Digital Voltmeter.  I re-typed the text and re-drew the schematic.  as the printing from the book was old and faded.  Sit back and read the story why this LED display might just save you from being stranded on the road! __  Designed by braincambre500 @ yahoo.com

Designing an AM Receiver for Low Power Wireless Systems using the NEC UPC2768GR IC 7/22/96 - App Note  Doc #921___ California Eastern Laboratories

DTMF Radio Remote Control - Here is a circuit of a remote control unit which makes use of the radio frequency signals to control various electrical appliances.  This remote control unit has 4 channels which can be easily extended to 12.  This circuit differs from similar circuits in view of its simplicity and a totally different concept of generating the control signals __  Designed by Radioland.net

Easy FM Keyer - Many no code Technician class amateurs who are struggling to learn 5 WPM code simply do not have any avenue to get the necessary on the air practice.  Figure 1 is a simple circuit which will generate a 700 Hz tone into any FM transceiver allowing an amateur to practice CW with another amateur on a 2 meter simplex frequency __  Designed by Radio Amateur Society of Norwich

Easy FM transmitter 0,4 W - Schematic + Parts List + PCB __   Jan Kolar

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Modulators:  #'s - A        B - F        G - M        N - T        U - Z -

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