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Robot Circuits
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Last Updated: December 31, 2017 06:45 AM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

EEPROM programmer -  EEPROM (E2PROM) is very easy to work with, since it just acts like a block of SRAM.  No special voltages, no mystical voodoo or anything.   __ Contact jkominek-www @ miranda.org.removethis

Fire Extinguishing Robot -  Fire is like a double-edged sword.  Discovery of fire stands as a milestone in the history of mankind.  Fire fighters try their best to fight and extinguish fires when in need....__ Electronics Projects for You

Flashing LED-Based Solar Engine -  Voltage-Controlled Solar Engine:This design uses a flashing LED to determine the solar engine's voltage trip level.   __ Designed by Wilf Rigter

FLED SE (Solar Engine) -  if you can't find the 1381 voltage detector in your area try this SE.  it uses a much more common FLED.   __ Contact Nervous nets © and patented Mark Tilden. Content originally developed Ian Bernstein

FLED-based - Type 1 (Voltage Controlled) Solar Engine -  This design uses a flashing LED to determine the solar engine's voltage trip level. __ Designed by Wilf Rigter

FLED-Based Heads -  Shortly after the 2002 WCRG, Ori Barbut started tinkering with Ben Hitchcock's FRED SE.  His aim was to create a simple, solar-powered, light-seeking head design (and in particular, to create a head design that could be based on a FRED photopopper kit with a particularly artistic PCB).  This concept was discussed on the BEAM list on-and-off for some time, finally splitting into two circuit lineages -one based on FRED, and a simpler non-FRED (but still FLED-based) design.   __ Designed by Wilf Rigter

Four-transistor H-bridge -  an interesting 4-transistor H-bridge variant; this is cheap and easy to build, and best of all is "smokeless" (i.  e.  , no combination of inputs can cause the bridge to self-destruct).   __ Designed by Wilf Rigter

Full-featured Dual H-bridge -  i had always assumed that dynamic braking would be most effective at higher speeds.  However, actual tests using a Faulhaber (micro mo) gearmotor showed that the brake would hold a motor almost stationary.  These gearmotors are so well made that I can turn the 4 mm diameter shaft with light finger pressure.  For the tests I had mounted a 90 mm diameter wheel, which gave me tremendous mechanical advantage.  I found with the wheel mounted that I could barely turn the motor against the brake.   __ Designed by Bruce Robinson

Full-featured H-bridge -  This is a slightly revised version of the 6-transistor H-bridge designed by Mark Tilden and found on the BEAM Tek website (now only available via archive).  I encourage anyone interested in H-bridges to read Mark's article, as it gives an excellent step-by-step explanation of how the bridge works.  in particular, it discusses variations on the bridge, such as the positive-input and negative-input versions.  The basic circuit is as Mark describes it.  The changes are as follows.   __ Designed by Bruce Robinson

GBSE - Type 1 (Voltage Controlled) Solar Engine -  The "Gate Boost Solar Engine" is a new (6/2002) Wilf Rigter 1381-based design.  This uses an internal voltage doubler to turn on a FET more efficiently. __ Designed by Wilf Rigter

Gesture-Controlled Robot -  Life can be wonderful if everything around us can be controlled by simple gestures.  Gesture recognition technology helps us to interact with machines naturally without any additional device.  Gestures are interpreted...__ Electronics Projects for You

Good IR Detector -  How to build a simple iR detector, schematics and alternate links  __ Designed by DC Reagan

Hack of Talking Fish using a PIC16F819 microcontroller -  These items were sold nationally several years ago.  The fish would sing, open its mouth, turn its head, and flap its tail.  After removing the back panel, all of the existing electronics were removed leaving only the 3 servo motors, speaker and photocell)  __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Hack-Toy Car -  This car measures just 5 1/2 inches in length.  it was sold as a remote control car for $19.95 at Fry's Electronics here in Phoenix.  Powered by 4 AAA batteries, it has a small dc motor and a very interesting steering mechanism. (08/08/08)  __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

Happy Birthday Singer solar engine -  Time-Controlled Solar Engine: The original Type 2 Solar Engine was based around the "Happy Birthday Singer" (HBS) chip that was pulled from the original Hallmark singing greeting cards.   __ Designed by Wilf Rigter

H-Bridge Motor Driver -  Physical motion of some form helps differentiate a robot from a computer.  it would be nice if a motor could be attached directly to a chip that controlled the movement.  But, most chips can't pass enough current or voltage to spin a motor.  Also, motors tend to be electrically noisy (spikes) and can slam power back __ Contact David Cook

H-Bridge Schematic -  (spice design) __ 

Here are 10 Robots You Can Make Yourself -  10-Apr-15 -Design News:   Chris Wiltz - From simple mods to more complex builds, here's a list and instructions for some of our favorite DiY robot projects. __  Gadget Freak

Hexapod -  i got bored with Newt and made a hexapod (Whew!  Was that expensive!).  Pictures and some discussion.  The hexapod is now defunct.   __ Designed by DC Reagan

Hexbot Robot -  The HEXBOT is constructed from 12 (cheap) model airplane servos.  Each leg moves laterally on one servo and vertically on the other.  Conveniently, this type of servo runs on 5 volts.  These servos need only a specific width pulse to position it.  Once it arrives at its target location, it draws very little power (about 10 ma).  Power is provided)  __ Designed by Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona

How Stanley drove to DARPA fame -  Standford University’s robot car, Stanley, was the first autonomous vehicle to win the elusive DARPA Grand Challenge.  Popular Mechanics describes how they conquered the challenge__ 

Illustrated Guide & Rules for AM erican Robot Sumo -  Robot Sumo is a simple, but fun, pushing contest.  This guide is a complete description and walkthrough of a Sumo robot contest.  it includes a variety of regulations, as well as tips and suggestions.   __ Contact David Cook

Infrared Transmitter Project -  The heart of this project is a NAND gate turned into a 40-kHz oscillator.  A simple 9-volt to 5-volt regul __ Contact David Cook

Interplanetary Voice & never be caught out, out of your galaxy again! -  impersonate a Robot, a Droid or one of the many known interplanetary aliens such as Daleks, Cybermen, Klingons, Cylons or even Darth Vader build this__ SiliconChip

IR Detector for Robot -  How to build a simple iR detector, schematics and alternate links  __ Designed by DC Reagan

IR object Detector (Sensor) -  A cool circuit that will enable your robot to detect an object before it even touches it.  Other __ Contact Nervous nets © and patented Mark Tilden. Content originally developed Ian Bernstein

iVore (Photovores) -  The iVore is great because it's VERY easy to build and tracks the light perfectly.  A favorite when i'm doing demos.   __ Contact Nervous nets © and patented Mark Tilden. Content originally developed Ian Bernstein

Jet, the ultra-fast line-following robot -  Learn the technical extravagance that competition leads to, as a line-following robot breaks the 100 cm/s barrier.  includes plenty of techno-babble and names of people you don't know.   __ Contact David Cook


Robots:  #'s - D         E - O         P - S         T - Z

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