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Power Supplies:  DC to DC / Switch Mode and DC to DC Converters
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Circuits Designed by Dave Johnson, P.E. :

 Simple Circuit Negative Supply Circuit - This simple circuit consists of two LEDs and a photo diode.  It generates a negative voltage with a current level of a couple milliamps.  It is ideal for supplying a negative rail to low power “rail to rail” op amp circuits, which need to have a true zero volts output.  Note:  This circuit is not particularly efficient . . . Hobby Circuit designed by David A. Johnson P.E.-July, 2006

 Square Wave Driver Has Flexible Outputs - This circuit can produce an output signal ranging from DC to 100KHz.  It can source a voltage ranging from 1v to 30v.  It can sink a voltage ranging from zero volts to –30v.  It can drive up to 200ma of current and can even be switched to a floating tristate. . . Circuit by Dave Johnson P.E.-July, 2000

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Saturable bead improves reverse recover -  02/03/97 EDN Design Ideas:  The circuit in Figure 1 uses current-feedback amplifiers to implement a wideband full-wave rectifier for applications such as a control/AGC system reference or as an amplitude indicator.  Putting the full-wave-rectifier diodes in the feedback loop of an op amp works better than does using simple diode-based rectifiers.  The op amp's loop gain decreases __ Circuit Design by Ronald Mancini, Harris Semiconductor, Melbourne, FL

Scheme provides high-side current-sensing for white-LED drivers -  19-Feb-04 EDN Design Ideas:  White LEDs find wide use in backlighting color-LCD screens in most portable devices, such as cellular phones, PDAs, and MP3 players.  Multiple LEDs often connect in series to ensure that the same current flows through every LED.  To forward-bias these LEDs, a voltage of 10 to 16V comes from an inductor-based boost regulator, such as an SP6690 __ Circuit Design by Dimitry Goder, Sipex Corp, San Jose, CA

Selecting the best inductor for your DC-DC converter -  Coilcraft RF Magnetics App Note- __ Designed by Coilcraft Power Magnetics Application Note

SEPIC generates 5V at 100 mA -  05/03/01 EDN Design Ideas:  Some applications require an input voltage higher than the breakdown voltage of the IC supply pin.  in boost converters and SEP ICs (single-ended primary-inductance converters], you can separate the ViN pin of the IC from the input inductor and use a simple Zener regulator to __ Circuit Design by Dongyan Zhou

Serial-Interface IC supplies bipolar voltage -  07/06/95 EDN Design Ideas:  Some available ICs for serial-data interface not only operate from low supply-rail voltages (5 or 3.3V) but also generate bipolar dc voltages (±6.5 to ±10V) to meet minimum driver-output levels specified by EiA/TiA-232.  With care, you can "steal" useful amounts of power from these rails without interfering with the iC's operation. __ Circuit Design by Gary Sellani,  Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

Short-Circuit Beeper -  Schematic Only__ 

Short-Circuit Protection for Boost Regulators -  DN154 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Signal transformer application -  Coilcraft RF Magnetics App Note- __ Designed by Coilcraft Power Magnetics Application Note

Simple 12V, 1A SMPS -  Most electronics enthusiasts require DC power supplies to operate various devices and accessories.  The most popular and common supply is a 12V DC supply that can be easily derived from the...__ Electronics Projects for You

Simple Circuit & Efficient Sub-2W Isolated Power Supply -  The non-synchronous flyback topology is widely used in isolated power supplies ranging from sub watt power levels to tens of watts.  With more green-mode standards emerging around the world, improving light load efficiency and reducing no-load input standby current are more demanding than ever.  Unfortunately, the traditional__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Min Chen Senior Design Engineer-Power Products Nov 5th 2012

Simple Circuit +5V power supply -  This circuit is a small +5V power supply, which is useful when experimenting with digital electronics.  Small inexpensive wall tranformers with variable output voltage are available from any electronics shop and supermarket.  Those transformers are easily available, but __ Designed by Tomi Engdahl

Simple Circuit +5V Power Supply -  in this tutorial we make a simple 5V DC power supply from initial idea to finished product.  This is not an exercise in making a flash power supply, just solving a problem with the parts at hand.   __ Designed by John Boxall

Simple Circuit boost converter generates -27 & -87V -  05/22/97 EDN Design Ideas:  in modern telecommunications applications, the basic communications link to the home is becoming either digital or wireless.  The normal circuitry to control a telephone is moving from the central office to the home.  Subscriber-li __ Circuit Design by David Feller, Harris Semiconductor, Dallas, TX

Simple Circuit converts 5V to –10V -  26-May-05 EDN Design Ideas:  Switched-capacitor circuit doubles, inverts dc source __ Circuit Design by Ken Yang, Maxim Integrated Products Inc, Sunnyvale, CA

Simple Circuit DC Adapter Power Supply -  DC voltage "virtual earth" circuits __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

Simple Circuit DC/DC converter increases available power in dual voltage system -  8-Jan-04 EDN Design Ideas:  The schematic in Figure 1 shows a way to increase the power available from a current-limited 5V supply by adding power from a -5V supply.  The DC/DC converter generates a single 12V, 150-mA (1.8W] output from two regulated and current-limited input sources at 5V, 300 mA (1.5W] and -5V, 300 mA (1.5W] __ Circuit Design by David Kim, Linear Technology, Milpitas, CA

Simple Circuit High Efficiency Isolated Flyback Supply Without Optoisolator -  DN1011 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Simple Circuit Methods Reduce Input Ripple for All Charge Pumps -  App Note #2027__ Maxim Integrated

Simple Circuit Negative Supply Circuit -  This simple circuit consists of two LEDs and a photo diode.  it generates a negative voltage with a current level of a couple milliamps.  it is ideal for supplying a negative rail to low power “rail to rail” op amp circuits, which need to have a true zero volts output.  Note:  This circuit is not particularly efficient . . . Hobby Circuit designed by David A. Johnson P.E.-July, 2006

Simple Circuit Provides +5 Volt Gate Bias from  48 Volt Input -  App Note #1803__ Maxim Integrated

Simple Circuit provides 5V gate bias from –48V -  09/19/02 EDN Design Ideas:  A small and simple circuit derives 5V from the -48V rail that telecomm applications typically use (Figure 1).  Useful for gate bias and other purposes, the 5V supply delivers as much as 5-mA output current.  A shunt reference __ Circuit Design by William Hadden

Simple Circuit Regulator Has One Active Part -  03/16/95 EDN Design Ideas:  The regulator of unusual simplicity (ROUS) in Fig 1 derives a low-voltage, low-current output from rectified 115 to 270V ac.  Pass transistor Q1 is the regulator's only active component.    __ Circuit Design by Kennan C Herrick, ESI Electronics Corp San Francisco, CA

Simple Circuit regulator provides ±12V -  10/23/97 EDN Design Ideas:  Simple circuit can provide ±12V from a5V input using only one switching-regulator IC and a few off-the-shelf __ Circuit Design by Musiri Shrivathsan, National Semiconductor Corp, Santa Clara, CA

Simple Circuit replaces & Improves on Power Modules at Less Than Half the Price -  DN347 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Simple Circuit step-up converter (6V to 12V) -  This step-up converter is intended for use in a '67 Citroen 2CV.  This car, and I use the word loosely, has a 6V battery and won't support a modern radio that needs 12V.  The circuit described here converts 6V to 12V at 1A sustained load current.   __ Designed by Oscar den Uijl, odu @ xs4all.nl

Simple Circuit Variable Boost Control for Cars with Turbochargers -  Quite a few cars have turbochargers these days and these can provide even more performance if the turbo boost pressure is increased.  However, you don't want permanently increased turbo boost as it increases wear on the engine, so you need a variable boost control, as presented here.__ SiliconChip

Simple Circuit voltage booster based on Linear Technologies LT1372, includes PCB Design -  Uses a LT1372 and only a Few parts - But can handle 1.5 amps input Current.  input as low as 3 Volts - Output may be as high as 35 Volts __ Designed by G.L. Chemelec

Simple Dc To Dc Converter For Microcontroller Kit -  This article describes a simple, low-cost DC to DC converter for a microcontroller (MCU) kit.  This converter is built around popular NE555 timer.  it can provide positive and negative output voltages...__ Electronics Projects for You

Simple Power Supply Fits Into Small Spaces -  11/13/03 EDN Design Ideas:  The demand for negative-voltage power supplies is increasing with the popularity of applications for portable devices.  it can be expensive and relatively complicated to generate a negative supply from a positive input source, especially when the design requires both positive and negative outputs __ Circuit Design by Raymond Zheng, Linear Technology, Milpitas, CA

Simple Relay Step-Up Circuits -  Have you ever needed to power a 12-volt relay in a circuit but only had 6 or 9 volts available? This simple circuit will solve that problem.  it allows 12-volt relays to be operated from 6 or 9 volts, or 24-volt relays from 12 volts.  While most normal relays require the manufacturer-specified coil voltage to__ 

Simple, Low-Cost, 1-Kv Driver -  05/13/04  EDN Design Ideas:  High-voltage drivers have recently received much attention, because they play an important role in driving piezoelectric and electro-optical components, for example.  Figure 1 shows a simple, low-cost, 1-kV driver.  The circuit uses  __ Circuit Design by Tai-Shan Liao and Prasit Champa, National Science Council, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Sine-wave step-up converter uses Class E concept -  02/17/05 EDN Design Ideas:  Many power applications ranging from luminescent and fluorescent lighting to telephone-ringing voltage generators require aor less sinusoidal-drive voltage.  These applications typically require a waveform of only moderate quality, and its frequency isn't especially critical.  However, avoiding waveform discontinuities that cause unwanted current peaks, excessive device dissipation, and EMC __ Circuit Design by Louis Vlemincq, Belgacom, Evere, Belgium

Single Cell Flashes White LED -  12/11/03 EDN Design Ideas:  Many portable appliances and other products that must operate from a single cell are restricted to working at very low voltages.  it is thus difficult to drive white LEDs that typically have a forward voltage of 3 to 5V.  The ability __ Circuit Design by Anthony Smith, Scitech, Biddenham, Bedfordshire, UK

Single cell lights any LED -  07/05/01  EDN Design Ideas:  The circuit in Figure 1 allows you to light any type of LED from a single cell whose voltage ranges from 1 to 1.5V.  This range accommodates alkaline, carbon-zinc, NiCd, or NiMH
single cells.  The circuit's principal application is i __ Circuit Design by Al Dutcher, Al Labs, West Deptford, NJ

Single FET Controls 2nd LED Array in Switchmode LED Backlight -  APP1871: Feb03, 2003 A design in which the display is backlit (or frontlit) for extended periods needs an efficient circuit that drives the LEDs with a controlled current, and eliminates the wasted power associated with current-limiting resistors.  A switch-mode boost design that regulates current instead of voltage accomplishes this purpose.  __ Maxim Integrated

Single IC Biases LCD & GaAsFET Amplifier -  04/09/98 EDN Design Ideas:  (File , contains several circuits, scroll to this one) Operating from a lithium-ion cell or a four-cell NiCd battery, the circuit in Figure 1  provide as 6V bias for LCDs and a separate, quiet negative bias for a GaAsFET power amplifier.  This bias combination exists in cell phones __ Circuit Design by John Wettroth, Maxim Integrated Products, Apex, NC

Single Inductor Tiny Buck/Boost Converter Provides 95% Efficiency in Lithium-Ion to 3.3V Applications -  DN275 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Single LTC1149 Delivers 3.3V & 5V at 17W -  DN72 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Single NiCd Cells Drives Op Amp -  12/05/96 EDN Design Ideas:  Low-supply-voltage op amps, such as the LMC6582 and LMC6681 families, feature rail-to-rail i/O with a gain-bandwidth product greater than 1 MHz operating from just 1.8V.  Although impressive, this voltage is not low enough to power these amps using a single alkaline or NiCd/NiMH
cell, which have typical voltages of 1.25 to 1.5V.  it is rather tempting to bridge this gap by designing a DC/DC converter __ Circuit Design by Alexander Belousov, Rego Park, NY

Single resistor improves V2 converter -  08/15/97 EDN Design Ideas:    Step-down switching regulators commonly provide myriad digital-circuit voltages that range from traditional logic voltages of 5 and 3.3V to processor-core voltages of 1.8V and below.  The main advantage of these regulators __ Circuit Design by Dimitry Goder, Switch Power Inc, San Jose, CA

Single Supercap Charger from 3.3V Input to 2.5V Output -  The LTC3125 is a high efficiency, synchronous step-up DC/DC converter with an accurate programmable ±5% accurate average input current is resistor programmable and suitable for a wide variety of applications__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Mar 24th 2010

Single Transistor Flyback Driver -  This is by far the best project for someone who is already familiar with High Voltage, but wants to take their experiments to the next level: it requires very little previous experience and skills with soldering and identifying components, and there are virtually no adjustments to be made.  The danger is minimal, as fly back transformers are intrinsically low power devices, not capable of outputting lethal currents (due to the hair-thin secondary windings) , and yet it will give a careless experimenter a nasty RF burn if he accidentally touches the HV wire (nothing beats learning from your mistakes).  if you have never experimented with HV before though, I recommend you start off with an electrostatic project.  This circuit is not a toy!  __ Designed by Sam Barros

Single Transistor Provides Short-Circuit Protection -  16-Oct-03 EDN Design Ideas:  in certain DC/DC-converter applications, on-chip, cycle-by-cycle current limit may be insufficient protection to prevent a failure during a short circuit.  A nonsynchronous boost converter provide as a direct path from the input to the short circuit through the inductor and the catch diode.  Regardless of current-limit protection in the iC, when a short circuit exists in the load, extremely high cu __ Circuit Design by Keith Szolusha, Linear Technology Corp, Milpitas, CA

Six Output DC/DC μModule Regulator from 3V to 72V Input -  The LTM8008 is a 72ViN, μModule SEPiC converter with six post regulators.  The SEPiC controller’s fixed frequency, current-mode architecture results in stable operation over a wide range of supply and output voltages and features soft-start and frequency foldback functions to limit inductor current during start-up and output short-circuit.  The LTM8008 also includes six high performance, fixed output LDOs for post-regulation__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Dec 22, 2010

Small FM transmitter SMD -  This SMD FM transmitter has an operating frequency of about 80 to 115MHz. Under reasonable circumstances you will be able to receive its signal at a distance of about 200 meters. Although it is low-power, it might be illegal in your part of the planet. __ Designed by Oscar den Uijl

Soft Start power Supply -  Two soft start power supplies.  The output voltage slowly increases to the desired output.   __ Designed by Miroslav Adzic


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