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Let's drop in on Wily and look over his shoulder at his latest project....

Wave Length Indicator

Wily was in his back yard trying to get his beagle ďGizmoĒ to stop barking at a squirrel running along the fence when his cordless phone rang. 

The call was from a company, which installed optical fiber communications systems.  The caller described a simple battery powered device they needed designed and built for them. 

The company installed several types of optical fiber systems and needed a quick way to spot check to see if a fiber cable was active with light and determine which one of 4 wavelengths was being used. 

con't page 7

WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW is a....Drinking Fountain from Pond Water

There is a nice lake about two miles from my house.  Many people get some exercise by walking around the lake several times. A complete loop is just under a full mile.  I take my two Beagle dogs there about every other day.  I sure wish they had a drinking fountain there. In the summer it can get rather hot.  But, Iím sure part of the problem is that there is no nearby city connection for clean drinkable water. 

The lake water itself is not clean enough for drinking. But, Iím wondering if some solution might be devised. Suppose one were to install a custom drinking fountain near the lake. It could be powered by a pole mounted solar panel. 
story con't on page 6

Electrodeless Fluorescent Lamps
By: Dave Johnson  

Compact fluorescent lamps are quite popular these days.  They can offer more light for less power when compared to standard incandescent lamps. When made by quality companies, they can also outlast standard lamps.  But, many of the lamps coming out of China are poorly made.  Very few of the lamps I have purchased lately have lasted more than two years, even when the package says that the lamp would last 5 years. Iím sure many of you have had similar experiences.                            story con't on page 8

Wireless Battery Charger
By: Dave Johnson

Project Description:  A while back, I described on the DC forum my desire for a wireless battery charger for my wife, who often forgets to plug in her cell phone into its battery charger. 
                                                                                                                story con't on page 4

Exploding Capacitors
I hardly got to finish my first cup of coffee when my phone rang.  It was one of my old clients. They were in a panic.  Capacitors on a circuit board used in a product I had designed for them years earlier were exploding.  They didnít understand why.  I asked the usual questions.  Which caps?  Were there any changes to voltage or temperature?  Were they paying attention to the polarity of the caps?                                                       story con't on page 3

Bad Solar Powered Birdbath Design

My wife wanted a small water feature in her garden.  I looked around and decided to buy her a birdbath with a solar powered water spray.  The photo on the box showed a nice pattern of water jets from the center of the device.  I assembled the thing with some difficulty.  As usual, the instructions were written in broken English with poor illustrations.
story con't on page 5    

Wind Energy Ship
Letís imagine a large ship built for a single mission.  It would be designed to convert the forces produced by the wind at sea, collected by a gigantic sail, into electrical power.  As the ship is pulled through the water by the wind, several oversized propellers under the ship would spin, producing electricity.  The electrical power generated would then be stored in special cargo containers, which store the power like a battery.
                story con't on page 2 

Issue #1:

September 2009  First Issue

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