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Timers and Counters Circuits
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Thursday, April 07, 2016 12:59 PM

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0 to 10 Volt Control for RC Servos -  This circuit takes standard 0-10V control voltage (for example from analogue light controlling desk) and outputs a standard 1-2 ms RC servo motors control pulse. . . .  [Tomi Engdahl's web]


0.01% Voltage to Frequency Converter -  The LTC6943 is a monolithic, charge-balanced, dual switched capacitor instrumentation building block. A pair of switches alternately connects an external capacitor to an input voltage and then connects the charged capacitor across an output port. The internal switches have a break-before-make action. An internal clock is provided. . .  [Linear Technology App Note - , Mar 31, 2010]


1 Hour Timer -  A simple battery operated one hour timer device with an audible warning. May be used as a parking meter timer. . . .  [Circuit by Andy Collison]

1 second Audible Clock -  Accurate, finger-operated portable unit; 3 - 12V Battery supply. . .  [Flavio Dellepiane's web site]


1 Second Timebase -  Here are the instructions how to get one-second (1hz) pulses from a broken quartz clock. This is a precision timebase generator that can be used in any project that needs exactly one-second pulses. (6/11/2006) Updated!. . .  [Jose Pino]

102 MHz Clock Solution for Desktop Computers -  Application Brief # 021. . .  [Pericom Semiconductor]


12v to 240v Inverter -  This circuit will produce 240v at 50Hz. The wattage will depend on the driver transistors and transformer.  . . .  [No designer name given]


13 GHz Frequency Counter Prescaler -  Here is a fairly simple "divide-by-1000" circuit which was first designed by Zeljko Bozic, S52ZB, in a 2006 issue of VHF Communications Magazine. The idea of this project is to extend the range of older (and cheaper) frequency counters. You can often find 100 MHz frequency counters for as little as $20 at hamfests or eBay, and this simple circuit will extend their range up to at least 13 GHz. This version is based around a Hittite HMC363 divide-by-8 prescaler, a Fujitsu MB506 divide-by-64 prescaler, and a "divide-by-1. 953125" circuit using standard digital logic. The Hittite HMC363 front-end prescaler is good up to 13 GHz or so, and will do 15 GHz if you increase the input RF power a bit and minimize the prescaler's exposure time. . . .  [Green Bay Professional Packet Radio]


13uA, 0kHz to 10kHz Voltage to Frequency Converter -  This circuit converts a 0V to 2. 5V input signal to a 0kHz to 10kHz output frequency. The supply current of the circuit is only 6. 2uA quiescent and 13. 3uA at f=10kHz. The linearity of the circuit is +/-0. 03%. PSRR is 10ppm/V and temperature drift is 250ppm/C. . . .  [Linear Technology App Note - , Mar 30th 2010]


1-90 Bingo Number Generator -  a neat little counter counting from 1 to 90 (not zero) with the aid of a few gates. . .  [by P. Townshend - EduTek Ltd]


1Hz Precision Clock Timer -  This timer makes an LED flash once every second along with a beep. The timing circuit uses a quartz crystal available in digital watches or clocks which generates precise frequency of 32. 768 kHz. . . .  [© EFY Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.]


1Hz to 100MHz Voltage to Frequency Converter Has 160dB Dynamic Range, Runs from 5V Supply -  This circuit achieves a wider dynamic range and higher output frequency than any commercially available voltage to frequency (V→F) converter. Its 100MHz full scale output (10% over range to 110MHz is provided) is at least ten times faster than available units. The circuit’s 160dB dynamic range (8 decades) allows continuous. . .  [Linear Technology App Note - , Mar 25th 2010]


1Hz to 10kHz Voltage to Frequency Converter -  JFET inputs with anti phase-reversal circuitry allow the LTC1055/56 to be used as a precision, ultra-high impedance comparator. The precision provides for very high linearity of the V/F generation while the high speed allows a large frequency range of operation. . . .  [Linear Technology App Note - , Jun 21, 2011]


1KHz Sinewave Generator -  Simple circuitry, low distortion, battery operated -- Variable, low impedance output up to 1V RMS. . .  [by IQ Technologies Industry, unless otherwise noted online]


1MHz Pulse Width Modulator -  This circuit highlights the use of the LTC6992 as a 1MHz Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) ; converting an analog input into a PWM output. The LTC6992 is part of the TimerBlox family of versatile silicon timing devices and provides an easy-to-use analog voltage-controlled PWM capability. To program the master oscillator frequency. . .  [Linear Technology App Note - , Jun 16th 2010]


1-Shot Timer for Energy Saving Lighting -  Note that the circuit is coupled directly to AC mains using the existing system in the building. A switch is used to start the timing and light one or more bulbs. The relay is powered from 12V and its contacts must outstand up to 1kW at 220V. . . .  [Circuit posted by Popescu Marian]


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Timers & Counters:  #'s     A-B     C-E    F-K    L-O    P-R     S-T    U-Z

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