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Musical Circuits
Musical Circuits:  #'s - C        D -M        N - S        T - Z  

Last Updated: December 29, 2017 03:15 AM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

The 125 Theremin - A Vacuum Tube Pitch Theremin

The 126 Theremin - A Complete Vacuum Tube Theremin

The 144 Theremin - An Improved Version of the Southwest Technical Products Model 142 Theremin

The 145 Theremin - An Improved Version of the 144 Theremin

The 2006 Minimum Theremin - An Improved Version of the Minimum Theremin

The 203 Theremin - A Battery-Operated Version of the Wien-Bridge Theremin

The Beast-100 to 300W Push-Pull 3CX300A1 Amp! - This project was inspired by a visit with Eric Barbour, Applications Engineer for Svetlana , in his Portola Valley, CA office.  I was in Silicon Valley on other business and decided to pop in to meet face to face.  Eric had, in the past year or so, been very supportive of my efforts with my Single Ended SV811-10 Amplifier.   __ Designed by Bob Danielak

The JFET Doubler - A Simple Screaming Octave - This circuit is a follow up to the MOS Doubler  (tm) that I did a while back. I did this one to test the supposition that if you generate a good octave by cancelling out everything except the distortion in a circuit, then you could get back the signal mixed with as much of the distortion as you liked by un-balancing the cancellation circuit.  Turns out that it works. __ Designed by R.G. Keen

The Marshall 18W - The Marshall 18W adapted for use as a distortion stompbox.   __ Contact: holler @ runoffgroove.Com

The Minimum Theremin - A Very Simple Pitch Theremin

The Squirrel Monkey One Tube Guitar Amp - tiny class-A tube practice amp __ Designed by G. Forrest Cook

The Studio Stacks - Every lounge needs an ambisonic analogue synth studio.   __ Designed by Henry 

The Wien Bridge Theremin - A Theremin without Inductors

Theremin controller - Hand and body motions in proximity to the sensing antennas produce frequency changes in a Hartley oscillator operating at approximately 750kHz.  The signal from this variable oscillator is mixed with a constant reference frequency in a ring modulator and the result passed through a single pole of low pass filter to leave only the difference between the variable and reference oscillator frequencies.  The sensing circuitry is duplicated for Pitch and Volume sensor antennas. __ Designed by John Simonton

Theremin for Tube Enthusiasts by Craig Sellen - Nearly everyone who has ever watched television or attended a motion picture has heard music and background effects produced by a Theremin, yet relatively few could recognize the instrument, and fewer still have had the chance to own or play one.  With its astounding tonal and dynamic ranges, it has been used to produce background music and special effects in scores of science-fiction, fantasy, horror, and mystery shows __ Designed by C. Sellen

Theremin with MC1496 - Schematic only __ Designed by va3iul

Thor - The Thunderchief project, released in March 2004, was the first runoffgroove.com circuit that was developed using the tubes-to-FETs process.  Enlightened and inspired by Doug Hammond's excellent Meteor circuit, we used the same approach in an effort to capture some of the legendary magic of the Marshall Super Lead.  The circuit's performance pleased us, but there were issues. __ Contact: holler @ runoffgroove.Com

Timer Remembers Your Rhythm - 01/05/95 EDN-Design Ideas - The unpretentious controller in Fig 1 remembers the interval between your pressing its start and stop buttons.  Thereafter, the controller switches the load on and off every day at the same times as you did.  You reset the controll __ Circuit Design by MS Nagaraj, ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Tone Filters for Electronic Organs - As the organ is a sustained-tone instrument, achieving a satisfactory imitation of the steady-state acoustic emission of organ pipes is of paramount importance. In this respect, the design of the tone-forming filters is crucial, yet there is a curious absence of definitive material dealing with filter design __ by  C E Pykett B Sc, Ph D

Tonemender - The Tonemender is a very flexible, yet simple clean boost with a 3-knob tonestack that allows the user to re-create the classic Fender, Marshall and Vox responses.  We suggest using a TLC2272 for the dual op-amp.  The TLC2272 is rated for low-noise and rail-to-rail output, which will offer the highest possible clean boost and dynamic range.  The NE5532 is another good choice, but a TL072 can also be used with decent results __ Contact: holler @ runoffgroove.Com

Touch-Sensitive Musical Bell with Timer - This circuit is built around CMOS IC CD4011 and popular melody generator IC UM66. When touch plates are bridged by hand for a moment. the circuit starts to generate music. After __ 01/01/07 - EFY

Toy Organ - Some useful circuits using the LM555 IC.  Scroll to find the toy organ circuit __ Designed by Jose Pino

Transformer Short Tester - Transformer Short Tester __ Designed by Guitar Effect RC Keen

Transistor linearly digitizes airflow - 09/19/02 EDN-Design Ideas - A sensitive and reliable way to measure airflow is to take advantage of the predictable relationship between heat dissipation and air speed.  The principle of thermal anemometry relies on King's Law, which dictates that the power required to maintain a fixed differential between the surface of a heated sensor and the ambient air temperature increases as the square root of air speed __ Circuit Design by Steve Woodward, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Transistor Organ - This simple circuit can provide hours of enjoyment as you learn tunes, play duets or just make some really weird sounds by pushing all the buttons at once.  You have probably seen this circuit before, it is fairly common.  I have seen it in several __ Designed by Aaron Cake

Transmission Line Enclosure Speakers - Built for my Ambisonic surround rig, and an interesting project.  But don't do this unless you're clinically insane; Buy them instead.   __ Designed by Henry 

Transposable Chord Generator - This circuit consists of three precise triangle-wave oscillators, each using an Analog Devices type AD654 voltage controlled oscillator  (VCO) and an AD620 instrumentation amplifier  (INAMP) .  Each oscillator frequency  (F1, F2, F3) is adjusted with a ten-turn potentiometer.  The three triangle waves are summed at U1B to produce a triad chord.  Transposition of the triad over a wide range is achieved by dividing each of the input voltages by a common factor, set by the TRANSPOSE potentiometer and buffered by U1A.   __ Designed by Arthur Harrison

Treble Booster/Overdrive including a peRF board layout - A stone cold crazy treble-boosted overdrive.   __ Contact: holler @ runoffgroove.Com

Tremolo Effect for Electric Guitar or Other Musical Instruments - Tremolo circuit is a kind of sound effect.  We can see this type of effect is applied  in guitar effect pedals.  Tremolo effect is produced if we modulate the amplitude of an audio signal.  The shape of modulating signal can vary from square wave, sawtooth, or sine.  When we use a square wave, then the effect produce a knocking-like sound which might be perceived like a percussive instrument.

Tremolo Unit - A versatile guitar effect.  This is a simple circuit that gives very good results __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

Tremolo Unit for Musicians - Jazz up your music with this easy to build unit.__ SiliconChip

Triple Spring Reverb A spring reverb unit using three high quality Accutronics spring tanks with different decay times and feedback controls.   __ Designed by Henry 

Tri-Vibe - A versatile modulation effect that offers true vibrato.   __ Contact: holler @ runoffgroove.Com

Tube Car Stereo Amp - YES, a tube amp in a CAR!!! __ Designed by Bob Danielak

Tube Screamer-based overdrive - Tube Screamer-based overdrive.   __ Contact: holler @ runoffgroove.Com

Tube Sound Fuzz Adaptation - Mark Hammer's Tube Sound Fuzz Adaptation  __ Designed by Guitar Effect RC Keen

Twin Line Telebalance Unit - Again, made for Radio Glen.  Quote from then station manager Lex, "Beats the living fish out of those analogue Sonifex units.  "  __ Designed by Henry 

Two 9v battery-powered Amps based on the LM386. Schematic & PCB/perfboard layouts. - For better compatibility with effects driving the Little Gem, a FET buffer can be added.  Both the Little Gem Mk II    (seen below) and Ruby schematics include a simple buffer design.  No further circuit modifications are necessary, however the input capacitor value of the amp may need to be adjusted to taste. __ Contact: holler @ runoffgroove.Com

Two channel distortion - Two channels of buxom distortion.   __ Contact: holler @ runoffgroove.Com


Musical Circuits:  #'s - C        D -M        N - S        T - Z

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