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Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Variable Power Supply, 1-30V @ 1.5A -  This is a simple, but low-ripple power supply, and an excellent project if you're starting out in electronics.  it will suit your needs for most of your bench testing and prototype applications.  The output is adjustable from 1.2 volts to about 30 volts.  Maximum current is about 1.5 amps which is also sufficient for most of your tinkering __ Designed by Tony van Roon  VA3AVR

Versatile 3-channels Radio Remote Control -  A radio controlled remote control, suitable for driving up to 3 loads using relays.  With a 6 keys transmitter __ Designed by Projects & Ideas from Nutchip.com

Very Simple Circuit Homemade Photocell  -  Copper Oxide is really neat stuff.  it is very easy to make a simple photocell capable of deflecting a volt meter with a small flashlight or listening to audio from a sound modulated light beam.   __ Designed by Nyle Steiner K7NS

Vibration Activated smart CRO probe -  This is a simple, low-cost, energy-saving and device-saving circuit for an electronics lab, service centre, electronics workshop, or wherever a CRO is in use.  Generally, in a repair station, a CRO is used for a very short time.  But in most cases, the user fails to switch off the CRO immediately after use.  The service engineer mostly concentrates on faults rather than noticing whether the CRO is on or off. A vibration sensor turns the CRO off when the probe is idle for a specified amount of time.__ Electronics Projects for You

Video Design Idea: Build your own laboratory precision voltage reference -  05/24/07 Video Design ideas-EDN    Mark Thoren, mixed-signal application engineering manager with Linear Technology, demonstrates an amplifier-based Circuit design for a relatively inexpensive precision voltage source.    __ Circuit Design by Mark Thoren, mixed-signal application engineering manager with Linear Technology

Video Digitizer-MkI -  This frame grabber design digitises pictures to very high quality in monochrome (8-bit black & white). Although designed for the European standard 625-line / 50Hz TV system, it should work with the American 525-line / 60Hz standard with minimal modification. __ Designed by W.A. Steer  PhD

Video Digitizer-MkII -  A "video-digitiser" (also known as a "frame grabber") captures television pictures from a TV set, camera, or video recorder, etc., and forwards them to a computer for display, storage, or general manipulation. This document describes a home-built digitiser which interfaces to an EPP (or bi-directional) parallel port on iBM PCs. __ Designed by W.A. Steer  PhD

Video Motion Detection -  This device uses a PIC 16F819 and an LM339 to detect motion on a video signal.  The incoming video is 'clamped' using one section of the LM339, the sync tips are detected with another section, and a 3rd section can detect VBi or other data.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Video switcher -  Monitoring several cameras on one monitor is usually done in one of two ways:  divide the screen into sections and show them all at once, or time sequence the cameras onto the whole screen.   __ Designed by Luhan Monat-Mesa Arizona

Voice Synthesizer -  This system was designed to facilitate the development of a low cost speech module using a PIC  and some EEPROM memory.  This has already been done (see PIC Talker) using 64k of memory.  So far, this device is working with only 11k of memory by using techniques discussed below __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Waveform Monitor with LCD -  The result was a project that includes a waveform capture circuit, a graphic LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and a control panel with LED indicators.  The details of the Graphic LCD display unit, composed of the LCD module, a serial interface, and bias supply were published earlier on this site,  __ Designed by Dick Cappels

White LED drive from 1.5V -  How do you get 3.5 volts to drive a white LED when you only have a 1.5v battery? __ Designed by Dick Cappels

White LED Stroboscope with Constant Duty Cycle & Constant Current Drive  -  Finally, white LEDs are bright enough to use in a practical stroboscope.  This circuit can operate as a bench-top stroboscope that, in conjunction with an oscilloscope or frequency meter and bench top power supply can accurately measure rotational speeds, or it can be operated hand-held from a single 9V battery,  __ Designed by Dick Cappels

WINAMP & Disco Lights -  The Disco Board connects to the Simplified Output, or i/O interface and allows larger current devices like globes and (Low Voltage) spotlights to be used.  The Disco Board is based on the MTP3055E TMOS device.  __ 

Wireless Alarm -  A full featured alarm, nonetheless simple to build.  it features a radio remote control, delayed and immediate wireless sensors, light to show the status - Including and useful pre-alarm LED - and a relay output to drive a siren.  inputs for both delayed and immediate "wired" sensors are also provided.  Thanks to the Nutchip, you can customize it to suit your needs, changing the times and the logic.   __ Designed by Projects & Ideas from Nutchip.com

Wireless for the Bench Top ATtiny12 -  This section describes an experimental low power, low bandwidth data signaling system that was initially made to operate at 55 MHz (television channel 2 in the U.  S.).  Before operating a radio transmitter, find out what kind of transmitter operation, if any, is permitted in your locality.  Radio transmitter operation is a serious legal matter.  This design __ Designed by Dick Cappels

Wireless Gesture Controlled Robot -  in this project we are going to control a robot wirelessly using hand gestures. This is an easy, user-friendly way to interact with robotic systems and robots. An accelerometer is used to detect the tilting position of your hand, and a microcontroller gets different analogue values and generates command signals to control the robot. This concept can be implemented in a robotic arm used for welding or handling hazardous materials, such as in nuclear plants.__ 01/22/2016 - EYI

Wireless Infrared PIR Sensor -  How to modify current "wired" sensor in order to make them wireless.  You save money, and get rid of the problem of all those wires.   __ Designed by Projects & Ideas from Nutchip.com

Woody the Wood Puppet  -  Ever wanted a simple, inexpensive puppet? For less than $10.00 you can bring Woody to life! .  __ 

Xbee Controlled Aircraft -  This is a remote-controlled aircraft project based on Arduino and XBee modules. The aircraft’s movement is controlled through a brushless DC motor and three servo motors. it has an XBee-based remote control at the transmitter end and an Arduino-based aircraft at the receiver end. The aim of this project is to develop a 4-channel wireless remote control (RC) system with one XBee each in transmitter and receiver__ 01/22/2016 - EYI

XS Boost, Chef's Salad Solar Robot -  includes some unusual parts, such as N-size cells, tilt switches, and a finger-friendly dipswitch.  it has a very efficient solar engine that uses a voltage.   __ Contact David Cook

Yet Another Mobile MP3 Player -  This is an earlier player using a conventional PC motherboard, so the power supply I designed is quite compatible.   __ Designed by Bob Blick

YoYo enhancement Device -  The original yoyo was equiped with 2 LEDs that lit up when device was spinning.  I decided to add a micro to give it some extra pazazz.  The trick here is to makeunit work without a power switch.  The mercury switch is positioned so that it supplies power when unit is spinning.  After about 20 seconds, PIC  shuts down in sleep modes,  __ Designed by Luhan Monat-Mesa Arizona

Zinc Negative Resistance 20 Meter Transmitter -  Zinc Negative Resistance 20 Meter CW Transmitter.   __ Designed by Nyle Steiner K7NS

Zinc Negative Resistance Crystal Oscillators -  Zinc Negative Resistance Crystal Oscillators and Zinc 80 Meter CW Transmitter.   __ Designed by Nyle Steiner K7NS

Zinc Negative Resistance Makes 40 Meter Transmitter -  Zinc Negative Resistance Makes 40 Meter CW Transmitter.   __ Designed by Nyle Steiner K7NS

Zinc Negative Resistance Oscillator -  Anyone can make an active semiconductor device at home by heating galvanized sheet metal.  With it, simple rf and audio oscillators can be built.  Amplifiers can also be built.  With a carbon microphone or transformer connected, the rf oscillator can even transmit audio to a nearby am radio.  Really! !  i'm not kidding.   __ Designed by Nyle Steiner K7NS

Zinc Oxide Detector Diode -  Homemade Zinc Oxide Detector Diode.   __ Designed by Nyle Steiner K7NS

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